CPM orders release of Jayakrishnan Master murderer

via HK published on June 16, 2010

Kannur: The only murderer convicted in the brutal murder of BJYM State secretary Jayakrishnan Master inside the school classroom at Mokeri is to be freed in connection with the Independence Day celebration.

The decision has been taken by the council of Jail board advisor’s consisting of CPM district secretary P Sasi, P Jayarajan and others. The Home Minister is also a member of this board.
By threatening the witnesses CPM were able to acquit all other accused and now the sole convict will be released .This is Kannur were rule of the land is dictated from party offices. If P Sasi , Jayarajan and Kodiyeri says to release a murderer from jail then no one has any right to question it. Prison officers are mere stamp pads to sign the orders from CPM party office.
The convict Pradeepan of Panur has completed only 10 years of his life term. He along with three others were sentenced to death for the killing of Jayakrishnan Master. The death sentence of the lower court was upheld by the Kerala High court citing that the killing ranked among the rarest of rare cases. However Supreme Court reduced the sentence to life and freed all the other accused except for Pradeepan.

Jayakrishnan Master was murdered in Dec 1, 1999 in a classroom of Mokeri High school in front of his students.

Unprecedented brutality : Jayakrishnan Master`s murder was an act of unprecedented brutality which has no parallels even in this land of brutal political murders.

On 1st December 1999 at around 10.35am, the class teacher of Mokeri East U.P. School in Koothuparambu near Panur in Kannur district and vice- president of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha Kerala State K.T. Jayakrishnan was conducting class for his 6th standard students. Suddenly, his bodyguard (provided by the state government to protect his life due to threats from communist criminals) disappeared and seven CPM activists entered the class room, shouted slogans and warned the students not to move, blocked the class room’s entrance, took sword-sticks and razors in their hands, came near Jayakrishnan Master and stabbed him several times. Jayakrishnan Master fell on the floor, but the heartless communist criminals did not stop and continued to stab him. After more than 48 ante-mortem injuries all over the body, Jayakrishnan Master breathed his last within five minutes.
After confirming his death, a CPM man wrote a warning to the witnesses — children and other teachers — on the blackboard that if anyone gave evidence to the police or the court, they would be killed. They left the place in procession, walking along the public road brandishing the blood-stained weapons as if they were celebrating a victory. The most horrible murder was committed in front of students less than 11 years old. The young children were shocked as their most respected class teacher was brutally murdered in front of them. The incident created psychological problems for many children who had to undergo counseling.
Yes, this is exactly what happened in broad daylight in a school classroom seven years ago on 1st December 1999. The CPM once again proved they are ”professionals” in murdering any person at any time at any place.
The only ”sin” committed by the Jayakrishnan Master was that he believed in an ideology (Hindutva) which the CPM could not tolerate.
It was in 1996 that BJP’s Kannur district secretary Panniyan Chandran was killed by CPM criminals in front of his wife. BJP suffered a major setback after the murder of Panniyan Chandran. But Jayakrishnan Master undertook the responsibility and lead the organization with the support of another 14 full-time committed party activists in Kannur. The tireless and committed work of Jayakrishnan Master boosted party activities in Kannur. He conducted a series of public meetings which attracted massive crowds. He informed the public about the criminalization of CPM in Kannur district. The increasing public support and the dedicated work of Jayakrishnan Master worried the CPM’s district leaders which led them to plan to ”liquidate” him. On various occasions the CPM’s local leaders warned openly that ‘we will get our next target very soon’.
K.T Jayakrishnan Master was a most respected person among the local people. He was a very soft spoken person loved by all. There were massive crowds to listen his speeches anywhere in Kerala, specially in Kannur district. He was not in the habit of insulting or ridiculing his political opponents. The CPM murdered Jayakrishnan Master only because of the growing popularity of the deceased and the fact that he was propagating an ideology (Hindutva) which they could not tolerate.
The CPM goons did not even considered the mental trauma that the children would have to suffer on seeing such a terrible murder in front of their eyes. The brutal murder left an indelible scar on the minds of the students who witnessed it and this could affect their personality development. Many have joined other schools. Most of the students had to undergo counseling.

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