13/07/2011 13:46:36  

To:  The Prime Minister of India, The Chief Minister of Kerala, Cabinet Minsiters Govt.of India, Ministers of State Govt.of India, Ministers Kerala State

Padmanabha swamy temple wealth belongs to the temple and to the Hindus alone and it should be preserved

The estimation of wealth in the Padmanabha swamy temple under the direction of the Supreme Court has become a subject of intense discussion in India and abroad. Although it is clear that the wealth belongs to the temple and to the Hindus alone, there are certain vested interests with ulterior motives trying to create confusion among the public with their false and distorted claims on the temple wealth.

Historians specialized in the Travancore history are of the view that this wealth was accumulated over centuries through the offerings of devotees, members of royal family of Travancore and various other kings in India. They also refute the claim that the treasury money of the erstwhile Travancore could form part of this. They endorse that the treasury account and the temple wealth was audited separately and the royal family never ever touched even an iota of this temple wealth thanks to their unparalleled allegiance to the principles of Sanathana dharma.Hence nobody other than Hindus have the right to prescribe how to utilise this wealth.

This wealth has religious, cultural, historical, archeological, antique and spiritual value and it is the duty of every patriotic Indian to preserve it for future generations. Items that have no religious and ritualistic significance can be displayed in a museum built in the temple premises and the revenue generated through this can be used for propagating the principles of Hinduism which upholds the ideals of universalism, peaceful coexistence, non-violence, equality, justice, environmental protection and sustainable development. In addition to the money received through donations of devotees, a portion of the wealth can be kept separate to generate revenue to meet the day to day expenses of the temple, expenses on festivals, charity, salary of the temple staff and routine maintenance of the temple and its premises. The management of the temple should only be vested in a Trust consisting of prominent Hindu spiritual leaders, head of the royal family, head priest and representatives of Padmanabha devotees.

In view of this, we the people of India request you take all necessary measures to protect this invaluable asset from the hands of people with evil designs and make an effective ,efficient and permanent mechanism to preserve it for the millenniums to come. The wealth should only be utilized for preserving temples and for the promotion and preservation of Hindu culture.

We also take this opportunity to request you to make a permanent arrangement for preserving the wealth of all temples in India as temples are the main centers where religious, cultural, spiritual and moral education is imparted which are essential for any society to survive and to make a lasting contribution to the human civilization.

The places of worship of Hindus should also be free of any government control like religious institutions of other communities and any interference on the affairs of the temple by any state governments in India or any central government body should be termed as a violation on the religious freedom of Hindus and it should be made legally binding by enacting a comprehensive law.

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11/11/2011 02:40:21
The hidden chambers of Sree Padmanabha swami temple and Taj Mahal
Many Politicians are eager to get hold of the wealth of Our temples, but they don't show the same interest to open the hidden chamber of Taj mahal, It is believed that there are many Vigrahas of our Gods in there, and the other notable thing is that the politicians are not showing interest to get hold of the wealth of other religious shrines, the non hindus are even planning to donate money to their followers to have extra children , now the prime point to be noted is that where do they get this money, If they get it through donation like that in the temple, the politicians should appoint a minister to control that money like the devaswom minister
20/07/2011 02:16:13
To whom should treasure go? Unwarranted question, obvious answer.- 2
It would be best to build a special structure to display the treasure to the eternal glory of the royal family who saved it for posterity. This would also add to the glory of the temple and its deity, which was able to attract such unsevered loyalty from the royal family. The question is, where should the structure be built? It should undoubtedly be built within the temple complex. It would have to surmount two problems. One, paucity of space and two, fears of damage to the existing temple structure while constructing the new structure within its complex. It should be built in such a way that the aesthetic beauty and structural safety of the temple is assured. As there is unlikely to be place for the display of all the treasure discovered, at least the most unique ones should be displayed. Building a structure (and calling it a museum) away from the temple would subtract from the awesomeness of the discovery – an insitu display would have a devastatingly positive effect – just what is needed for the much required rejuvenation of Hindu psyche.

In conclusion, I would say that by no means should any thought of selling off temple property to pay for our grandiose projects, even altruistic ones whether in the name of the poor or development ought to be entertained. Let the treasure be treasured, not monetized.
20/07/2011 02:11:28
To whom should treasure go? Unwarranted question, obvious answer.- 1
The question “To whom should the treasure at Padmanabhaswami temple go?” is unwarranted as the answer is obvious. The treasure is part of the temple, as much as the idol itself is. So what is in the temple should remain in the temple. A good part of the treasure is already being used for temple rituals. The remaining caused the disbelief because they were not known to exist, except maybe to the royal family who have been administering the temple for over thousand years since their forefathers built the temple (or renovated an existing small temple, as probably the case must be). But that doesn’t (that is, the fact that they were not known to exist) by itself cause the treasure to cease being part of the temple. The suggestions that the treasure should be used to (1) ‘help the poor’ or (2) provide infrastructure for the public at large by selling it off and getting massive funds or (3) is the property of the royal family are all bad bargains for the Hindus, present and coming generations, who are its sole inheritors as temple goers. 5
Mustafa Kamal
16/07/2011 21:09:44
Very much like the Desert religions marauders who always Destroy/Desecrate the idols of temples starting from Kaaba temple asking "can this life less stone do any thing to us". They fail to understand that NEGATIVE KARMA of theirs of destroying any place of worship can haunt them for generations like that what happened today to the Adv.Sunderajan IPS who for fame,publicity and outright contempt for increasing his office RENT which was housed in BHAGAVANS PROPERTY took Sri Sri Padbhanabha to court is no more in this mortal world.May his departed soul rest in peace.

16/07/2011 06:22:51
Save Temples
It is necessary to save temples and they are to be protected from looting the offerings of the temple must be used for Temple and for the welfare of Hindu community and for spreading Sanatana Dharma. At any cost it must not go into the hands of Govt. All Hindus must get united for liberating temples from the clutches of government. If liberated, the povety among Hindus can be wiped-off completely. 5
Hindu from Trivandrum
16/07/2011 02:26:53
It is a NECESSITY that we sign and make others sign the petition.
Some comments that appeared here reflect the reason why temples are being looted. They also give indications as to why the temples will continue to be looted. Hindus are not united - and they are so lazy to spend even a few minutes, irrespective of how genuine the cause is.

Signing the petition is a definite way of expressing the strong disagreement of the people, towards the movement to aquire temple wealth. It has got wide significance. The more the signatures are, the louder the voice will be.

I have a question for the people who try to discourage the petition movement. What else is the alternate course of action that you have to offer? Do you suggest that we need to take arms and stand around the temple? Is it a time for jokes - or? What is the method for the so called 'protection' that you are talking about? Getting a court order will help - true - we are trying for it - but what is wrong if we make an online petition movement also? Making a political statement (that we will not vote and all) will sound quite funny. Letting the world know that the Hindus are against the movement to aquire temple wealth - is the first step here. It is part of the 'protection' attempts.

Had this been something affecting the churches or mosques in this country, such an online petition would have been flooded with signatures by this time. And - it would certainly have made some impact by now. The Hindus here are inerestingly still busy taking lectures on why we should not sign the petition! God Sripadmanabha - save them first! 5
15/07/2011 04:55:01
Photos of Temple Please
HK ,Kindly include a photo album of Padmanabha Swami Temple. 5
15/07/2011 02:58:14
If not now,then when? If not you, then who?
Such petitions serve as an eye opener for the goverment and the media who are busy appeasing the minorities.Minorities get more than what they are due because they are united and assertive in their rights.

In india there are around a billion Hindus and there must be crores of internet hindus .It is dismaying that only 259 people have signed the petition till now.
I feel every one of us should forward it to as many friends as possible requesting solidarity with this opinion. 5
15/07/2011 01:16:33
Save Padmanabhaswamy
Save Swamy's Temple at all costs. 5
15/07/2011 01:16:33
Save Swamy's Temple ate all costs. 5
14/07/2011 22:14:17
Arise ,Awake and Stop not till your goal is achieved
Petioning is only one of the many ways to convey the opinion of the hindus to the government.It also creates an awareness among hindus about the issue. 5
14/07/2011 21:30:48
You have to protect it yourself, or lose it !
Also don't appeal to "every patriotic Indian etc..". It is none of anybody else's business other than devotees and the Temple Trust.

The petition is calling for everybody to get involved in the "wealth" through its protection.

Those who don't protect their wealth by their own effort and call for others to protect it, will end up losing their wealth, be warned of that ! 5
14/07/2011 21:30:48
Do not cry, assert your right
1. Get an Order from the Supreme Court if you wish.

2. Make a political statement as a group so that elected leaders will know they have to respect the wishes of the people or else no votes the next time.

Petitioning the corrupt Neta's will have no effect. The only positive thing is if you give them "notice" through the petition. It cannot be a plaintive cry but a plainspeaking and assertive statement. 5
Dileep Kumar
14/07/2011 17:08:03
Signing this petition is a MUST
I strongly disagree with the first two comments. There IS - there certainly IS some value in petitioning there. It doesn't matter whom we are addressing. What matters is the number of signatures. The question is whether we are ready to raise our voices together. If this petition attracts lakhs of signatures, it will certainly catch the attention of the media and it will put some irresistible pressure on the so called 'sworn-enemies'. It is another way of protecting ourselves. It is another way of showing our strength. Keeping mum on desperation - and wasting time expressing only our desperation - will never help. We need to let the world hear our voice. There are thousands of Internet Hindus who are active online. Still the signature count is yet to cross 200 even after two days. SHAME ON ALL OF US! 5
13/07/2011 23:14:19
petition to PM
Indira Oorath is correct. There is no use of petitioning to this chors. There is no democarcy in this country. We are ruled by Italian Mafia, xian evangelists. No scope left in this country if we are not taking steps to protect outselfs instead of pleading this chors 5
Indira Oorath
13/07/2011 21:39:56
Please stop petitioning our enemies
When will our petitioning end? Remember we are petitioning our sworn enemies, pleading for justice. Will they not throw our petition into the waste basket where it belongs? Why should we Hindus petition at all? Why can't we demand and threaten? When will we learn to have some respect for ourselves? 5
"The debt which the world owes to our motherland is immense. Taking country after country, there is not one race on earth to which the world owes so much as to the patient Hindu, the mild Hindu."

Swami Vivekananda

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