‘Don’t hurt the hand that has to protect you’- Dr.N.S.Rajaram

published on October 12, 2008

Summary of NS Rajaram’s talk on conversions in Bangalore

I pointed out in my talk last Sunday (October 5), Christians are safe in India as long as Hindus are strong. But the Christian leadership seems to be in a self-destructive mode. They want to cut the hand that protects them with their provocative conversions. Christians have lost everywhere to Islam (except Spain)— from Iraq to Turkey to Egypt, once part of the Roman Empire. They fell to Islam after becoming Christian. As Gibbon pointed out, this was because unlike Pagan Rome, Christianity saps the martial spirit by turning warriors into soft people dependent on other people’s protection.

The same is true of Buddhism. India fell prey to Islam when large parts of it became Buddhist. While Rajputs, Marathas and other Hindu warriors fought the Islamic invaders, Bengal and Bihar, which had large Buddhist populations fell to Bhaktiar Khilji in a single campaign. Even today, how many Buddhists are there in the Indian armed forces?

But Indian Christian ‘leaders’ seem to be under the delusion that a few anti-Hindu demonstrations in Europe and America will make them send armies to protect the Christians. The biggest joke was lobbying Italy to criticize India! Italians are the biggest cowards on the planet. Their Mussolini, for whom Sonia Gandhi’s father fought was a coarse buffoon. (My father fought against them in North Africa in WW II.)

Pope’s greatest fear is that Rome might fall to Islam the same way Jerusalem and Constantinople did. And just now the Church of Scotland has agreed to Shariat! The Archbishop of Canterbury not so long ago called for including ‘elements’ of the Shariat! Of course once you give in a part, Muslims will take the whole!

Returning to India, some Church leaders and politicians (practically one and the same) entertain the insane notion that Sonia Gandhi will do a Constantine and make India a Christian state. She is a terribly frightened woman who will do everything possible to keep Islamists happy. This is what is behind her appeasement policy— not vote banks. This is why she never never mentions the word Jihad in public. Her single point agenda is to get government protection for herself and her family. She has taken care to see that there is not a single Muslim or Sikh in her personal SPG protection. This was brought out in a story in OUTLOOK a year ago.

Unlike sundry bishos, archbishops and theo-politicians like Valson Thampu and John Dayal, Sonia knows that only Hindus can protect her— not England, America, and least of all, not the Pope.

The main point of my talk was that if Christians in India want Hindus to protect them, they must stop abusing and provoking them. I come from an army family and I grew up with soldiers’ children. They are deeply religious. Offending their sensibilities is the worst possible thing. The British realized this, especially after the 1857 uprising which was triggered mainly because of Christian missionary provocation.

But church leaders don’t know any history don’t want to learn from this. They have lost all goodwill. They deserve what is in store for them, but the victims will be innocent people being used as pawns by these unscrupulous leaders. They should try to mend fences with the Hindus instead of going on a propaganda spree. Their cunning will not save them.

They still haven’t reconciled to the fact that India is a free country and not a colony of white christians. They may feel that white Christians are superior to natives—see how Margaret Alva, Rajashekara Reddy & co behaved when that charlatan Benny Hinn put on his show—but self-respecting Indians will never stoop to that level.

The message is clear: don’t hurt the hand that has to protect you.




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