As Bharat emerges once again as a force to be reckoned with on the world map, Haindava Keralam would like to make its humble share of contribution to inform Hindus of events unfolding at the global level that may have consequences for Hindu survival.

Response to ill-conceived, ill-timedHearingsin US Congress on “The Plight of Religious Minorities in India”
   - 13/04/2014
Celebrity Tamil novelist supports Narendra Modi, gets threat
  Press Trust of India - 13/04/2014
British Army Given a talk on the Bhagavad Gita
   - 09/04/2014
Predatory Paedophile Pastor face deportation to India
   - 09/04/2014
The Value of Bhajan (in Euro)
  Maria Wirth - Read more articles @ - 01/04/2014
Father donates three sons to wage Jihad against Infidels
   - 09/03/2014
Indian Slaves tortured, buried alive in Jihadi Holy Land of Saudi Arabia
   - 09/03/2014
Wendy's book not banned, instead withdrawn due to factual inaccuracies
   - 20/02/2014
Hindu community facing 'forced conversions' in Pakistan - 18/02/2014
Nun gives birth in Italy
   - 18/01/2014
North Korea's Kim Jong-un made starving dogs eat naked uncle alive in cage
  TOI - 04/01/2014
American images of India: Myth and Reality
  Dr Babu Suseelan - 01/12/2013
More temples under attack in Jihadidesh
   Adv. Rabindra Ghosh. Founder President-Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) - 01/12/2013
Angola bans Islam
   - 24/11/2013
Fate of Kafirs
  Press Conference on Atrocities on Religious Minorities in Bangladesh - 23/11/2013
Meet this 'Namastae' pastor
   - 23/11/2013
Yet another case of brutal gang rape of Hindu woman
  Report Courtesy: BANGLADESH MINORITY WATCH - 16/11/2013
Europe heading for civil war?
   - 10/11/2013
Chasing Chimeras - Mythical vote catch of Lankan issues
  Aron - 09/11/2013
Demolition of Hindu temples - Srilankan Govt. will be responsible if Hindus resort to retaliation
Muslim mob vandalises 26 Hindu houses in Bangladesh.
  indianexpress - 04/11/2013
Left Terrorism against India exposed.
   - 22/10/2013
Even the Dead Hindus are not safe in Pakistan
   - 12/10/2013
Hindu Unity Day in New York - A Historic success; Resolved to move forward unitedly
  Report by Narain Kataria in New York - 12/10/2013
Islamisation of America
   - 09/10/2013
Christmas is not the celebration of the birth date of Jesus. Different researchers place different dates for the birth of Jesus but there is virtual agreement among scholars that December 25th is not the birth date of Jesus, but an annual pagan festival celebrated in honor of the sun which was too deeply entrenched in popular custom to be set aside by Christian influence. The pagan festival with it's riot and merrymaking was so popular that Christians were glad of an excuse to continue its celebration with little change in spirit and in manner. During the first three centuries we find no trace of any feast for the birth of Jesus.
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Special Feature
Response to ill-conceived, ill-timedHearingsin US Congress on “The Plight of Religious Minorities in India”
The Value of Bhajan (in Euro)
American images of India: Myth and Reality
Fate of Kafirs
Chasing Chimeras - Mythical vote catch of Lankan issues
Are Hindu Temples and Religious Leaders Delinquent in their Duties?
Tyrant Sheriff of Pakistan and India’s weak and Mean Man Mohan Singh in New York
Paki, come home!
USCIRF must uphold truth
Is it fault of America that failed to integrate Moslems ?
A Rejoinder to Hoole: Tamil Hinduism and Arumuka Navalar
Islam is doomed without reformation
Pakistan's Decline and New Delhi's role as Saviour
The Srilankan Tamils -What is to be done?
Bodu Bala Sena - A New Buddhist movement in Srilanka
Memo to The President, University of Pennsylvania
16 year old American girl converts to Hinduism
' The Dragon in Tibet : Cultural and Political genocide of Tibetans'
Sadhu Prof.V.Rangarajan's Dharma Prachar Yatra in South Africa and Kenya -2012
Worldwide Conspiracy against Hindus
A Sindhi Saga: The Abduction of Our Daughters
Arab Spring: Is it Real or Al Taquiea in action?
Putting Hinduism on the American cultural Map
"Shariah for India [Hind]"
'Infidel' leaders sugar coating the blunt truth and acting like sophomores
Hindus Cultural Traditions and Beliefs in Nepal & all Over the World
A Hero, Victim of Harvard Bigotry.
Would Harvard now stop giving courses in Islamic theology?
Sri Kali and Sri Lanka
Institutional Racism and Religous freedom in Malaysia
Nepal Gearing Up for a Hindu Revolution
THE RISE OF THE COMPUTER STATE - The Threat to Our Freedom
The new Englishman and the revenge of history
Islamic extremism triggers right turn in Europe
Islamist Malaysia’s Institutionalised Racism
The Pan Arab Intifada and the return of the Kalifa
The Tamil Canadian website and Tamil Hinduism
Foreign Correspondents abuse Indian hospitality, host Mirwaiz
Hindu India does not need Christian Charity
American Academy of Religions Challenged
Children of a lesser God? - Open letter to Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Anglican Church
Hindu Society Needs Total Hindu Solidarity and Kshatriya Spirit
David Cameron is Right
Bharat and China: A Cautionary Tale
With friends like these who needs enemies?
And the winner is .....Islamic Jihadis
Why Hindu Protest against Mosque at Ground Zero?
Let the tragedy of India, not repeat itself in the U.S
Top Ten Lies about Israel
Say no to Mosque at “GROUND ZERO”
Defending the Sri Lankan Hindu of Yesteryear: Arumuka Navalar and Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan
Pakistan - The Epicentre of Terrorism
Salman Rushdie Not Competent to Judge Hinduism
Don’t block the ‘Internet Hindus’
False Arguments for Talks With Pakistan
Ruminations of a Sri Lankan Tamil
Hindu Resurgence Around the World
TOI-Jang bhai, bhai
Christianity: West’s Default Religion
Indian Muslims and Israel
Regarding the US lawmakers and their 'CONCERN'
Will you stand with Israel or will you stand with the terrorists?
"Theological Prostitution" by Clooney and others
Of Allah and the holy cow
No human rights for Hindus abroad?
What Hindus Ought To Do as The World Turns
Hindu Identity Formation
An Aryan invader from America
"Conferences "of Micheal Witzel of Harvard University in Chennai
Tamil Hindu Reflections on Tamil separatism
Obama's Cairo Speech - An Open Letter to US President Obama
Pakistan is also a victim of terrorism, stupid!
LTTE: A Failed Christian Conspiracy
Abiding harmony of Hindu Dharma-Bauddha dhamma in India and Sri Lanka
Future of Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus
No Need To Panic Over BJP Not Winning the Election 09
Lion’s challenge, more after Tigers’ end
Pope’s visit to Yad Vashem and its implications: An Indian viewpoint
Indian Background of Nietzchean Thought
Infidels of the World, Unite!
‘Converted’ LTTE
A Leaf from the Past , For the attention of Psedo Secularists
HINDRAF – Manifestation of ‘Makkal Sakthi’ in Malaysia
A Hegelian search for history’s soul
Being politically incorrect
Anti Hindu Hate Groups in America
India, like Israel, has to fight terror on its own

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