Was the Nun's chastity Molested?
29/09/2010 14:17:36  

M P Ajith Kumar* 

The reluctance of the Christian nun who complained of having been mass-raped by Hindu fanatics during the Kandhamal outbreak in appearing before the court even after the case was transferred from Kandhamal’s Baliguda court to Cuttak raises many doubts. Thanks to Orissa High Court Judge Justice B. K. Naidu’s suggestion in response to the nun’s petition that she was afraid to appear in Kandhamal’s Baliguda court, lest it should endanger her very life, the case was transferred to Cuttak on 20th of last March. Yet she has not appeared before the court so far. It is a bare fact that Swami Lakshmananda was murdered by the Christian terrorists due to his opposing the Xian missionaries’ proselytizing Orissa. The Swami’s philanthropic uplift of the poor Hindus there was a counterpoise to the Christian conversion agenda hell-bent to see the ‘Greater Nagaland’ a reality. Interestingly a noted Christian journalist has of late vilified the Swami’s stand against the missionaries and opined that had he not opposed conversion the terrorists would not have killed him. That the murderers were Christian terrorists who weeded out the obstacle in the evangelist path is clear. This is indeed a repetition of the Portuguese days in India when the military supported the missionaries converting the Hindus of the Malabar Coast. Now in the north-east missionaries and Christian terrorists disguised as Maoists are reenacting the same. Why?

      The story is not altogether new, but about one and a half century old. One who knows what Barbara Boxer, Chairperson of US Senate Foreign Relations Committee said years ago may not be surprised at the developments of the North East hill region. He said, “After studying the location of Nagaland, I realize, it has military importance. Nagaland is sandwiched in between some very different and large nations in terms of political philosophy, culture and religion”. Though thinly populated with only 3.5 million people its location, Boxer knew had immense strategic significance for his America. “To north” he said, “Nagaland borders China (Communist), to the east Burma (Buddhist), to the West India (Hindu) and to South Bangladesh (Muslim). I believe the potential military importance of Nagaland to the US is akin to that of South Korea’s 38th parallel. Like South Korea, Nagaland falls in the middle of powerful countries. America’s Army holds the dividing line between democracy and communism in South Korea”.

Boxer knew that Asia would be the only happy hunting ground for his country which with the emergence of European Union was gradually losing its European economic base.  
Besides, India’s north-east zone is rich in natural and mineral resources. Naturally this zone surrounded on all sides by non-Christian nations if separated from India, he believed, could be US’ base of operation in Asia. And the path selected to this end was proselytizing the area to a US prone mindset. Hence the ongoing persuasive as well as forcible conversion.

    Nagaland, Boxer added, has “evolved its own type of social system founded on American principles” with its political structure “influenced by American missionaries who went there in 1839”. The proselytizing which Boxer said had begun in 1839 continued throughout the English period in India and after. These missionaries got the American arms supply too. Though press reports about the large quantities of arms possessed by the Naga rebels were quite often in the early decades of Independent India the successive Governments continued to remain lax and lukewarm over it. Even when in one of the encounters the Military captured from Naga rebels American guns of 1955 and 1956 make the Government befooled the nation telling that these were the weapons left by the fleeing Japanese army (during World War II) which the Nagas took possession of. As the then RSS Chief Guruji M. S. Golwalkar has sarcastically said, our leaders asked us to believe that the Nagas secured those 1955 and 1956 model American arms as far back as 1944!

  This state of affaires only grew worst. Foreign elements influencing the Indian polity and government became common place. The new generations of leaders getting pay off and kick back for burying national interests became the new phenomenon. With the watchdog only interested in filling its own belly the nation was left open to thieves, wolves and bandicoots to haunt. One is shuddered at the high speed at which India’s administrative top brass hurried to bail out and pack off an Otrovio Quotrochi or the like people! Naturally amidst their frantic effort to hush up what would incriminate them they are likely to sideline the issues of national integration and security. Consequently they can’t respond even to the verdict of the judiciary against the criminal who carried fire and sword over the Parliament, leave alone their listening to what happens in the North-East. They are fiddling while the nation is burning. Yet the people who use to bake their communal cake in the funeral pyre continue their game. To these Mephistopheleses in the service of the Lucifers it is not the nation that counts but how to disintegrate it in favour of the nation they work for. And their weapons – they range from militancy to moral degradation. Chastity for instance proved often a bargaining counter against a people who most value it bay some one who least cared it. The nun was mass raped by the Hindu fanatics was the propaganda set afloat. But why is she reluctant or afraid to prove it before the Seat of Justice? What prevents her from appearing before the Court? Of late there was a medical report about the virginity of a Keralite nun. According to it her virginity lost years ago was restored through a surgical manipulation! In case of the Kandhamal nun let the Indian public know that her chastity suffered the maiden molestation due to the so called Hindu fanatics’ fanatical rape. Or is she afraid of a more shameless revelation in case sent for medical examination? It is now for the nun to prove that she was a gem of chastity the Hindu fanatics broke. For it is with India’s tradition to worship a chaste woman and with its law to punish the molester of female chastity.   

* Senior Lecturer in History, Sanatana Dharma College, Alappuzha

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18/10/2010 00:00:59
Jose comment
Dhanyawad ShriMurali Devabrataji, Yes, indeed dear Jose, at present I am residing in Pune(Maharastra). Why you silence after reading of my comment. Hellow dear I am not coming to mahrastra for the selling of relegion. In fact in my own effort and initiative, honestly speaking I reconverted 4 guys, who converted to Charstianity, again comes to the fold of Sanatan Dharma. Whether you beleive me or not, one so called father from Dhapodi, who is doing all sort of things day and night informat of the people. I just stop these guys to visit this dreaded chruch. I just convince them, you may get some monetary benifit, indirectly you people are doing great and severe damage to the soceity. After my pursuation they again come back to the mother culture(Sanatana).Tell me juse what sort of damage I did to the country. Comes and debate with me. I am a citizen with immence love and highest respect to Mother Bharat. She is our mother and she is every thing like Gau and our own mother.hellow dear dont shout without knowing the fact. Yes, I have ervey right to come my brotherly state Maharastra. the state belongs to Great Great Shivaji, Shmbhaji, Samarth, Sai Baba, Tukaram and Bajirao peshwa. All are great , simple great. I can chanllage your so great thati JESUS. This man cant be equal with Swami vevekananda. You people make this jesus great. even he was not born. it is manufactetred word from the Chrastianity. Am I right. Still I will say you cross have no right to come to sate UTKA/Kalinga?Odisah. Just shut your mouth and get lost from my state. Bande Mataram 5
17/10/2010 11:44:05
If one examine the History of the Church, the probability of the Khandmal Nun's elevation to Sainthood is getting smooth.
The chance of Sr. Steffy, under trial in the murder case of Sr. Abhaya[Kerala], to become a saint is now ok. Because she restored her virginity-skin through a surgery. 5
17/10/2010 10:32:05
Article continued
Dear All,
Kudos to the HK team for upholding the ethical standards and contributing to improving the quality of the site. The admin team has posted a continuation of this article at

Dear HK team,
Thank you for responding positively.

@Mr. Murali - 'jose' is just a troll. dont even waste your comments on him. 5
15/10/2010 13:34:26
Who is this Jose
Looks like there is another traitor in this comment section by name Jose. Give me your address. I will come and tell you why Mohan Ji went to Maharashtra. 5
15/10/2010 13:30:19
How can we ?
I would like all Hindus to start thinking how to route Islam and Christianity from India. We have a great way of life in Hinduism and we do not want so called religions. Nothing but conversion for political and economic reasons. Go and see Foreign embassies, you will find tons of Indian Christians employed by them. What does that mean? They are traitors. 5
15/10/2010 02:28:55
On jose comment
Dear Jose , you personally comment on me. I never object any body or any individual to come and stay any part of India. As long as they are law biding citizen of this country. My only objection is tha, why some illetolrate Chrstian coming to my state and preaching and teaching what is relegion. And how we can get peace. Thisis simple relicolus. As far as I am staying in maharastr, because i ma in service. The moment any transfer occured I will over there. Tell me waht business these missionaries have in my state. Can they left Odisha by overnight.What sort of business they have in my own state. these so called b......d and mindless vulture. Now they are doing the saem thing in Pune alos. Come to the pune railway station, you can find pamplet BIBLE MISSION, by one some rev. from South Korea. KYA SWAMI SAMARTH, SHIVAJI AND OTHER SADHU MAR GEYE KYA. What sort of buisness they have in every state. They are simple prostitute in my language. they will as much as worse to that area and pollut the maximum. Both are poision to the soceity. The early they left, that beter. bande Mataram 5
14/10/2010 01:50:37
Great article sir...
06/10/2010 00:10:44
Mr. Mohan

"I belongs to odisha and present residing at Maharastra"

Why you went maharstra when you are from odisha 5
05/10/2010 22:29:10
Reply again to GSK sir
Sir, I have read your comment again.
1. Firstly, you had called me a convert which is as equal to me as slandering;hence my statement. 2. Secondly, you said I did not rebut a single point - what is there to rebut?! you stated some of the facts of 20th century, so why do you expect me to refute them?
3. Thirdly how much of my 'knowledge' of Hinduism so you expect me to display in a comment to an article? I would say your expectation of that betray's your ignorance of Hinduism - its vastness and depth.
4. 'Inspirational persons' "theory" was theorized by noted Hindu intellectuals. This again I consider as your ignorance of the true vastness of the Hindu culture - I can be a Hindu who accepts the historacal authencity of Prince Ram. For me to be inspired by him does not require him to perform miracles for me.
5 5
GSK Menon
05/10/2010 08:04:41
was the nun's chastity molested
Dear Manoj
You wrongly state that I attacked you personally, I have not done that at all. Read my comments carefully, you have failed to rebut a single point. If you are not a convert, very good, if you are not a convert and not masquerading under a Hindu name, then even better. I have a strong aversion for converts and their methodology for conversion. As a Hindu it is my duty to resist any convert and conversion strategies devised by them. I also have christian friends but I constantly remind them not to forget their Hindu ancestry. Hinduism is not about vegetarian food, your knowledge of Hinduism appears negligible, that is why many of us suspect that you are a Christian masquerading under a Hindu name. Anyway if you are not a convert, I accept your statement.
You also said that Sri Ram and Hanuman are inspirational figures, this is another theory floated by evangelical gangs. They are indulging in so many imitations of Hindu temple festivals, that they have to explain to their converts their new found love for Hindu temple customs and rituals. That is why they keep circulating the "inspiring" theory.
I also consider christ and Mohammed to be inspiring characters only. Mohammed for waging war and christ for sinning.
One of my convert christian friends went on a tour of the so called "holy land". I asked him about his experience, and he had only sob stories to narrate about how the Rabbis did not even look at him. I had to remind him to read the teachings of christ carefully. Redemption is only for Jews, so said christ. St.Paul, the real architect of the christian religion, mischievously modified it and proclaimed redemption for all. But you are following christ and not St.Paul. Christ never offered redemption for non-Jews. Jews can sin and their sins will be accepted by christ. Converts from other races are not offered redemption. So Manoj, take care, do not fully believe evangelical gibberish. 5
05/10/2010 00:22:32
Reply to GSK sir
Sir, I have read many articles of yours on HK, and it is fairly clear that you fall into the other category that I mentioned - the Hindus who feel Christians are the bigger threat. But in order to prove your point you are resorting to personal attacks on me, which I believe is below your stature.

As I mentioned earlier, I am a rationalist Hindu, not unlike Veer Savarkar. I did not elaborate it then but since you have used my silence as a tool to smear me, I will clarify it. I focus and believe in Hindutva, the binding force. I do not believe that Hanumanji or Ram will rescue me when I am in trouble, but I remember them as brave heroes from whom I can derive inspiration and guidance. I do have Christian friends (maybe not unlike many other Keralite hindus here) and upon my close contact with them I find that the traditional Keralite Christians are not as virulent as the evangelical missionaries. They take pride in the Kerala culture as any other Kerala Hindu, they celebrate Onam, they take pride in their ancestry. Hence I am sympathetic to their cause, for i believe that they share the common string of Hindutva. Yes, there are points of contention like non vegetarianism, but these are issues that will have to be solved by legislation (eg Karnataka). I hope this helps and expect you to not vilify me personally by calling me a "convert". If you disagree with my ideas I will be happy to discuss them. 5
GSK Menon
04/10/2010 08:45:33
Was the nun's chastity molested ?
Manoj is a christian convert masquerading under a Hindu name, and playing the role of a saboteur. What was that Keralite nun doing in Orissa ? Why was she trying to convert the Oriya Hindus ? Why was she trying to spread her desert religion in Orissa ? Why was she ridiculing Hindu customs and rituals in Orissa, while back home in Kerala the Padres and Bishops and nuns are busy imitating Hindu temple customs and rituals ?
The above questions will enlighten you as to what sort of hypocrites the convert christians are. Islam is an open enemy, they boldly come to fight their targets. Christianity, the other desert religion is 100% fraud, covert in nature, it is like the AIDS virus, lies undetected for long periods of time and then surfaces in its most virulent form. Nagaland and the other seven sister states of the north east India has experienced radical clandestine conversion by way of aggressive conversion techniques. Now the missionary gangs want to destabilise and detach that region from the Indian mainland by militancy. This will result in a separate christian country in the heartland of Asia. This is the diabolical plan of the west sponsored missionary outfits. Keralite convert evangelists like Manoj, hiding under Hindu names, will have no place, in these places once they get independence.
The rape of the nun is a concoction of vile Padres like Raphael cheenath.Now, she is shying away from a proper medical examination. It is easy to infer, she was lying to the whole world. Now, she fears the truth. The dangling jew on the cross will not come to save her, she and the missionary gang knows that too well. The nun concocted a rape story to protect her conversion gang members or is she afraid to reveal to the world that she is a sex stalwart !
GSK Menon 5
04/10/2010 00:05:02
Reply to Kesav
Dear Sir,
I belive that I have maybe not coomunicated my idea clearly, which has lead to a misunderstanding- if you could pls read my comment again, I had stated that I SUPPORT the Christians over the Muslims. Since my personal belief has been questione, let me state it lest there be no confusions. I am a rationalist Hindu(I will leave it at that since further discussions could lead to digression from the topic) What you clarified in the reply was correct but I wanted to communicate that I SUPPORT the Christians over muslims in today's world scenario. Hope this helps. 5
03/10/2010 09:15:24
reply to comment
Dear Mr Manoj,
You have claimed that you are a Christian. It is good! But may I ask you, what type of Christianity you are following? A religion which Christ, as opined by eminent historians on the life of Jesus Christ’s life like Nicholai Notovich, Andrew Faber Kaiser, Holger Kerston etc, took from India to Jerusalem, itself an Asian region, or the one betokened by Cross, once used to crucify people including Jesus who was one of the great Asiatic teachers? Roman tradition after having ensured the murder of Jesus Christ hijacked his name and marched ahead with Cross in a Salomean frenzy murdering all that was of Jesus Christ. It was this Roman tradition which was later followed by the West which even now bears in celebration the Cross with ailing Jesus hung on it, indeed a scene no Indian or an Asiatic could tolerate. The crucifiers of Jesus buried his philosophy of love. Instead of ‘loving the neighbours as one does unto oneself’ the European pseudo-Christians had begun a career of loot and murder in other’s nations, destroying their cultures, disseminating the theory of hate to all other systems. It is not Christianity but something that could well be disparaged Churchianity, a religion which is not only far away from, but opposed also to Christ. Had Jesus Christ ever claimed, as the modern missionaries do, that his is the only salvation brand religion and that all the others are fake ones? Had he ever entrusted Xavier type iconoclasts to damage, debilitate and destroy other civilizations, temples and idols of worship or advised to constitute the ‘Inquisition’ with the butcher’s punishment over India’s religious minded people? Indeed what are being done the world over are against the teachings of Jesus. The so called Christians use Christ only as a symbol for looting other cultures and nations for the economic growth of Europe and also the people following the European style of life.
African nationalist Jomo Keniyatta once remarked: When the Europeans 5
03/10/2010 01:15:15
Dear Mr. Sharma
I had missed you first comment hence i woull take the opportunity to reply to both. There are different arguments you raised:
1. Missionaries are propagating Christianity with high success rated in the NER.
2. Western school of education has been a tool to this aim.
3. The author has highlighted this fact only
4. Indian Muslims have an identity unlike Indian Christian.
5. Christians are more sectarian than Muslims; especially from Kerala
6. HH the Swamiji and the Nepalese king was murdered by the Missionaries
Please find my replies:
1. As you stated earlier, I really am no expert on the NER; atleast not more than any other average Indian. But yes it could be very true in case of Nagaland.
2. Eduacational institutions had been until recently a monopoly of the Missionaries and this is a fact.
3. Disagree. In the last paragaph the author has vilified the person in question. Lokk at the larger picture. When a culture is threatened by another, then shouldn't the defender strengthen his culture more? When you vilify a person we are going against the threats of Dharma.
4. Indian Muslims have an identity? Could you please elaborate on that? I dont see any common 'Indian' identity anywhere among those terrorist warmongers, with the unhygenic practices.
5. I have interacted only with Christian from Kerala and TN. Now I assume that you are not from Kerala ,in which case this shouldnt come as a surprise to you that citizens from the southern states, Karbnataka, AP, Tn and Kerala(esp Kerala) steadily hold on to thir culture and language since although we are Hindu in nature there are umpteen subtle colours that brighten the fabric of Bharath Ma. And why would you accuse a person of treason when he takes pride in of his homestate?
6. There are some things we would like to be true and there are things that are. As a rational man I can only say that your claims falls into the former category: aren't we overestimating the Missionaries too much?

Visharad Sharma
02/10/2010 23:06:52
they do have an identity of their own as Indian Muslims.
Christians of Kerala are still grouping in the dark for an identity, so they are conjucturing a Kerala identity as distinct from the Indian Idneity. They are often very keen on speaking only about Kerala as a distinct phenomenon, and not as an integral phenomenon of India. Christians are more sectarians than Muslims, as majority of them are so with their loyalty more twisted towards the Christian Western world, though the European Christians do not bother much about Kerala Christians. Secularism of Christianity comes from the fact of not being very religios, they do not care much about religion, theough they all believe in god. And that is no secularism, and no model for Indians. They are secular since they do not care about religion, like the communists, who's secularism comes from not being religious. That is distancing from religion, not respecting religion as the Hindus do. Kerala Christians look for a sectarian identiy and they go for missionary works outside through this knowledge system.If one goes to the North-East, one can find how fanatical the Kerala Christians are against the very Kerala Hindus, Indian nation, Hindu movies, and Hindi language. Thhis is narrated to me by many Kerala Hindus of NER, who are amazed on the first account with the Christians of Kerala. The Missionaries of NER are more enthusiastic to spread hatred against the Hindu Bengolies and speak; "kill the Bengoli before you kill the snake" infuriorating the tribals in anti Hindu propaganda.
3. Swamiji was killed by the Christian Missionaries through Maoists. The same Christian missionaries got the Nepali King killed through maoists, it is not China's handi work, they made it appear so. 4. About the language used in the article, and I see nothing wrong. No flowery language is adequate to describe such things: you cant expect a person to conceal emotions like the Christians of Kerala. 5
01/10/2010 11:30:34
Dear Mohan and Kesav
@Mohan: 1. i reside in Kerala and fromall the facts I have sifted through, it appears fairly clear that Maoists perpetuated the murder of HH the Swamiji. Whether Christian extremists actually used the Maoists is a matter that id highly, highly debatable.
2. I have not condoned the institution of the Church for their acts. What I have merely and strongly pointed out is the unrefined language the author has us used while referring to the celibate in question.

@kesav: In several of my posts here I have not made it a secret that I ardently support the Christian over the Muslims. Here are my reasons:
1. Everything, including civilizations pass through cycles. We accept that as part of our faith too. The events you have quoted are definitely true to the best of my knowledge too. But this was an institution of the bygone past, when rampant colonialism and imperialism was the norm., media was non existent and we too were not united. Today if you look at the western nations you can find that the Church run institutions are more or less secularized and it works like any other NGO.
2. Muslims of today are entering that phase of expansion that Christianity passed through a few centuries earlier. Hence they are more vocal, more violent and expanding like never before. Hence the concusion that they are more dangerours in the short term.
3. I understand that there are two distinct schools of thought - each one saying that the Muslims or the Christians are the bigger threat. I am looking forward to a healthy discussion on this and would appreciate it if any of the HK mods take notice and encourage it. 5
01/10/2010 09:16:23
More dangerous than Muslims
Manoj's statement that right now Muslims is the cancer of the whole world and that ompared to that Christians are not even common cold is totally untenable. The Christians were iconoclast number one and proved to be more dangerous than the Muslims in destroying other's religions and gods of worship. Let us look at how Francis Xavier found himself ecstatic at the images of the Hindu gods being broken to pebbles. Xavier writes:
Following the baptism, the new Christians return to their homes and come back with their wives and families to be in their turn also prepared for baptism. After all have been baptized, I order that everywhere the temples of the false gods be pulled down and all idols be broken. I know not how to describe in words the joy I feel before this spectacle of pulling down and destroying the Idols by the very people who formerly worshipped them. (Letter dated 8 February 1545. See H. J. Colridge, Life and Letters of Francis Xavier, London, 1861, Vol. I, p. 10)
K. M. Panikker amply exposes what these missionaries did in China for mass conversion. Here too they followed the path of double-dealings, bad manners and treachery. Their fanaticism had crossed all limits of human standards in their bid to westernize China and her traditions. Thus he writes:
On the site of the temple in Tientsin, which was also an imperial palace, the French, without any legal title, erected a Roman Catholic Cathedral in 1869…At Tienstin was also established an orphanage by a Catholic Sisterhood. These sisters arranged for the payment of a sum for every child brought to the orphanage, that is in plain words established a kind of purchase system encouraging the less scrupulous Chinese middlemen to kidnap children. (Asia and Western Dominance, p. 138)
01/10/2010 09:16:23
More dangerous than Muslims
Manoj's statement that right now Muslims is the cancer of the whole world and that ompared to that Christians are not even common cold is totally untenable. The Christians were iconoclast number one and proved to be more dangerous than the Muslims in destroying other's religions and gods of worship. Let us look at how Francis Xavier found himself ecstatic at the images of the Hindu gods being broken to pebbles. Xavier writes:
Following the baptism, the new Christians return to their homes and come back with their wives and families to be in their turn also prepared for baptism. After all have been baptized, I order that everywhere the temples of the false gods be pulled down and all idols be broken. I know not how to describe in words the joy I feel before this spectacle of pulling down and destroying the Idols by the very people who formerly worshipped them. (Letter dated 8 February 1545. See H. J. Colridge, Life and Letters of Francis Xavier, London, 1861, Vol. I, p. 10)
K. M. Panikker amply exposes what these missionaries did in China for mass conversion. Here too they followed the path of double-dealings, bad manners and treachery. Their fanaticism had crossed all limits of human standards in their bid to westernize China and her traditions. Thus he writes:
On the site of the temple in Tientsin, which was also an imperial palace, the French, without any legal title, erected a Roman Catholic Cathedral in 1869…At Tienstin was also established an orphanage by a Catholic Sisterhood. These sisters arranged for the payment of a sum for every child brought to the orphanage, that is in plain words established a kind of purchase system encouraging the less scrupulous Chinese middlemen to kidnap children. (Asia and Western Dominance, p. 138)
01/10/2010 04:38:50
Dear Monoj
Dear Sir, I would like to comment on this. First of all I am totally agree with the expresion given by learned and respected Shri.Ajith Kumarji. I belongs to odisha and present residing at Maharastra. Whether every body was aware or not, I dont know these fantic Chstain missionaries attack Swami Laxmanandaji at least 8 time before he killed. when they suceed by killing him, they project it is henious act of maos. besically it was a pre pannned conspiracy of missionaries. Swamiji was the main hurdles and obstacle for them. They hired Moas and killed.

Very few people knows about Swamiji, he establised a Sanskrit College, he established kanya Sharma, Ashram and not only that, he established Bhajani Mandali to stop Christainisation in Khandhmal. he even stopped cow slaughering in that area. He was very noble man. In fact he deserved the very respectable position in the soceity. he was not like Missionaries of Charity. Whose sole aim conversion in the name of service. Which all most all Ch.missionaries are indulging in this nation.

May I ask what purpose these keralite Father and nun are coming to odisha.

They must rember that, it is the land of Lord jaganath. not desert relegion like Cross. What sort of business they have onver here.Why they are coming to my state and ruin the very culture of our state. Still we hindus are constituting near about 85 % of the total population in the state. We may call the highest % of hindus are staying in odisha.We dont want to convert our state like Mizoram and Nagaland or even kerala. We are imensely happy about our great Lord Jaganath culture.

But we are fade up with these uselss missionaries. they just destroy the very system and create hatrate among the soceity. They just ruined the brotherhood of the soceity. its a hard fact, whether some body beleive it or not. It is his own judgement.Somebody may argue that they are providing service. The service my foot. it is beter every hindusmust be alert with the this Dalal.OM 5
01/10/2010 03:51:14
Fellow Hindustani Sanjay
I am sure in the next post somewhere you will definitely uphold that India has always practised the Sanathana Dharma. Is it Sanathana Dharm to picturise a lady who has taken the vow of celibecy the way you picturised her? My friend, shouting from the rooftops that we are the torchbearers of civilization will not make us so - we have to practise it. As I said before, you have a problem with the institution, then you highlight it. Dont perosnally vilify people - especially ladies.

PS: Right now Muslims is the cancer of the whole world. Compared to that Christians are not even common cold :P 5
30/09/2010 07:24:12
Was the Nun's chastity Molested
Mr Ajith kumar the author is very correct. The Christian Missionaries are the CANCER of society. I am wondering how the converted Indians are believing them. All the Europeans are against the Church. Why Indians cannot understand this? For all other matters we follow the whites...
One fellow commented "She joined to grow closer to God".
Sorry, my friend, She (the nun) joined to grow / live closer with Good looking (beef eating) heavily built "Patiry" (Bishop) or "Achayan" 5
30/09/2010 06:47:42
Does no one here echo my feelings? I would like to dicuss on it.. 5
Visharad Sharma
30/09/2010 05:51:56
The Question of Nun's Chastity.
Shri Manoj seem to have misunderstood the article of Ajithkumar, it appears. Ajithkumar was not discussing the chastity question of a Nun, he was discussing the autrocities of Christian Missionaries in India. When the issue of the nun in question being gang raped by Hindus was highlkighted with pomp and show; Dr. Ajith seem to have just remarked on that issue to suggest that gang rape in such areas under such given circumstances need not be celebrated as they have done.
Shri Manoj may not have a direct knowledge of the North-East India. Christian Missionaries had been pumping both Hindi language hatred as well as India hatred in the North-East for many years. Nagaland is just oen instance only, and the other 'Seven Sisters' are not at all different if not more.
Behind every upsurge in the NER, one can find Christian Missionaris, and of late it is the Missionaries from Kerala. They enti e ignorant and innocent people first to Christianity, ad then through Christianity to subnissive mentality to the West, and further to hate India Philosophy and hate Hindu policy. Shri Krishnagopalji had brought out a book in on this account.
Western pattern of Education had essentially been sectarian, from which Europe obviously suffers as tey do not have any other alternative, and the two places this sectarian and differential pattern of education found succes are the Christian dominated area of the NER and then the southern state of Kerala. Missionaries are not just an innocent lot as Shri Manoj seems optimistic about, they have deliberate plan and programme to destabilise the unity and integrity of India for international political ends.
Dr. Ajith was bheing surcastic about the chastity question of the Nunb and there is nothing more; in any caser such wquestions do not belong to typcal Indian morality, they are only Victorian morality that most westernised Indians take for granted.
Visharad Sharma 5
30/09/2010 02:12:18
Of deaf ears...
Two things:

1. People who have taken the vow of celibecy have been respected in Bharath from time immemorial. Be it the Sadhus, or the Jain nuns, or the Buddhist monks or the Christian priests. We have alsways accepted the need to be celibate while attempting to grow closer to God. Keeping in line with the tradition, I believe it is "third rate" hate mongering to direct the ire of this HK author at the Christian nun. She for all purposes would have joined her order feeling the call to grow closer to God. Any and all criticism should be directed at the institution and not her personally.
2. As I have repeated often times in HK, we should discuss on the matter of allying with Christians for achieving our national aims. Most if not all the Christians I know harbor the dislike of terrorists and maoists. Personally I feel they will be a powerful ally against the larger threats facing our nation.
3. In line with this, HK should resort to responsible journalism. To state that HH the Swamiji was murdered by Christians is not the truth. 5
If I were asked under what sky the human mind has most fully developed some of its choicest gifts, has most deeply pondered on the greatest problems of life, and has found solutions, I should point to India

Max Mueller

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