Arabsons versus Gamasons

via Synonymous published on July 23, 2010

God’s Own Country is clearly in the dangerous zone. Chopping off the hands of one organized religion by the other clearly marks a major milestone in the history of Kerala. Unlike in all other parts of the world the two organized poaching rivals (let us call them Arabsons and Gamasons, after Arabs and Vasco De Gama who created them) were in good coalition with a common ambition of belittling the unorganized majority religion.

Followers of both the alien concepts of God are descendants of Hindus and what was happening so far in post-1947 India was both the religionists trying to insult and belittle Hinduism and Hindus in their own ways. Their foreign masters funded the efforts and they themselves found a vicarious pleasure in belittling the descendants of those who considered the converts as ‘mlechas’. The wrong understanding (and practice) of Hindu caste system was the primary reason for all this mishap so far.

But now the situation has taken an ugly turn. Both the poachers, Gamasons and Arabsons, are now equally strong in terms strength and money. In earlier days we used to consider Arabsons as trustworthy and sincere, but not any more. Unexpected opportunities in the Gulf and their unbridled interaction with Arabs & Pakistanis while in the Middle East have made almost all of them arrogant. It can be easily said with complete authenticity that almost 100% of our Arabsons in the Gulf are sympathizers of NDF and PDP, though they remain members of IUML. Gulf money is fuelling all types of fundamentalist and extremist activities in Kerala. The same Gulf which provided a relief valve for Kerala from the onslaught of Naxalism is now providing the resources for destruction of our society and Kerala state. Many more Bishops and Cardinals will soon lose their vital organs in the coming final onslaught by the bloodhounds who have already seen blood in the backyard of Gamasons.

Oil money is enormous and even original Arabs are in a state of shock with the amount of money at their disposal in a short span of two decades. Fanatical and vulture-like advisers who have flocked in from all parts of the world are taking the Arabs for a ride and pumping money into all extremist and terrorist activities worldwide. What they promised to these foolish Arabs is a World of God, which will be under their control. Many Keralites have also made it big and they also form a part of this evil coterie dreaming of their reign in India .

If the Gamasons also renew their similar dreams, Kerala will soon become another Kurushetra. Do not be surprised if we soon see Afgans and Chechens in the Green Valley and hardcore Crusaders in the Seminaries. Kerala’s elected government can only remain a mute spectator in the midst of these two sparring poachers.

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