Haindava Keralam wishes to highlight reports on events and developments relevant to the Hindu cause in Kerala that are routinely suppressed by the biased media.

Christian Vishu - Heights of Inculturation and Hypocrisy.
  HK - 15/04/2014
Will the Lok Sabha election end the left-right-left motion of Kerala politics?
   - 14/04/2014
Sashi Tharoor hobnobs with Christian power brokers, Ask them to threaten laity by demonising Modi
   - 09/04/2014
Kerala Demograhy - 'Islamic Surge' across Kerala
   - 01/04/2014
Kerala Home Minister's inflammatory article against Narendra Modi
  HK - 31/03/2014
Muslim goons on a rampage against Hindus in Ullal
  http://www.indiafacts.co.in/muslim-goons-on-a-rampage-against-hindus-in-ullal/#sthash.OyXdTYT5.gek4dkdT.dpuf - 31/03/2014
What happens when Mujahadeen return home?
  Aron - 30/03/2014
Presenting Modi's Life as 'Katha'
  http://www.newindianexpress.com/states/kerala/Presenting-Modis-Life-as-Katha/2014/03/24/article2127293.ece#.UzCsuYX88xQ - 24/03/2014
Sasikala Teacher's speech on attempt to malign Amma
   - 23/03/2014
Dr Mar Aprem, Methrapolitha speaks on Mata Amritanandamayi
   - 23/03/2014
Can Gail suceed where Ghori, Ghazni and Gama failed ? - Rahul Eswar
   - 23/03/2014
Amma's Response to the Allegations Against the Amritanandamayi Math
   - 18/03/2014
One more step forward - Janam TV stone laying ceremony by Parameswarji
   - 15/03/2014
Seeker of Sanatan Sanstha and activist of HJS meet Mata Amritanandamayi at Vallikavu
  HJS Press Release - 02/03/2014
Unprecedented spiritual wave in Kerala
  T Satisan - Organiser - 02/03/2014
Can anyone help Asianet to find the caste among Kerala Christians & Muslims ?
   - 25/02/2014
Bangalore blast accused held in Kerala
  TOI - 24/02/2014
Solar Chandy, Pepper Spray MP and other NaMos.
  TOI - 24/02/2014
FB post against Amma: Police register case.
  TOI - 22/02/2014
Praveen Togadia's Speech at Kerala.
   - 19/02/2014
Jihadi attack on Hindu leader , An appeal
  Hindu Janajagruti Samiti appeal - 18/02/2014
New Spider Species Discovered at Aranmula Airport Site
   - 18/02/2014
NSS and SNDP unity fails once again
  HK - 18/02/2014
How to corner 'Communal Hindus' - Lessons from Kerala
  HK - 18/02/2014
Yet another victim of Love Jihad.
   - 16/02/2014
Balagokulam, the children's movement, was founded during the middle of 1970 in Kerala. Sri . M.A. Krishnan, the then Editor of "KESARI" weekly took the initiative to organise this movement to counter the cultural deterioration caused by the drawbacks of our education system.
Those were the days when Rashtreeya Swayamsevak Sangh was spreading throughout the length and breadth of Kerala chanting the mantra of Hindu awakening. The workers took Balagokulam as the powerful medium for spreading the message of this awakening. The encouragement given by Sri Yadav Rao Joshi, the then Dakshin Kshetriya Pracharak (Organiser for South India) of RSS and Sri Bhaskar Rao, the then Pranth Pracharak (State Organizer, Kerala) was invaluable. Many factors came in as helping hands to Balagokulam, viz., classes run by Sri Kunjunni Master, the scholar and the "Children's poet", the prayer penned by Sri. N.N. Kakkad, the AIR staff and the renowned poet, co-operation of large number of writers and cultural leaders. And Balagokulam came out as a big children's movement.
Balagokulam was registered in 1981 as a Nationwide cultural movement and the organizational activities commenced to move in that direction.

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