published on November 1, 2014

It was 9 years ago that Haindavakeralam was launched- intended solely  for the propagation of for unbiased news, the platform has taken as  its endeavour, the creation of awareness among Hindus all over the  world. Haindava Keralam has striven in bringing forth the reality being  faced by Hindus, who is being pushed to the brink of disaster and doom by various divisive and threatening forces.

Haindava Keralam has striven to maintain an unbiased platform, where  Hindus all over the world can catch more than a glimpse of what  exactly is happening to the community- all this, after facing extreme  provocations, veiled threats, Marxist animosity and dogmatic fanatics.

Haindava Keralam has now become a reliable source and a force to be  reckoned with, exposing anyone, be it a human or social agency, which  has pushed Hindus to the verge of peril. This has helped us question  and expose any force that has challenged or questioned the Hindu’s  self-righteousness, there by opening new horizons of Hindu vision.

In a world plagued by prefabricated information and distorted  knowledge, we forget and overlook the endless possibilities that await  a Hindu. But Haindavakeralam has done its best in withstanding these  and creating a platform for the vast force of Hindu genius both within  India and abroad. We have covered in letters, everything related to
 contributory fields- science, technology, spirituality, health,  medicine, politics etc.

As each year passes by and as we stand on the threshold of completing  9 years, Haindava Keralam recollects the will and grit that has kept  us united to march forward bravely- the will to survive and continue  with reporting and bringing to light authentic news and critical perspective.

Our readers are our most valuable asset, without whom the dream of  taking Haindava Keralam to the pinnacle of glory will remain  unfulfilled. We thank all our readers, writers and Hindu activists  from around the world, who have stood by us with unflinching faith.

A special word of thanks to our contributors for frequently sending news,  photographs and Sangh Parivar reports- we look forward to your  unsolicited support. We also take this opportunity to thank all our  readers and well wishers who have stood shoulder to shoulder with us,  in building our morale.

On this occasion, reaffirming our mission to notify, update, enlighten  and carry forth our duty and commitment towards the nation.

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