All mainstream news media today are inundated with reports that revolve around petty, opportunistic politicians who work zealously for the undoing of the Hindus. Keralites are now programmed to see many trees, but not the forest. The selfless services of nationalist, patriotic men and women for true nation-building do not find a place in the colorful yarn woven by the crass media everyday. These high thinking minds have dedicated their entire lives to the nation for enlightened social reform and empowerment. Haindava Keralam is proud to dedicate this space to highlight the wisdom of our timeless Dharma and the contributions of eminent Hindu activists and leaders of all times.

Importance of celeberating Sri Ram Navami
  Source : - 03/04/2014
Admission invited for Vedic Missionary School in Kerala
   - 23/03/2014
Rama Setu: A man-made Entity
   - 02/03/2014
Restoring India’s calculus crown
  Ananthakrishnan G - The Telegraph - 02/03/2014
The science and significance of Shivaratri
   - 25/02/2014
Tulsi Gabbard, US Congress woman on how Bhagavad Gita guided and inspired her life
   - 20/02/2014
Largest Religous women gathering in the world - Janam footage of Attukal Pongala 2014
   - 19/02/2014
Where we went wrong ? - Swami Bodhamayanandaji's Speech
   - 02/02/2014
Hindu Dharma Lessons - I - VEDAS by Dr N Gopalakrishnan
   - 25/01/2014
Vedic Workshop and Sanskrit classes - Aryasamajam updates from Kerala
  Press Release - 18/01/2014
The Rise of Hinduism in Ghana
   - 18/01/2014
Mathematics in India : From Vedic period to Moden times
  For further related videos vist - - 14/01/2014
Lakhs witness makara jyothi - 14/01/2014
RSS , an Inspiration : HH Dalai Lama
  VSK Chennai - 11/01/2014
Ill effects of aping Western New Year
  Hindu Jagruti Samiti - 28/12/2013
Eknath Ranade and the saga of Swami Vivekananda Rock Memorial at Kanyakumari
  V Sundaram, IAS (Retd.) - 23/12/2013
Dayananda Sandesam December 2013
  Courtesy : KM Rajan Arya Pracharak - 08/12/2013
Thousands participated in Mammoth Dharma sabha in Pune
  HJS Press Release - 01/12/2013
Translated Swami Ayyappa Songs
  Ramachander - 17/11/2013
Sabarimala shrine opens
  Report Courtesy: The Pioneer. Image Courtesy: Janmabhumi Daily - 16/11/2013
Ayyappa pooja in Abu Dhabhi
   - 16/11/2013
Why India remained Hindu?
  G Chelvapilla - 16/11/2013
Rtam and the Rig Veda
   - 04/11/2013
Shrine of Sharada, Crest jewel of Kashmir, the crown of Bharat
   - 27/10/2013
Aryam : Some considerations
  Dr Vijaya Rajiva - 23/10/2013

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Special Feature
Importance of celeberating Sri Ram Navami
Rama Setu: A man-made Entity
Eknath Ranade and the saga of Swami Vivekananda Rock Memorial at Kanyakumari
Why India remained Hindu?
Rtam and the Rig Veda
Shrine of Sharada, Crest jewel of Kashmir, the crown of Bharat
Aryam : Some considerations
Swami Vivekananda's call for National Renaissance - Keynote address of Dr Subramanian Swamy at Chicago
Proto-African-Indian Sanskrit and the word Aryam
Importance of Shradham in Hindu Dharma
FLOW LIKE A RIVER; Life is to live - Interview with Dr TPS
Sastha Thirukalyana Manjari
Akshaya Trutiya – an auspicious day for Hindus
Sarasvati and Resurgent Hinduism
Sri Lankan Reflections on Siva
Translation of works of Poonthanam , a leader of the Bhakthi movement of Kerala
Kumbha Mela- Largest gathering in the world
Women, break your shackles and awaken - AMMA
Contribution of Swami Vivekananda to Hindutva and National Renaissance - By Dr Swamy
How Agnihotra Homam Saved A Family From Bhopal Gas Tragedy?
Time Line of Lord Krishna Supported by Science
DIWALI - Importance and Science behind it
Navaratri - Spiritual Significance
A Critical Examination of Shri Aurobindo’s Secret of the Veda
A unique book on the great Hindu Tradition
Raksha Bandhan: History, Significance and Purpose
Punya Bhumi : The Homeland of Vedic AgamicHinduism '
Hindu Cosmology
GURUPURNIMA MAHOTSAVAM … The importance of Guru in our lives!
The wisdom of Hindu Thought: A paradigm for our time
Resurgent Hindu Nation: RSS mission is a tribute to Swami Vivekananda's vision
Why is there an IAS Officer as Head of a Temple?
Declare Ramasetu as National monument, Rameshwaram , Sagarasangamam as sacred pilgrimage centres
Akshaya Trutiya – an auspicious day for Hindus
Hindu Intellectuals Must Protect the Traditional Acharyas
Treasure Trove - Translations of Sahasranamams, Suprabathams, Sthava Rajas and books
Pay homage to Arya Missionary Swamy Shradhanand on his Martyrdom Day 23 Dec!
HINDUISM - From 'The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda'
A celebration of lights to dispel the darkness of our ignorance?
From Quran to Vedas - Pandit Mahendra Pal Arya!
Our Reverential salutations to Dhanvantari - God of Ayurveda
Immortal Sanskrit
Onam brings alive the spirit of Kerala
Janmashtami Thoughts
Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple's Devaprasnam - Details
The Undisputed Legacy Of Every Indian
In praise of Kathmandu's Sweta Kali
Padmanabha Temple treasure and British loot
Ratha yatras brings an ocean of overwhelming happiness
Religious Preacher brimming with radiant thoughts: Swami Vivekanand
Malaparamba Narasimhamoorthy Temple Arises Like The Somnath In Gujarat
The Essence of Advaitha
Remembering Freedom fighters - Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya
Coronation Day of Shivaji Maharaj
Hindu Identity – Panacea for Social Ills and Human Extinction
Adi Sankara Jayanthi
Legacy of Shri Sathya Sai Baba
Inspiration for todays youths: Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev & Rajguru
Shri Guruji – A Timeless symbol of RSS and eternal soul of Sanatana Dharma
Remembering Freedom fighters - Vinayak Damodar Savarkar
Shri Guruji - Reminiscences -A Book review
Our Saints and Sages : Their clarion call to the planet
The Ramayana in contemporary Bharat
The Role of Religious leaders in Overcoming Hindu Catastrophe
Signigficance of Vishnu Sahasranamam
Highway to Happiness.
Who am I?
The Vedic Message: Vandana Shiva and Ayyappa Seva Samajam
Significance of Dhanvantari Jayanti
Sister Nivedita: A multi-dimensional personality
Women in Vedic Times
The Significance of Shri Ram to Indian Nation
The Return to Ayodhya and the Dharmic Nation
The Significance of Indus Script Cipher
Parisara Ganapati
Chembai – The 'Bell Metal Voiced Bhagavatar'
Importance of Sri Krishna Jayanti
'Vedanta for all' - Vedantaonline Launched
Significance of Aurobindo Ghose Jayanti
Mariamman and Timeless significance of the Tamil month of Adi
Why Hindutva for the Modern World?
India's contribution to the world of Numbers
Importance of Pithru Tharpana
Significance of Guru Purnima
Guru Vandana
Centenary of an epic leap: L’affaire Savarkar
Chettikulangara Kumbhabharani Festival - UNESCO recognition on the anvil!
Bankimchandra Chatterjee Jayanti
Champakulam Boat Race & its tradition
Significance of Kabirdas Jayanti
Remembering Shivaji Maharaj’s coronation
Glimpses from Southern History
Doubt in the life of the Hindu
Vijayanagara Empire: The Guardian Angel of Kerala
Significance of Buddha Purnima
Moon, Mountain and Mysticism
Significance of Parasurama Jayanti
Bringing Up Hindu Kids , Give Them Reason To Believe
Significance of Thrissur Pooram
In defense of the Sacred
Hindus Must Stand Strong for Dharma
Significance of Rama Navami
Significance of Holi
Shri Dadu Dayal - A Great Sant from Gujarat and Rajasthan
Timelessness of Mahashivarathri
Significance of Mahashivaratri
Krishnadeva Raya & the glorious Vijayanagar Empire
Samskrita Bharati - To Revive and Popularise Samskritam
The Saga of Sikh Resistance
Thai Poosam and the Tamil Frontier Spirit
Yoga at the speed of Light
Significance of Epochs & Eras
Hindu acharya sabha summit - Resolutions
From Confusion to Illumination - A Letter
Relevance of Pongal
Is Sikhism separate from Hinduism?
Relevance of Gita Jayanti
Growing popularity of Sabarimala Temple
Significance of Sreemad Bhagavatham
DOCTOR HEDGEWAR-Seer of the Hindu Nation
Reawakening to a secular Hindu Nation - Book Review
Significance of Jnaneshwari
Remembering Guru Nanak
Importance of Chhat Puja
Vanishing River Ganga-The Soul of India
Significance of Karva Chauth
Calculus and many theorems are of Kerala origin
Significance of Dussehra
Significance of Navaratri
Mattummal Sri Narasimha Moorthy Temple- A Temple resurrecting from Ashes
Sarasvati Regained
Significance of Eighteen
Importance of Guru Purnima
Significance of Swastika: the Hindu View
A Muslim - Hindu Dialogue
LET US BE HINDUS-First talk by H H Swami Chinmayananda December 23, 1951
The Temples of Kerala
A Clarion Call to Save Your Culture, Before it's too late
Hinduism – Religion or Dharma?
Shiva-Lingam: What is It
Know More about Guruvayoor Temple
Women in Vedic Culture
Ayyapa's Tiruvabarana Goshayatra - A Memoir
Know more about Vedic and Thantric pooja
Let us follow Shree Rama's Footsteps !!!
Why Study Sanskrit?
Saraswati-Sindhu Civilization
Preserve,Protect and Promote Traditional Hindu Art
The Month of karkidakam, Its changing traditions
Dr APJ Abdul Kalam's Address after receiving the first copy 'Encyclopedia on Hinduism'

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