"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda

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28/01/2012 21:33:08
Hindus are their worst enemies
Most Hindus have shown no interest in Harvard's biased decision. Harvard allows the study of Quran -- the most horrible hate filled violence teaching book. It has a center to study Islam -- only in positive light. Harvard is busy prostituting itself to collect Saudi money. But we hardly hear any support for Dr. Swamy or any criticism of Harvard in India. On the other hand many stupid Hindus want to show that they are enlightened by supporting Harvard decision. In our history, we have been our worst enemies and this is continuing in the present.
10/12/2011 09:14:54
Ban Radical Islam
Dr. Swami is absolutely right. By any stretch of tolerance, Radical Islam is unacceptable to the civilised world. What is this? Anyone who changes religion is killed. Hands and legs of anyone who talks about the religion is cut-off. All terrorist activities are justified as part of Jihad. How long can the civilised world live with this evil? It is time for UN to act. We should ban Radical Islam with an iron hand.
10/12/2011 02:46:45
Dr.Swamiji episode
This is height of samefullness fo the Havard University.Even a layman will think twice to take this decision.If at all theis noble institute is correct, will they take decision or make any advice to the so called 15.5 billons mulims throgu out the world dont read your terror manual. It simple preaches hatrate,violence, division and other so amnythings only to deivide the soceity.Will the Haravard any courge left for this?The very moment fatwa will be issued to destroy your so called institute.This is nothing we hindus are the suffering end always due to our "CHALTA POLICY". For this we are suffering. We must reply in the same coin to the Harvard Authority.Did they ask Dr.Swamy to attain the meeting on which, they took the decision.Did they ask anything on this artilce?Did they send query to Dr.Swamy, that we are going to take this decision against you baout your so called Article published in DNA Paper.What is your reaction and course of action in this regard?Even a layman will ask these basics to the person?Am I little surprised obout there so called one sided and exparte action.If Dr.sawmy expression is offensive, then why not no action hasbeen taken millions missionaries in India those are advocating chrstainaity in India?They are induging all sort of violence in th entire North east? Why eropean union is islnce on this?The so called jehadi has taken for grated the enture hindu community.Hindus being has been driven out by the so called Islamic jehadi from there home land.will harvard will say something on this?Jehadi killed 200 odd people in Mumbai in 26/11. I would like to request reappoint Dr.Swamy.Otherwise students will be the ultimate suffer.This is nothing it is the preplanned conspiracy of communist, jehadi,missionaries, scedus and other anti indian force, what we will presume.Bande Mataram
09/12/2011 16:23:05
Subramanian Swamy is right
There is growing sense of weakness in the population and governments when it comes to tackling radical muslim extremists. Also, Robert Spencer, well known academic expert on the subject, gives variety of example of how 'stealth jihad' is going on. I guess Harward team who took the decision to sack Dr Subramanian Swamy is a victim of emotional blackmail.



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