Believe It or not: An Unrestrained Republic Terror Island, Exclusively in Aluva

published on May 14, 2012

(Based on the report published in Janayugam)

How ironical!! Little did Vayalara Rama Varma, the celebrated poet of yore, whose poetry breathed life into Malayalam filmdom would ever have fathomed that some of his verses would turn out to be most paradoxical. “Aayiram Paadaswarangal Kilungi, Aluva Puzha PInneyum Ozhuki”( Aluva river flowed on, sounding her million anklets)… the lines that sang out nature’s freshness and charm, of the river bank of Aluva now stand a silent witness to some of the most shrouded activities. Quite conflicting to what the poet penned!!

How many of us hailing from Kerala are aware of an unrestrained terror republic within the framework of our own state? Sad and extremely shocking is the truth that the state of Kerala has an island, completely uncontrolled, solely in the hands of anti-national terror elements- right in the midst of the free flowing Aluva river. This is undoubtedly one of the prime reasons why the Secret Intelligentsia of Kerala Police has been categorically stating that Kerala is a prime hub of terror activities and network. And the finger points to Kunjunnikkara Island.

The island has its share of undying legends too, with the famous Uliyannoor Temple. The same temple which has been cast architecturally by the master architect Perunthachan. However, mired in all the divinity the place is blessed with, is a land where some of the most heinous and horrendous conspiracies have been hatched. One of the most recent them being the outrageously frightening incident of chopping off the hands of Professor Joseph, who was teaching in a college in Muvattupuzha. Both Central and State Government agencies have also vouched for the fact that the first terror training camp of the country has been staged in this tiny island of Kunjunnikkara. Following the success of the same, other terror instruction camps are now being organized with flourishing success in Vagamon. The same has been confirmed by agencies.

Safoor Nagori, the Supreme Commander of proscribed outfit SIMI (who is currently serving a jail sentence) and former State General Secretary of SIMI CMA Basheer are the people who spearheaded the terror training activities of Kunjunnikkara. Many documents and mobile phones recovered from the dead body of Abu Hamsa, the militant who was killed by Anti-Terror Squad during an encounter in Ballabgadh, Uttar Pradesh is what revealed these pieces of vital information. Further investigations that followed were even more shocking. It led to an entire network of some of the most dreaded names in the country’s list of ‘the most wanted’- Gulam Usmani (founder of LeT in Bangladesh), Abdullah (the native from Mumbai, who was nabbed from Nissamuddhin Railway Station) Ibrahim Kagazwala (who was nabbed from Gujarat). More chilling revelations followed: these cold blooded militants took part in the terror training camp organized by the militants. But, by the time police and Central Agencies came to the spot, the fugitives had already made a safe passage to Kashmir and other terror camps via Aluva.

Kunjunnikkara, the once tranquil island is now the training camp of NDF , where they train Talibanic model warfare to annihilates their opponents.One of the hapless victims of their numerous conspiracies happened to be Professor Joseph of Muvattupuzha. It was from the Periyar Valley, the conspiracy to chop the hands of Professor Joseph hatched. One of the main executioner of the horrifying drama of chopping of the Professor’s hand was Uliyannoor Peruntheri Anwar.He is currently serving a sentence in Gwalior jail.  The prime offender is Uliyannoor Marangottu Veettil MK Nasar. Another offender, who played a key role and the master mind of the plot is Karimbayikkavil Hiba, who is a jeweler by profession. He continues to be in hiding.

Residents of the Kunjunnikkara speak of strangers speaking Hindi, Urdu, Arabic and Bengali masquerading as religious teachers, being frequent visitors to Kunjunnikkara, especially at late night hours- all this, inspite of the place being under the constant surveillance of Kerala Police. Beneath what seems like a placid and calm piece of land lies a smouldering terrain, where the volcano is ready to erupt at any time.

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