Attapadi Lynching ; Internal Bleeding Resulted in Death

By HK published on February 24, 2018

Palakkad: Postmortem report indicates that internal bleeding as the prime cause which resulted in the brutal murder of Madhu, a tribal youth on the mere grounds that he stole food.

30 year old Madhu collapsed while being taken to hospital. The attackers have been identified as Hussain, Mathachan, Manu, Abdul Rahman, Abdul Latif, Abdul Kareem and Ummar. Adding to the incident that has sent shock waves all over the country, are selfie pictures taken by the perpetrators just before the Red Jihadi mob decided to take law into their hands.

According to sources, Madhu testified before police, before collapsing. “The FIR states that Madhu was battered and brutally beaten after they accused him of stealing food,” said sources. The mob that handed him over to police is suspected to have lynched him. Madhu had started vomiting on his way to the hospital.

“We then took him to the hospital. By the time we reached there, he had lost consciousness. The doctors then declared him brought dead,” the police said.

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  1. Raj Puducode Reply

    February 25, 2018 at 4:57 am

    The illicit ,cunning, back stabbing great grand children of Tippu, Timur, Babur, Auragazeb, Tuglak etc are finally called to account by the great Trump. Hats off to him & support him all the way. Stupid India voted against US last week when US declared Jerusalem as capital of Israel. Palestine paid back India by declaring Kashmir as part of Papistan. A bloody Jihadi is always a Jihadi. A dead Jihadi is a good Jihadi. Eliminate all the deadly jihadis wherever & whenever you find them hiding in holes. Jihadis are the new plague of 21st century. World must unite to eradicate this exploding menace.

  2. Raj Puducode Reply

    March 28, 2018 at 9:31 pm

    Kick out CPM, IML, and Khangress. Retarded Pappu bacha is smart since he knew that he is going to lose his shirt in the new elections and is going to flee the country. Khangress team along with other corrupt, crooked leaders like Dog-vijay , Sibal & son, Palani & son, barmaid & son, Iyer & son into jail without bail or parole. These crooked non-stop talkers have destroyed our country. But give credit to that Italian barmaid. Show me in this wide world wherein a uneducated foreigner walks into a new country & start ruling over a billion brain dead people without any protest. That is the power of white skin.

  3. Raj Puducode Reply

    March 28, 2018 at 9:45 pm

    Retard Rahul Gandhi & Kejriwal are walking & they find a 2000 Rupee note on the road.
    • Rahul – What should we do now? Kejri – We’ll take 50:50.
    • Rahul What about the remaining 1900?
    • Rahul Gandhi: Lets go for a movie. Kejri : No, I got a doctor appointment today.
    • Rahul : Just cancel &Tell the doctor that him you are sick.
    • Rahul is reading a newspaper(he knows to read).! Indian athlete lost gold medal in long jump.
    • Rahul : Who told him to wear a gold medal while jumping!

    Kejri: I have more Fans than You.
    • Rahul : But I have an AC at Home’.

  4. Raj Puducode Reply

    April 24, 2018 at 6:13 am

    Can you believe that this is happening in Hindustan, only country belonging to Hindus.

    SECUNDERABAD: The management of a Christian school, St Ann School in Telangana has punished a 11yearold girl, as she sported a ’tilak’ on her forehead. The girl was made to stand for two hours outside the principal’s room. This horrendous deed committed by principal Sally Joseph, a Malayali Christian, on the child is shocking. Since then child refused to go to school for few days . The principal berated the child for wearing a tilak on her forehead. Ms Joseph refused to listen to mother’s explanation that the child had gone to a temple for her birthday . The Kerala convert headmistress did not listen to my wife and daughter and tried to issue a transfer certificate to my daughter, the father said in his letter to the Human Rights Commission. Kick this lady Principal back to Vatican.

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