Our intent here is to expose the hidden agenda of communist and religious cult-led political engines in Kerala.The entire state of kerala is in the grips of either communist mafia or imported, religious cult groups wno have managed to manipulate the state's governing apparatus to strip the Hindus of their wealth, power, and other resources.The seriousness of this situation is totally ignored by anti Hindu media in Kerala. Haindava Keralam prepares to expose the ground realities in communist / minority dominated areas where Hindus are oppressed

Result of rise in Muslim demography; Jihadi fight among themselves in Taliparamba riots
  HK - 14/04/2014
CPM's secret circular espouses Anti Hindu agenda
   - 13/04/2014
Difference between Hinduism and Christianity/ Islam
  Read more articles @ http://mariawirthblog.wordpress.com/ - 31/03/2014
Fanaticism of Christian convents kills two Hindu girls - SCHOOLS OR INQUISITION CELLS?
  Aron - 23/03/2014
Punished in Missionary school for playing Holi, girls commit suicide
  http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bangalore/Punished-in-school-for-playing-Holi-girls-commit-suicide/articleshow/32265606.cms - 19/03/2014
Free Quran for Karnataka Police stations
  http://www.niticentral.com/2014/03/06/free-quran-for-the-police-stations-in-karnataka-hindustan-express-196669.html - 18/03/2014
Imposition of an Illegal Church Thwarted
  VSK Chennai - 18/03/2014
Telangana Muslims demand political reservation, return of wakf properties
   - 02/03/2014
Why Pinarai remained silent when Sister Jesmi exposed sexual anarchy within church ; asks Sasikala teacher
  HK - 15/03/2014
Financial terrorists target Mangalore
   - 24/02/2014
Holy Hell By Gail Tredwell - A Sincere Search to The Truth Behind
   - 24/02/2014
Desi Ashrams and Videsi Chelas
  http://www.vijayvaani.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?aid=3118 - 24/02/2014
Reminiscent of Nazi atrocities going on in Communist North Korea
  Courtesy: Aron - 18/02/2014
NDF and PFI Involved in 106 Communal Cases, HC Told
  http://www.newindianexpress.com/states/kerala/NDF-and-PFI-Involved-in-106-Communal-Cases-HC-Told/2014/02/11/article2050043.ece - 14/02/2014
Quota for Muslim Professors in HR & CE Governed College – Unconstitutional move by TN Govt.
  Gomathy Chetty - http://vsrc.in/%E0%AE%9A%E0%AE%AE%E0%AF%82%E0%AE%95%E0%AE%AE%E0%AF%8D/item/183-quota-for-muslim-professors-in-hr-ce-college-%E2%80%93-unconstitutional-move-by-tn-govt/itemid-140 - 10/02/2014
Whole sale dealers of 'Communal Harmony'; Exposed
  HK - 03/02/2014
Ban on Hindu Symbols: Talibanic diktat of Ramnad Collector
   - 02/02/2014
American fraudster cancels his Harvest trip to Bangalore
   - 14/01/2014
Educational schemes for minorities in offing
  http://paper.hindustantimes.com/epaper/viewer.aspx# - 13/01/2014
Protest against Seeman's Anti Hindu Rants
  Radha Rajan - 02/01/2014
Kondotty epic centre of Jihadi activities of Kerala - NIA
   - 29/12/2013
Kerala Church's new prayer: Make babies
   - 29/12/2013
Missionaries in India: Conversion or Coercion?
   - 25/12/2013
Respect Jesus teaching ; Christian bodies against Church conspiracy to include them in SC Category
   - 24/12/2013
Maria Werth writes to Jorge Mario Bergoglio on need to respect Hindus
  Note: Francis (Latin: Franciscus; Italian: Francesco; born Jorge Mario Bergoglio; 17 December 1936) is the 266th and current Pope of the Catholic Church. - 24/12/2013
An intensive research conducted by Zenab Banu of Gujarat on the cause and effect of communal riots since 18th century (which was a topic of her Ph.D. thesis), wherein she had analyzed and documented major Hindu-Muslim riots spread over 250 years, shows that in over 95 % cases the riots were initiated by Muslims. Her thesis has been published in a book entitled 'Politics of Communalism' (1978). edit check payday loan

Special Feature
Difference between Hinduism and Christianity/ Islam
Desi Ashrams and Videsi Chelas
Missionaries in India: Conversion or Coercion?
Maria Werth writes to Jorge Mario Bergoglio on need to respect Hindus
Mission against Patel. Noorani Exposed
Surrogate Advertising to sell Jesus
Eco terrorists targetting Koodangulam reactor
Hindu heritage place erased - Shankaracharya Hill renamed to Takht-e-Suleiman
Kenyan Mall attack and the genius of Dr Joseph Goebbels
Truth and Christianity: A comparison
Violence against Hindus is increasing in India
Hats off To The Sarna Society of Jharkhand
The 'Sickular' rants of a Christian Fundamentalist Bishop
Loyalty of Converted People from India
Welcome Comrades! Welcome!
Fable of ‘Martyr’ Devasahayam Pillai – The Church’s lies exposed
Website launched to pay tributes victims of 1921 Jihad in Kerala
Kala Kaumudi Exclusive - Love Jihad, Conversions, and counterfeit currency for destroying Kerala
How the Baptists Converted Gorkha Ram Singh
Disastrous consequences of special reservation for Muslims
Idol Worshipper: Who is and who is not?
Stop the murder march of the Marxists in Kerala
Sonia Gandhi may not be here forever - Francois Gautier's open letter to John Dayal
'For heaven's sake the Catholic Bishops must be told off !'
The 'Church' and the 'Commies' have much in 'common' : "HINDU BAITING/BASHING".
Comrade's 'Lal Salaam' to Christianity
Religious Colonialism - Sponsored by Godless own Country
Human Right Activists or Terrorist Supporters?
Francis Xavier Clooney : Building the Trojan Horse
The perils of Interfaith dialogue
Liberal Intolerance ?
Women in Christianity
Merchant Thomas to Saint Thomas
Can a Jihadi Muslim be rehabilitated?
Casteism practiced by the Communist Party- Part II
Casteism practiced by the Communist Party- Part I
The Conversion game - Replayed back. (A true story)
Communism and Land Reforms Movement in Kerala
Marxists as museum pieces
Is “ Copying ” “ Inculturation” ?
Church takes Converted Christians for a ride
Jihad will continue- Jihad will escalate with Hindu Political Silence
The Treasure trove of Sri Padmanabha Swami temple : The Contemporary debates
Nandita Rao’s Agenda : Setting up a straw man
Wholesale dealers of 'Good News' and 'Holy Spirits'
Religious Conversion for Marriage: A Message to Dharmics
Kerala model Aryan Invasion - Communists and the Church Join Hands in Kerala
Christian Denigration of Indian Spiritual Dance
A Kerala model Aryan Invasion is to Set Sail
New Pseudo-Intellectual Endeavours to Distort the True History of Kerala.
Protect Arunachalees from Church onslaught
Dharmic Liberation Vs Christian Salvation.
Whatever the Missionaries say or do !
Punnapra-Vayalar Uprising - A Story of Communist treachery
On Justice Saldhana's Independent Probe
A Letter from a Christian Nationalist to Archbishop of Bangalore
The question of St. Thomas origin of Indian Christianity
What do Arundhati Roy and Justice Saldhana have in common ?
Islamic terror spouting journalist called Aziz Burney
Digvijay Singh and Yechury : The Alliance of Proselytisation and Dogma
The haunting spectre of the Sikh massacre in Kashmir - Unmasking the Mukadas of Jihad
Hindus have no enemies!
Kerala Pandits
Christians and Christian Missionaries of Kerala
Was the Nun's chastity Molested?
Nailing Marxist Lies - Exposing the Myth of Hindu Onslaught on Buddhism
Who will guard the delight and respect of Mother India? - 1- The menace of Fundamentalist Islam
Hindus, Abrahamics and Intolerants
Myth of Christian contribution to Tamil -3 (Concluding Part)
Myth of Christian contribution to Tamil - 2
Myth of Christian contribution to Tamil - 1
The New Missionaries of Bharat
Islamic Hatred Syndrome and Liberal Incentives
Church in the whirlpool of sins, guilt and morality
I am a Hindu now: A former Muslim’s life story
Save Kadapa today to save the Nation tomorrow
A message to Dharmic youths on Interfaith Marriages
Arrival of 'The Super Taliban-Aligarh' in Kerala
The Rev. is "LYING" !!
A Rebuttal to Fr Dominic Emmanuel's call - 'Help us to Help them'
Mythical Thomas, Devious Theivanayagam and Conniving Church
Guantanamos of the Muslim world
The Fraud of 'Christian Ashrams'
Unholy Anti Hindu alliance between Christians and Muslims in Karnataka
Change Jihadi Mind and Save our World
Maoist Nexus with Evangelical Christian Groups Exposed
Christianisation of Chennai Doordarshan's Podhigai Channel
Carrying Dalit Christians Cross?
The vicious path of red terror
Islamic Banking: Appeasement leading to peril!?
Rangannath Mishra Commission- The Christian Missionary’s killer dose for Hindus- Part 1
Love Jihad victim bought back to Hinduism by Arya Samaj Missionaries
Madhani: Just a sample of ‘terror’ brewing in Kerala
The anti Hindu Professoriate: Dalrymple,Nanda,Thapar
Synergy of Kalakshetra, Prakriti Foundation and Romilla Thapar
A cultural Taliban in secular India
Maadani at it again
Defeating Jihadi Terrorism
The Jihadi Terror Masters of Kerala
Hindu Struggle for Survival in Kanyakumari
From Liberhan to Rutherford: Baburaization of Indian secular polity and society!
Melvisharam: “Darul Islam” of Tamil Nadu
Understanding Islamic diplomacy— the doctrine called Al Taqiyya
Where Islam meets Christianity
Can you change the leopard’s spots? , Is it then a shock that Italy banned Durga?
Marxist Deception and Hindu Holocaust Denial
The Making Of Islamic Terrorists
Jihadis target Kerala women
Christian Sadhus and Sastris: shameless conversion games
Breaking the wall of denial
Art is not for art’s sake; neither is scholarship
Biggest Challenge to Contemporary Kerala: latest tactics of Pan-Islamic movement in India
Inculturation and the Hybrid Bible
Inculturation – Crime, corruption and cunningness of Catholic Church
Atma Jyoti Ashram: Sannyasins or Swindlers?
Saga of proselytisation in Orissa : Past , Present and Future
Saints for sale
The Communist's of India
A befitting rebuttal to "The Hindu"
Bible classes and the right to freedom
A befitting rebuttal to Sister Prema, the Superior General of Missionaries of Charity
The Dangerous Alliance Between Marxist Anarchists and Jihadi Terrorists in Kerala
A rebuttal to Abul Kasem’s article- Women in Hinduism: Part-1
Sex, lies and the cloister
Sex predators of Christian Clergy and The Church Cover-up
Valuless Values of the Marxist Party
De-Valuing of Kerala: The Communist War on Hindus
Sinister Plan to Islamize Kerala
The Perils of Islamic Obscurantism
Romila Thapar’s Kluge Prize
An English Translation of Smt. Sasikala Teacher's Speech
The Truth about World Vision
Do all Christians go to Heaven?
Jizya come back Khilji -Aurangazeb rule India again
Arundhati Roy : Agent of the Treason Lobby
Could Jihadi terrorism happen again in India?
Evangelisation and methods of blasphemous distortions.
The Danger of Hindu Christian Riots in Andhra Pradesh
The Delphic Oracle speaks!!!
Don't convert! - A Rejoinder to "Don't target converts"
"Double Speak at it's Best"
'Obfuscations' AND 'Denials' don't help!!
Indian secularism: Innocent Simi, but a communal VHP
Jihadi terrorism in India is nothing new
A Missionary's view on Islam
Kerala Model Myth & Reality
Marxism failed in both theory and practice
Doubting Thomas and supporting Kalainjar:Implications of the "mythical Thomas movie"
`Baptising' Thiruvalluvar to `besiege' the Hindus!
China's No.1 Enemy is Hinduism
‘Inculturation’ - A danger to communal amity!

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