Most of the visual / print media in Bharat today are anti Hindu, both in intent and temperament. Haindava Keralam prepares to expose the hidden agenda of Pseudo secularist media / journalists in Kerala and other parts of the country. We seek support of all nationalist journalists across Bharat to join us for the success of this mission.

Final leap towards Janam TV - Suresh Gopi to launch logo, in the presence of socio-cultural leaders
   - 14/04/2014
  H Balakrishnan - LETTER TO TNIE - 24/03/2014
AAP's Udayakumar, 2 Others Get Roman Catholic Church Backing
  LETTER TO TNIE - 18/03/2014
A Drain Inspector's report from NaMo land
  H Balakrishnan - 09/03/2014
Urban Maoists
  H Balakrishnan - 09/03/2014
“Penguin withdraws book on Hinduism” etc ..
  K.Vijayan - 12/02/2014
Modi's Kerala visit - A letter to Amrita TV
  Dr G Vijayalakshmi - 10/02/2014
RaGa's Nautanki
  H Balakrishnan - 18/01/2014
Mainstream Media mulls for hyping of AAP
   - 09/01/2014
Narendra Modi promises relook at taxation system.
  economictimes - 05/01/2014
Fourth Estate's Secular Balancing acts!
   - 29/12/2013
A rejoinder to the Anti Modi article in Economist Newspaper
  Dr Mrs Hilda Raja - 25/12/2013
Defamation coverage Vs Acquitted Coverage - Exposing Media bias and Ethics
   - 23/12/2013
Secular stupidity vs Snoop scandal
  RK Ohri, IPS (Retd.) - 18/11/2013
Modi-bashing being diverted by Dancing Girls now!
  K Vijayan - 17/10/2013
Rejoinder to “The Hindu” to the Article on RSS
   By Ayush Nadimpalli - 09/10/2013
Reasons behind the nervous hysterics of television anchors
   - 01/10/2013
Dr. Subramania Swamy's Realism
  Dr. Vijaya Rajiva - 22/09/2013
Morphed Video - TV Channel ordered to apologise to Ranjitha
   - 04/09/2013
An open letter to 'The Hindu'
   - 16/08/2013
Television in India dooms our kids
  Dr Babu Suseelan - 22/07/2013
Modi must obey Shoma Chaudhury's diktat : He should not mention his identity'
  Dr. Vijaya Rajiva - 13/07/2013
Bhupendra Chaubey, Should Modi apologise for being born a Hindu ?
   - 13/07/2013
Secular Fundamentalist's in a race to enter 'NIMHANS' first!
  H Balakrishnan - 13/07/2013
'Vrinda Grover shouts her way through !'
  Dr. Vijaya Rajiva - 04/07/2013
The saffron colour is considered auspicious by Hindus. This color has a special significance to the Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs. Among Hindus this color is most prominently visible in their flag, robes, the Tilaka (mark applied on the forehead), statues of Hindu Gods are daubed with saffron paste. In the diverse and multifaceted Hindu religion, the saffron colour is one of the few elements that commands a universal acceptance among Hindus.

The saffron pigment is traditionally derived from the saffron plant (Autumn crocus) which is called Keshar from which the saffron colour derives one of its names - Keshari. This plant is grown in the sub-Himalayan regions and is very rare.

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A rejoinder to the Anti Modi article in Economist Newspaper
Rejoinder to “The Hindu” to the Article on RSS
Dr. Subramania Swamy's Realism
An open letter to 'The Hindu'
Television in India dooms our kids
Modi must obey Shoma Chaudhury's diktat : He should not mention his identity'
Bhupendra Chaubey, Should Modi apologise for being born a Hindu ?
'Vrinda Grover shouts her way through !'
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Public Opinion Engineering by 'Riot Vultures'
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Tehelka fabrication factory exposed!
Agenda Journalism
Rajdeep Sardesai Exposed
The 4 Gs of Hinduism
2 G Spectrum fraud and the Press
Why the existing Hindu media is not growing...
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Mr.Ashish Nandy, it’s not ‘some’ protestors,but Kashmir Hindus !
Vir Sanghvi's 'secular mumbo-jumbo'
Will ‘rationalist’ Karuna face the challenge of ‘superstition’?
Reality behind Muslim Phobia in Urban India
‘Modi is in the dock’ announces the media gleefully
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Whether TNIE has become 'The Last Refuge for these Secular-Lying Scoundrels?' !!
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The Internet Hindus
Come On Rajdeep, Face the Nation, Save your Face!
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Hey “Ram”! Feelings of “Islamic” compassion! - “The Hindu” style!
‘India vision’ a channel without a vision
Resurrecting “Hindutva Terror” – “The Hindu” style!
The Liberal Media ‘s Affair with the Shah Rukh Khan
The Road Show : Aman ki Asha tamasha and its twin ,The Road Map to Peace
A Fitting Response to 'SECULAR' TOI
You Hurt Millions of Hindus... Why?
The "NRI Jaichands"
The Secretive RSS
Hindus in Cyber World : Trends and Developments
"Islamic Anti-Semitism"- LETTER TO INDIAN EXPRESS
Moksha Delivered to The Hindu society
" Enough is Enough " - Jaichands
Secularism Thy TRUE FACE - 'JAICHANDISM '.
Next to cricket, Malegaon has been the favourite subject for the TV-channels!
"Even the Blind will see- BUT NOT OUR 'SECULARS' " !!
Media-people and 'WE' the people
An Eye Opener from a Christian Professor - Open letter to Ms Seema Mustafa

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