Battle for the soul of Kerala : facing Kerala’s recent election

via Dr. Babu Susheelan published on May 24, 2011


The Kerala election is over. The UDF (the Congress Party, Muslim League, Kerala Christian Congress alliance) won the election with a thin majority. The UDF margin over the LDF is only four seats… The election set a new spending record. This was the first multi-core contest in Kerala history. The election shows fierce partisanship in recent years. This was a high-spending, high stakes event, propelled by unprecedented levels of special interest groups, radical Islamists, and Christians politicking to grab power. The influx of special interest money and influence, coupled with interference of radical Muslims, Latin Christians, and anti Hindutva forces gave UDF more latitude to campaign. The election has drastically changed the ground rules and moral values. Terrorist Islamic groups, conversion mafia, Jamait Islami, liquor mafia, money launderers, forest land grabbers, sandal wood smugglers, missionary misfits, criminals, and fringe Christian groups have played larger roles than ever in this election. The anti-Hindu radical Islamist groups and Christian organizations channeled money, pooled resources and manpower to safeguard their vested interests. 17 percent of the candidates were crorepatis and 43 percent were facing severe criminal charges. Several caste based organizations aligned themselves with anti Hindu forces ensuring more polarized voting. They did everything in their power to make sure the victory of anti Hindu alliance. Their double game, utilitarian morality, and intriguing political dealings have produced benefits for Christians and Muslims beyond expectations. Islamists-Christian vested interest groups have succeeded in electing 36 Muslims and 30 Christian assembly members from UDF and LDF in the 140 legislature. They are seeing the new ministry as a place to install their favorite members in key cabinet posts and key corporations.


The Muslim League/Christian Congress victory in Kerala election casts grave doubt upon the future of Kerala. Political experts are wondering what kind of sea change this could produce in the overall political/social landscape of Kerala. There is a large amount of confusion about the aftermath will hold. This unholy Christian/Muslim and phony secular Congress alliance is corrosive and damaging to our democratic system and it is dangerous to the integrity and the independence of the legislative and executive branches of the government. This opportunistic nexus will seriously erode the confidence in which Hindus hold the government.

There are few points worth bearing in mind as we hurtle toward the reality in which the Muslim/Christian government will rule Kerala.

First, the election result does not necessarily signal an endorsement of Christian/Islamic tactics and their evil intentions of coercive religious conversion, land grab, and corruption and free movement of Jihadis. Many Keralites did vote for the UDF because of the tactical alliance with several fringe groups. Many others were simply fed up with the ruling LDF’s inept administration and utter failure to make the lives of ordinary citizens better. Those who want to vote the current LDF government out of power were forced to vote for open enemies of democracy, pluralism and tolerance.

Second, moving beyond the election result, it’s remarkable to witness the broad trend towards the alliance of Islamists, Catholics, Orthodox Christians and the pseudo secular Congress party. All these groups do not believe in secularism and any generalized principle of morality and tolerant values. Islam and Christianity are closed paradigms and all of its principles are used for its own interests. They are fundamentally selfish, and there are no principles that could restrain and control their evil desires. Based on their own principles and goals, they change their appearance by putting new masks. The current Muslims league/Christian Congress alliance is a conjunction of deceit and short-term pay offs. Their goal is to strengthen power and to grow by amassing wealth, creating violence and social conflict and introduce tyranny.


Since the inception of the Kerala state, there has been a tension between two core Indian values. On the one hand, the majority of Hindus assign great worth to pluralism, tolerance, coexistence, secularism and the universal principle of Vasudeva Kudumbakam. On the other hand Muslims and Christians affirm the need for religious conversion, right to promote their closed dogma, and affirm the need for handout from the government. Kerala’s political history can be studied through the prism of these competing values. In spite of adverse circumstances and misrule of the Marxists and the pseudo secular congress/Muslims/Christian alliance rule, Hindus have retained the traditional Hindu values of tolerance and pluralism. While the Marxists, phony secular congress party, Muslim league and the Christian Congress were actively promoting their rugged sectarian interests, the majority Hindu interest were delegated to the backseat status.

What will Kerala’s future be? What direction will the UDF government take? Judging from the rhetoric of Islamic and Christian leaders, the policy center will soon be shifted to the Bishop’s palace and Mullah Houses. Once they grab power, they attach themselves to the treasury, control everything and extract wealth from the Hindu society for the Christian and Muslim organizations. They use deceit, distortion, double game and tinker with our education to defeat Hindutva.

As the dust settles in the wake of the election, it is important to ask: will the unholy government and devious partnership show partisanship? Will they continue their crusade against our culture and sacred values?

Such questions are too complicated to answer. However, one thing is certain-if there is no renewal of Hindutva, it will be impossible for Kerala to have a bright future. Major share of the sate income is used to pay Mullah and Mukri pension, and for Christian institutions. Temple funds and state funds are being diverted for Hajj subsidy and for Christian schools and colleges. Traditional cottage industry, agriculture, and cultural institutions are falling apart. Pakistan printed Indian currency is being used to buy urban and rural lands by the Islamic mafia. Jihadi terrorists, money launderers, and criminal gang have a stronghold on the people.

The 2011 election results were of course a sign that the state had turned away from the majority orientation. It is time for the majority Hindus to organize and assertively run a winning campaign and push for collective solution to our problems. Hindus must view the Muslim and Christian government as the problem. Smart Hindu folks who could incubate and implement interesting Hindu community ideas around the country and Hindus should be encouraged to come forward. The bad news is that all parties in Kerala (Marxists, Muslim League, Christen Congress, and Sonia’s Pseudo secular Congress) seem to be trapped in their closed, rigid, fundamentalist old paradigm. The good news is that BJP should take up the mantle of the majority community and communicate it in a way that all Hindus can join together—and if they do voters will respond enthusiastically. At this time of incredible partisan divide and the acrimony, this is an approach the majority (Hindus) of the state would rally around.

By understanding the true history of Islam and Christianity, Hindus can prevent such tragedies from ever recurring. At the same time, we hope each one of us would reflect on our innermost thoughts and examine whether our cowardice, compromise and tolerance have made us accomplices in many tragedies that could have been avoided.

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