After Saturday comes Sunday ..After Maradu comes Thodupuzha

via Mathews George published on January 16, 2011

“After Saturday comes Sunday” which is deep routed phrase among Palestine Islamic terror groups like, Hamas, Hezbollah and PLO.

All Kerlites irrespective of their religious and political affiliations are aware that Kerala became a laboratory of Islamic Jihadi terrorists. Their misadventures in Maaradu and Thodupuzha clearly prove that this so called Islamic jihadi violent forces want Kerala to become another Lebanon or Kashmir .

The story of Lebenon clearly teaches us how demographic change can dump a developed country in chaos and permanent civil war. A care full analyzes of Lebanon clearly taking us to a conclusion that, how a majority Christian country that too the most developed one with out any oil production in middle East become a minority Christian country and the Christian genocide of four and a half lakhs Christians. The irony is that when matter of killing Christians in Lebanon, The so called, PLO, Hezbollah, Hamas, Communist party of Lebanon leaders like, Kamal Jhumbalatt, Anees Abu, Karim Muier, Anwar Yaseen and Sadallah vigourously united and unleashed terror through out  Lebanon. These allies in terror had only one object, “Genocide of Majority Christians and change the demographic equation.

The stories of the Kashmiri Hindus are the same however I am not elaborating since it is well known to all our readers.

Kerala is a peaceful, partly secular and democratic state, which always trying to upkeep its harmonious equilibriums in its chemistry. How ever Islamic jihadi terrorists with evil design, supremacist tendencies and aggressive posture had made deep inroads inside the state. To defeat this Islamic jihadi terrorists in their object we all Keralites to unite irrespective of their religious believe whether Hindus, Christians or any other secular (not pseudo) peace loving communities to come together and identify this enemies of civilizations.

Let the worst to happen during our period so that our children can sleep peacefully.

Unfolding some of the incidents like Maaradu, Thodupuzha and similar numerous other Islamic jihadi terrorist issues, we can understand both UDF and LDF together or separately created hindrance and hazels in the due process of the implementation of the law to complete its course by not letting agencies like CBI or NIA to take this cases and reaching a finale where all involved are punished. Here we can see justice denied to all or some of the aggrieved.

Around 25, half of the accused in Thodupuzha hand chopping case is still safely living somewhere on earth may be with all luxuries. In any such heinous criminal case one or two criminals can remain beyond the reach however altogether 25 heinous Islamic jihadi criminals who involved in a seditious and treachery of nation are remain absconded is first time in the history of any criminal case in a democratic set up anywhere in the world. It is an act of a deep routed well networked Islamic jihadi terrorist movement which may have backing of International terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda, Taliban, Hamas, PLO etc…

The hesitation to refer the both cases to a credible agency like NIA or CBI is a failure from the part of both Central and state governments force peace loving and secular people of Kerala to assume an international conspiracy in these incidents. During initial stage Mullappally Ramachandran the minister of state for home affairs proclaimed that a credible agency LIKE CBI or NIA will investigate the case upon request of government of Kerala. A lot of exchange of words took place between Mr. Mullapally and Mr. Balakrishnan(modern Beria). How ever both decided to take another issue which can bring more attention from public and effectively brought “LOTTERY ISSUE”. The UDF and LDF played well and succeed in that new issue and hand chopping became a non issue for Keralites.

 The irony is that both were on the payroll of Lottery syndicate.

The most unfortunate aspect is that the Chief Minister doesn’t have any authority on modern Beria the home minister. The citizens of Kerala can’t look forward safety or a proper investigation to conclude the logical end. The head of police force the DGP himself habitual affidavit manipulator and he shifted his stand time to time according to the wishes of his superior the modern Beria. I wonder to which priest he is confessing!!!!!!!!

Assembly election is round the corner and the ruling LDF don’t want to arrest more Islamic jihadi terrorists since they assume that it can lead to loss of power. May be because of the same reason the UDF too not at all showing any interest in taking this issue as an election related one. The both are unfortunately not aware of the power of effected people belongs to the both incidents and other terrorist acts can be united and capable of changing Kerala’s political equations.

The peace loving majority Keralites, who is starving for justice, will unite against to these political manipulations and maneuverings will throw these appeasement forces to the abyss of the Bay of Bengal . If we don’t send an alternative force like BJP in at least 20 to 25 places in the coming assembly election all type of Islamic Jihadi terrorism will flourish like never before. Next Kerala’s Government may be led by UDF, which will be a combination of petrodollar and power which have explosive capability more than any invented weapons of mass destruction. Kerala will witness another Lebanon or Kashmir . Super terrorist become super chief minister.

We our self shall not be a reason for our own destruction. Time to realize there is a “devil in every grape”. Don’t let the Saturday and Sunday to come to our shores.

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