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'Modi is not a politician. He is a Statesman'. - Dr.B.M.Hegde
   - 15/04/2014
SDPI terrorists attack BJP candidate in Tanjavur
   - 15/04/2014
The Biggest Interview of 2014 with Narendra Modi in TV9
   - 15/04/2014
Opinion poll: BJP and allies cross 272 mark
  NDTV - 14/04/2014
Priyanka Gandhi drinks too much alcohol and has a bad name, says Subramanian Swamy.
  IndiaToday - 14/04/2014
HK wishes all our readers a very happy 'VISHU'
  HK - 14/04/2014
Kudos to Nationalist tweeples; #AbKiBaarModiSarkaar continuously trending in twitter.
   - 13/04/2014
Exclusively for secular Hindus.
   - 13/04/2014
Narendra Modi : Give me 60 Months and Will give you a Life of Peace and Happiness.
   - 13/04/2014
I won't have any issues in taking support from Mukhtar Ansari: Kejriwal
   - 13/04/2014
Narendra Modi in Aap Ki Adalat 2014, Full Episode
   - 13/04/2014
Modi effect: 2,000-odd RSS shakhas sprout in 3 months
  http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/lok-sabha-elections-2014/news/Modi-effect-2000-odd-RSS-shakhas-sprout-in-3-months/articleshow/33671908.cms - 13/04/2014
Narendra Modi in Aap Ki Adalat, Full Episode.
   - 12/04/2014
Sanjay Baru's book puts forth sensational claims about UPA govt
   - 13/04/2014
'Informer-Cop Nexus Behind TN Islamic Fundamentalism'
  http://www.newindianexpress.com/states/tamil_nadu/Informer-Cop-Nexus-Behind-TN-Islamic-Fundamentalism/2014/04/11/article2161711.ece#.U0e1PIUekxR - 11/04/2014
The Glory of a Nation’s Identity
   - 11/04/2014
Bill on Banning Conversion - Sign the petition
   - 11/04/2014
Ishrat Jahan Conspiracy, the full untold story. Disseminate widely in the interest of our national security.
   - 11/04/2014
Muslims won Kargil for India, not Hindus:SP leader Azam Khan
  HT - 09/04/2014
AAP candidate against Sonia Gandhi withdraws.
  TOI - 09/04/2014
AAP Ka Sach jhoot bole kauwa kaate
   - 09/04/2014
Suraj niklega, Andhera chatega aur Kamal khilega
   - 09/04/2014
Secular Exam paper - Which holy book teaches 'Love'?
   - 09/04/2014
Muslims frown over Kumar Vishwas' pro-RSS comments
   - 09/04/2014
Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat - BJP Manifesto 2014
   - 09/04/2014
Nilakantha (c. 1444-1545) was a very prolific scholar who wrote several works on astronomy. It appears that Nilakantha found the correct formulation for the equation of the center of the planets and his model must be considered a true heliocentric model of the solar system. He also improved upon the power series techniques of Madhava.

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Special Feature
The Glory of a Nation’s Identity
Not decimation of opposition but rebuilding National polity must be Hindu Sanghatanist task ahead
What Hindutva seeks - Ram Madhav's rebuttal to Ashutosh Varshney's biased article
A Gujarati Replies to the 16 Questions asked by Arvind Kejriwal to Narendra Modi
All They Wanted Was A Martyrdom Of Valour, Not Of Senseless Tragedy
Is Hindu dharma good and Hindutva bad?
Formation of Telangana-29th State
The Indian Liberal Attack Against Batra
Ford foundation and CIA behind AAP
Conscious Knowledge and Imposed Deception
What the criminal politicians of India do not understand!
A letter to Mr. Aiyar
MODI: Perfect Man for a Imperfect World
Changing Mindset of Hindus
Prashant Bhushan's tryst with treachery
Decoding Kejriwal and Implications of His Brand of Politics
An appeal to youths of India
Respect Womanhood - Protest against Condom Machines in Chennai Schools
The Majority Report - A yeoman's service to the majority community
Ruling by fooling by the Duck Dynasty
When Asked about Stand on Pak, Kejriwaal Ran Away from Interview.
Communal Violence Bill a recipe for disaster - Narendra Modi's letter to PM.
Report on Islamic University by the Fact Finding Committee
Dishonouring the solemn oath of office
The pompous Pavan Varma attacks Hinduism
Modiji nominated for Time magazine's Person of the Year award - Did you cast your vote?
Reflections on the Bengal and Madras Presidencies in the 1700s
Hindus ….Let us Make it Happen!
Convert, Flee , Suffer or PROTEST - Choice is YOURS!
The Blackguards at Sea - Liberation Theology kick-starting a Nagaland Insurrection at South India?
Serial blasts rock Patna; one dead.
Islamic University at the foot of Thirumala
Lets pave way for the fulfillment of 'Dream 2020'
Rahul Gandhi's Dreams
Who will remove the Garbage on the Road to Ashram?
Gandhi Jayanthi Thoughts
For the sake of the nation, SoniaG UPA, quit politicking with the nation's security.
What all Hindu youths can do
The Reshaping and Redefining of India
The Statue has a message
Namo Namah!
Why Muzaffarnagar burns?
How to deal with Hindu betrayers?
Journalist Aarti Jerath, a confused Hindu !
Significance of Vinayaka Chaturthi
Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi --- Treacherous Triumvirate of Sikh Genocide
Why progress has stalled: What every Hindu should do
Began on Sri Krishnashtami Day in 1964, Vishwa Hindu Parishad turns 49
A Bloodless Jallianwalla Bagh
'Modi, the voice of the people'
Can India Die?
India's Wazirstans
Thugee - Pindari rampage in UP
Interim Report on Jihadi Killings in Tamil Nadu April 2006-July 2013
From Midday meals to Monsoon Rains - Secular blame falls on Modi!
Is Ramachandra Guha competent to advise Hindus ?
Father of Islamic Communalism in India
Congress and its foot in the mouth disease
Uttarakhand Himalayan Tsunami - Root cause analysis
' What is Hindu Nationalism ?'
'Shashi Tharoor, loyal courtier at the durbar, a burqa is simply a veil !'
An Ode to Quattrocchi- Satire
Karan Thapar's Blunders'
Narendra Modi on TIME's Cover - The world wakes up to India's next Leader!
A Hindu Charge-sheet against the UPA Govt.
Who is afraid of Modi ?
Resurgence of Kashmir militancy
Reinventing Jihad - Kashmiri Style
Why India fails?
' Shashi Tharoor trying to beat Modi with the Patel stick !'
State of Denial: India 1947-2013
Hindu Women, Become Ranaraginis And Follow And Preserve The Tradition Of Rani Lakshmi Bai.
BJP's Political Resolutions from Goa
Sanskrit: Was it the Original Language?
Dedicated efforts fror Cattle protection bears fruit ; AP Govt. to start Goshalas in each district
Restore Dharma to make society strong, vibrant and prosperous: Bhagwat
What is it with us Hindus?
The Sarasvati River : Its Origins
Dharma Sansad Appeal to Rashtrapati
How many of us know Khushrukhan ? - The forgotten story of a great Hero
The War on West Bengal Hindus
' Whatever has happened to Sadhvi Pragya ?'
Hindus in Islamioc countries
HINDUISM FACES ECLIPSE - Future of A Besieged Civilization
The ongoing war on Hindus : Cultural Nationalism and Freedom
Why is India pussyfooting? Because India is a soft state - Genesis of India’s Problems
The image, which our media will never show
What is behind the vandals of Osmania jungle land?
Renegotiate Pending Issues in Indira–Mujib Accord before ratifying it
Lust-crazed woman a National Security Threat to Saudi Arabia!
'Rashid Alvi mocks the Hindu god Yama'
Bali Lessons
Look at ourselves to find Culprits for the Ethnic Cleansing of Hindus in Bangladesh
All about Secularism : Real and Phony
'Sanjay Dutt should do prayaschitt'
An Open Letter to Honourable Justice Katju
A RETURN TO HINDU RASHTRA IS A MUST - Interview with Dr Vijaya Rajiva
Our Large hearted Government!
Rejoinder to reinventing Narendra Modi
Hindu MPs and MLAs should Wake up, Speak up; prevent Terrorism or become VICTIMS of it soon
Religous Education in India means Islamic Education for Muslims, Bible Studies for Christians but Moral Education for Hindus!
Can we change a snake from producing poison by feeding milk and honey?
' Why the obsession with Hindu gods and goddesses? The sad case of Anirudh Sainath'
Full Text of Sarsanghachalak Mohan Bhagwat’s Speech at Mangalore Vibhag Sanghik
'Historian Romila Thapar's Dogmas'
Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose : Father of Bharateeya Freedom
The Sexual Predators of India -Law, Policy, Evaluation and Punishment
'The Indivisible unity of Bharat-India'
Where do we go from here, as a Nation?
Swami Kamalananda Bharati: Hate Speech or Sage advice?
Sovereignty of the nation at risk
Carry on Mr Owaisi, you are a genuine secular leader
' Praveen Swami not a reliable reporter ?'
Difference in meaning of ‘Bharat’ and India and marriage as a sacrament and contract.
'Brinda Karat has not read Manusmriti'
Special T-shirt with Vivekananda Images/Quotes; a Swayamsevak Initiative
Kochi Biennale – Excuse to Promote Terrorism ?
Cry my beloved country
'Attacks on women : A Violation of Dharma'
Modi the Great! You can’t copy him, you won’t get a Xerox of him!
'Ramachandra Guha's aggressive secularism : His problem with the cow'
'Should the Babri Masjid have been built ?'
' Even Caesar Nods : Shashi Tharoor's Misquote'
' Ramachandra Guha : The Failure of Indian Liberalism'
Shenanigans of Girish Karnad
'William Dalrymple's partisanship : His recent attacks on VS Naipaul'
'It's about pedigree, stupid ! The NDTV debate on Sunanda Pushkar
Hindus have always been brave; Hindu 'cowardice' is a myth?
Vijayadasami Speech by Sarsanghachalak Sri Mohan Bhagawat at Nagpur
This is surely a banana republic without a soul.
Bodh Gaya: A Hindu Response
Are we to watch the total surrender of this country to foreigners in the name of reforms?
Amritanandamayi Mutt - A global pilgrimage centre
'Salman Rushdie's non Hindu attitudes : The two Indian interviews '
Homage to Pandit Tika Lal Taploo’s on the 23rd year of Martyrdom
Ban on Induced Religious Conversion is Constitutional
K S Sudarshan: A leader who broke barriers
'Some Students want a festival to celebrate the indiscriminate slaughter of animals'
Who targets Amrita Ashram?
Detect and Disenfranchise Bangladesh Infiltrators from India
What next ...............
The Washington Post and its postmortem of the UPA2
Dog biting men and Yellow journalism.
Root of Muslim & Non Muslim violence in BTAD, Assam
Proselytization on the Hills of Balaji Temple; Letter to the Endowments Minister of AP and EO of TTD
Pseudo Secular Hindus: The enemy within
Reject Interlocutors report in Totality; Nation Wide Protest to 'Save Jammu- Kashmir'
Hindu Rashtra : Dreaming new possibilities
Why we need Hindu Rashtra?
Why we need Modi as our next Prime Minister?
Riding the Dead Horse
ABVP National Executive Meet, Ernakulam - Resolutions
J&K Governor's attempt to sabotage sacred Amarnath Yatra
Ramdevji reaffirms Agniveer’s stand on Muslim reservations
'Secular Carvings' - Atheist EVR and Fraudster Theresa adorn this century old temple!
The Glamour Industry : Attacking Narendra Modi
What the Amicus curiae says about Sanjeev Bhatt
The Merit, and the Plight of a Vedic Scholar Today
Think Globally, and suffer Locally
Most Favoured Enemy?
An open letter to 'Pratibha Devsing Patil'
Legend of the Ambalappuzha Paal Payasam
'RTE judgement: Minority schools wont teach minority poor'
I am a Christian mother and my son is marring a Hindu
Easter is symbolic of New Life
Demographic coup of Islam: Agony of Hindu Civilisation
DEFENCE PREPAREDNESS - Learning from the past
Our MPs outraged
High drama at sea- Last stand at Koodangulam of a frustrated line up
Lessons from the recent elections for those who wish to learn!!
' The mighty fortress of Brahmanism'
Annual Report submitted by RSS General Secretary Bhaiyyaji Joshi at ABPS-2012
The will of the people will prevail
Ten years of riot free Gujarat - Modi means harmony-progress
Youth Leadership in India: An analysis by RSS ideologist Dattatreya Hosabale
The heart which forgives an injury is like an oyster which closes its wound with a pearl
Swatantryaveer Savarkar – A Born Leader
Disband proselytizer gangs
Sausage Government in West Bengal: War on Hindus
Stop This Demonisation Campaign against Narendra Modi
Atheist Temple Officer, Christian Reporter, and an Honest Devotee of Sri Ranganatha
Self defeating behaviours of Hindus -Time to think ; Time to Act
Valentine's Day
Hindu Rashtram Party
When The Lost Brothers Met - A Report on the home coming of 1300 Muslims to Hindu fold
Theatre of the Absurd
Kapil Sibal-the notorious blabberer is a confused person
An ominous sign for government
What happened to Kashmiri Pandits in 1990 - NDTV Telecast
Treat the Armed forces with the respect they deserve
Ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits: the nastiest face of Pak terrorism
The Sangh is my Soul - Atal Behari Vajpayee
Interfaith Dialogue: Help or Hinder?
'If a thing ain't broke don't fix it !'
RESERVATION FOR MINORITIES –Constituent Assembly Debate - Revisited
Games which Media Play
Inconvenient Questions
Congress stands for corruption,communalism,calculativeness and cynicism
Dogmatic Theology :Enemy of all Freedoms
Purva Paksha and the Siren Song of Hindu-Christian Dialogue
The death of Ishrat Jahan and Laskar model campaign
The Contradiction that is Rahul Gandhi
Babu Genu - A Swadeshi martyr
Building the Temple : Banayenge Mandir
The politics of betrayal: The strange behavior of Hindu Traitors
A tribute to Dr. Swamy - Record of a youth on Swami's talk in Bangalore
Barkha Dutt : Naivete or Partisanship ?
In Defense of Anna and his team
Honour thy Mothers
Bouquet for the criminals, Bricks for the victims
Tippu Exposed
Down with Sonia's NAC ! Hail Dr Subramanian Swamy!
An Open Letter to Rahul Gandhi
We are not here to make pseudoseculars happy.
Dr.Swamy's letter to PM on Communal Violence Bill
The Modi Basher Sanjeev Bhatt’s Quest for Glory
Questioning Anna on RSS is unpatriotic
Getting India Right
Why Hindus are treated as Non Entity in India?
Resolution on National Security passed by ABKM meet of RSS at Gorakhpur
The Advani Ratha Yatra and the two attack dogs of the Congress Party
Secular State Lands for Expansionism of Super Talibans
Violence is violence and criminality is criminality it cannot change because of the victim and the perpetrator.
How politicians are failing India?
Kudangulam Reactor and Fakushimo-Comparing Apples with Oranges is not science but Marxist Church alarmism
Six years of the Right to Information act
The Sanjeev Bhatt Case and nefarious busybodies
Paramakudi: Caste conflicts in the land of ‘Social Justice’
Hindu Martyr is instantly forgotten by cowardly nation
Rajbala and the evil spirit that walks the land
Reverential Salutations to a Great Son of Bharath Mata
Has the Anna team got the copy right for fasting?
BJP's Disservive to the Nation
The three Malcontents : Mallika Sarabhai, Shashi Tharoor and Jung
Advice to Mallika Sarabhai : Relax
Tiger By The Tail - Tiger By The Tail
Modi has shown the right path to the nation through his Sadbhavana
The sly ignoble Rajput Digvijay Singh is back !
Who remembers Rajbala ?
What special quality Robert Vadra got to get this special privilege?
Firangi Memsahib - A Subverter of Indian Constitution and destroyer of Indian State
Report : Equality and Inclusion(Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes)
Corruption - It's causes and remedy
VS Achutanandan is a hypocrite because he is Communist
The Italian Catholic and the Hindu Sannyasin
The Heroic and Inspiring Story of our National Flag
The small Indian will win the war
Sonia’s Ghastly Mistake and the wannabe Prime Minister
Priyanka Gandhi’s Strange Omission
The Attack on Swami Ramdev and the Sinister Eminence
Corruption in India : Personal Choice or Disease
Liberal fascists and Dr Subramaniam Swamy
Response to Petition against Dr. Swamy
Digvijay Singh’s Crime
Yes, the Bhagavad Gita should be taught in Indian schools .
Norwegian Mass Murder - A Warning to the World
Deal with our own versions of Fai sternly
Mani Shankar Iyer’s Moment of Glory
The Ignoble Rajput Digvijay Singh and his Entourage
Overcoming Paralysis of Social Action:How can Hindus break the logjam?
The Communal Violence Bill: A Joke or Malice Aforethought
Should the riches of a temple be used for secular purpose?
Hail Supreme Court Landmark Judgement against Sonia Congress's Tyrannical corruption
A Road Map for Rashtram
Time to make Sonia quit politics, if not country!
Neo Colonial Looters and the Defence of Dharma
Learn more about Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple
India is my Country ..
Authority not the criterion of Truth
What a shame, My Countrymen..
Some questions to Jayanthi Natarajan
Remembering Freedom Fighters - ‘Deshabandhu’ Chittaranjan Das
How and where does Rahul becoming the next PM fit in this picture of parliamentary democracy?
God save India from Italian Mafiosi
India needs a social revolution
Digvijay Singh : The Ignoble Rajput
“Gott Strafe India” - Post Ramlila Debates – 2011.
Sonia Gandhi : The Albatross Round India’s Neck
Foreign writer opens our eyes: Loot of Hindu Temples by Secular Governments
The right to life and liberty is not merely a minority right
Why UPA questioning only about Baba Ram Dev’s assets?
M. F. Husain : Setting the Record Straight
Why are Indians in denial about Sonia Gandhi ?
Who is afraid of Baba Ram Dev?
Mr PM, my 12 questions!
The Babagiri in Emerging India
Can Sonia be blamed ?
The Attack on a Hindu Yoga Guru
Stop the criminal games of the Congress Party
Jallianwallah Bagh of 2011
Ham Handed Handling of Baba Ramdev's Movement
Baba Ramdev scares the elite, corrupt and filthy rich
Rastram: Hindu history in United Indian Ocean States - Book review
Baba Ramdev - The Harbinger of a new revolution in the making
Scheming plotting Sonia and dancing Gandhi capped puppet Anna Hazare
Hindutva : Translating theoretical language into guiding principles
The Absent Hero in Lord Meghnad Desai’s Narrative
Anna Hazare’s U-turn
The National Advisory Council-a super Parliament-and a negation of democracy
Remembering Freedom Fighter - Acharya Vinoba Bhave
Learn more about this conspiracy to make India a Christian Nation
Anna Hazare lands up in the camp of fifth columnists.
Questioning the Mahatma
Rahul - The Shame of India
The Disconnect : Smear Campaign Against Sai Baba
Smear campaign against Sai Baba
Come! Let us all unite to build a new India together - Baba Ramdev's Clarion call
Memsahib's death blow to Parliamentary procedure, probity and Sovereignty
From Menander to Lord Meghnad Desai : The Struggle for Ayodhya
Undeclared Emergency in India - Sonia gagging of the press and Internet in India
Exit of Sri Satya Sai Baba : the end of an era
Amartya Sen’s Failed Attempt
Nation needs a Hindu Rajguru, not a secular Gandhi
Assertion of Youth Power in support of Narendra Modi
Breaking India : Some Reflections
Remembering Ambedkar on Bhim Jayanti
Norit: India’s Shame
The company that Hazare keeps
With advance apologies to Anna Hazare's supporters..
Amartya Sen: The Dangerous Delusion
Doctorji -The Man Who Shaped RSS
The Enemy Within
Dr Swamy seeks PM's sanction to prosecute Home Minister P Chidambaram
Pranab Mukerjee - Rewriting India's and Sonia's History
An Open Letter to the Prime Minister from Dr Pravin Togadia
Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha-2011 - Annual Report
What has this nation done to deserve such a lame duck of a Prime Minister ?
Our 'King's Speech'
Shaheed Bhagat Singh: Symbol of Bravery
Sonia inflicted CVC Nominee P J Thomas cast aside bhe Supreme Court
The book “Breaking India"
If you cross the border illegally......
Godhra Verdict a blow to bogus activism
The Infamous Trio: Jayanthi, Teesta and Sonia
The great Indian plunder
Rama Rao – an ideal man and an ideal Swayamsevak
Remembering Freedom Fighter Gopal Krishna Gokhale
Sri Muniyandi: The 1 M who beat the 4 M
Breaking India - Address by Swami Dayananda Saraswathi & S.Gurumurthy
The on-going loot of Hindu temples
“Republic” is not just a day's celebration, Mr Prime Minister!
Congress with its leaks is running for cover
The Idea of Bharat
Buddhist-Hindu Identity: a necessity for Sri Lanka
Should MF Husein be forgiven ?
Kashmiri land Sharks swallow Temple land
Rahul Gandhi : Playboy Politician ?
Swami Vivekananda, an eternal source of inspiration
Unfettered Right to free information without judicial intimidation and obstruction
Islamic Tyranny and the problem of Citizen Apathy
Paper Rights
Revisionist Historians
A Tamil cultural debate
The dangerous Black Widow from Italy
Islamization of Indian economy - Shariah Shock to Mother India
The Congress and the unmaking of the Nation
Chief Injustice of India K.G Balakrishnan
Time to stand up with Swayamsevaks
The shadowy world of the Congress and Sonia Maino's rules of deception
Rahul Gandhi's Spiritual Malignancy and Flight from Reality
Rahul Gandhi ignorant lout or something more sinister ?
Sonia’s plan to evangelize India
Don’t confuse, Rahul Gandhi is no “Bacha”
The zero tolerance of the Mrs Sonia Gandhi
We are losing the country we grew up in
Replace Secularism with Hindu Rashtra
Why India is not a great nation
Zero Tolerance for Intolerance
The 2Gs
Intellectual restructuring of young Hindus : Creating the future
Ms Roy, Bharat existed before the British Map of 1899 !
Minority vote bank politics and RSS
Union of separatists: A grave threat to internal security
Noble rascality of Rahul Gandhi!
A New Kerala Paradigm of Religious integration
Firangi Memahib - India's Intractiable cancer, within and without
Righteous and Dharmic Governance
Quit India! Quit India ! Sonia!
2009 Elections rigged by Sonia Congress, A Portentous precursor for Bihar assembly elections
Liberate Temples from Govt. Control - Protests and Closure of Temples in AP and Tamil Nadu
The age of Dr. Subramanian Swamy has begun
The PM must come out of the prison of his own making
The ‘renuniciator’
An empress of India in new clothes
Death of Public Outrage in India
From Mosque to Humanity
Ill-informed attack on RSS
Human Rights Violations in J&K: Some compelling facts
We must pity Arundhati Roy
Pity the Nation that is silent about its anarchist antinational fifth column
Be assured: Sangh is capable of creation, destruction & recreation too.
Arundhati Roy is a Victim
Arundhati Roy smiles at the anguish of Kashmiri Hindus
Bengali Hindus
Has the country moved on?
Hisorians as witnesses and Sunni Wakf Board Experts!
Deganga’s Hindus abandoned by own
Vijaya Dashami Speech of Sarsanghachalak Ma. Mohanji Bhagwat - Video Updated
The JNU Historians and their Camp Followers
Newly emerging Semitic equations in the changing world situations
They have the blood of innocent Indians on their hands
Pro-Masjid and Anti-Ram Janmabhoomi Historians- Stand Exposed as a pack of Shenanigans
Can equate RSS with SIMI?
Is the ghost of theocracy on the path of a comeback?
Ayodhya verdict: Letter to Supreme Court
But, for our shining knight, RSS = SIMI !!
Digvijay Singh and his protege Rahul baba
AYODHYA, Is it just a Title Dispute?
A Rebuttal to 'Sahamat' Statement on Ayodhya Verdict
The Muslim Elite's Identity Crisis and Ayodhya
Ayodhya: Triumph of Truth
While Remembering Mahathma..
Rahul Gandhi-the Change Agent
An Ayodhya nation
Why YES to Congress Wealth Games and NO to Common Wealth Games
The Return of Rama
Kashmir - Time for policy shift , not to bleed and weep.
Economic Consequences of Minority Appeasement
Arundhati Roy buries her ancestral faith
"Look Homeward",Mr Chidambaram
Tiranga can never be eclipsed by a crescent moon - Give Hindus a Union Territory in Kashmir
Why should India move beyond Ayodhya ?
Rahul Gandhi’s Youngsterism
Sports and the Indo-Pak divide
What do the original sources tell us about Tippu ?; First Jihad Against Hindus Of Malabar-Part 4
Green Terrorism in Deganga
The revolt of the Rani of Attingal 1721 - One of the earliest anti-British Revolts
Sonia and the Congress Presidency
Price Rise and Inflation
Madanlal Dhingra's last pronouncement
Why did Sheikh Abdullah insist on Autonomy ?
An Open letter to Sadhus and Sadhvis of all R K Mission Centers
An Unforgettable Episode in L K Advani's life
Tippu Sultan's Malabar Genocide and Hindu Exodus - First Jihad Against Hindus Of Malabar- Part 3
What Kashmiri Youth Need is a Sense of History
Temples destroyed by Tippu Sultan - First Jihad Against Hindus Of Malabar- Part 2
Tippu Sultan's Genocide Against Hindus of Malabar - First Jihad Against Hindus Of Malabar- Part 1
Complaint filed by C.Umashankar IAS; against the State of Tamil Nadu
Partition of India
Swaraj - From Whence and for Whom ?
Significance of Naga Panchami
Perverted parlance on Jammu & Kashmir issues
Never say never again
India's Deficit Democracy
UPA2 Stinking and sinking
Nothing to do with Sonia
Arrest of Some Hindus as terrorists:Curiouser & Curiouser
Dilemma of our leadership will lead us nowhere
Did Andhra Hindus wake up finally?
Indian National Congress corruption Index - Updated 11.08.2010
Shri Narendra Modi is right afterall
Former IB Director Exposes Congress's 'Innocent Victim'
Our Kumbhakarna’s Phantasmagoria
Dr. Subramanian Swamy On the Coming Crisis of Hinduism
Government of India’s Muslim Police Proposal for Revival of Suhrawardy’s Direct Action Plan of 1946!
'Dharma Rashtra' through 'Ekatma Manava Vaad' - Dream of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya
Ram Janma Bhoomi - Judgement pending
What’s wrong with Akhanda Bharat, Mr. Aiyar ?
ORISSA in the CROSSFIRE-Kandhamal Burning - E book
Stone Pelters in Kashmir and the Elephant in the Room
What India waits for?
Is Sonia an honorary Hindu ?
RSS: Needed greater maturity
‘Free’ media tars RSS with fiction
The Uninterrupted,Uninterruptible Kumbhakarna
Sonia’s Waterloo
Paramount outcry against state-sponsored temple destruction
Why not the Sacred OM on Secular Indian Currency?
Karunanidhi and Asko Parpola: An Unlikely Duo
Where are all the Pro-Hindus?
Comedy of errors- Tamil conference
Behind every Dravidian act a Christian push
The Paradigm Conspiracy
Stone pelters of Srinagar and the walnut tree
Karunanidhi and the politics of Tamil culture
Naxalism - The Enemy Within
Karunanidhi’s Shenanigans
What is the secret of success in Gujarat?
Injustice heaped on Injustice for covering up Gandhi's
Bharat as the last great civilisational defence
Nehru's interview with Yuvaraj Karan - A Leaf from History, The Price which we are still paying
The parlous state of Hindu temples in India
‘Maut ke saudagar’ (Merchants of death)
Arundhati gets sillier by the day
Face to Face with farmers of Gujarat
Caste based Census—A Conspiracy to destroy Hindu Society
Assault on Freedom of Speech and Thought by Sonia Congress
From the Sublime to the Ridiculous
Narendra Modi on 'Good Governance'
P Parameswaran - A Man of Many Achievements
Historian Ramachandra Guha’s Misstep
What is going on in Gujarat ?
How to wipe out Islamic terror
Interaction with SarsanghChalak Param Pujaneeya Sri Mohanji Bhagawat
Slumming with the Maoists
Wanton effacement of the National flag and the Tamilnadu state emblem
"He has nothing on"
Raja Spectrum Fraud - Part 2 ( How it unfolded)
Maoists and Activists: The Double Deception
Save our children's basic rights - An Open letter to all Indians
Delhi sleeps while Manipur burns
Secular Guardians of the Indian Republic
‘Why should Manipur remain in India?’
Raja Spectrum Fraud outshines and outclasses (Asatyam) Raju Fraud -I
Is there a Method in UPA II’s Madness ?
Interview with Dr Subramanian Swamy
Evil triumphs due to inaction, silence and indifference by Hindus
Vandalism of Hindu Holocaust Negationism
Sri Ram Swarup - The greatest Hindu intellectual of post-independent India.
What Directions for India?
Shashi Tharoor : Gentleman artist or New Delhi’s Man for all Seasons
Ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits: culpable silence by human rights organizations
Vande Mataram : Hindu Dharma and Hindu Rashtra (Nation)
Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha
Unwilling warriors
Husain - A muslim ! So What?
A Thinly Veiled Attack
Inhuman rights
The forgotten fifty-nine
RSS Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha - Resolution - 1
‘Adharma’of Islamic Banking
Hussain must not get away
What do Jug Suraiya,M.F.Husain and Terrorists have in common ?
Modi unravels truth about SIT summons
Conversion to Islam: The One-way Street in Marriage between a Muslim and non-Muslim
It was for nationalism; not for communism
Denigrating Hindus by an Islamic drama – Xian style!
Media-NGO nexus bolsters Modi
A catholic defends Hindu deities!
Why a Hindu (or non-Muslim) Girl Must Think Thrice before Marrying a Muslim
Why Not United Again?
Will Hindus ever quench their thirst for freedom?
'I am not for the 33percent reservation of women in Parliament'
Deliberate Media And Government Attack On Swami Nityanada and Sanatana Dharma
Kailash Manasarovar Yatra 2010
Nationalism in Decline
Sarsanghachalak at Kollam Organiser Report
The Lt Cdr Rahul Nair I knew
Husain stay back, all is not forgiven
Illegal Ban on Freedom of Speech and Thought - III
Significance of Tukaram Jayanti
6th March – The Martyrdom Day Of Pt. Lekh Ram
Blood Over Burqa
Two Easy Steps for MF Husain,
Congress Government Glorifying Anti-Hindu Painter M.F. Husain
Feb 26-Atmasamarpan divas of Veer Savarkar
An open letter to Sharukh Khan
Right to information without intimidation
The Akhand Pakistan dream of UPA and Pa(kistani). Chidambaram
The soldier and the celebrity
Shah Rukh Khan Must Apologise to the Nation
Illegal Ban on Freedom of Speech and Thought - II
The lies, deceit and propaganda of Church and Indian Christians
Mumbai Devi and Rahul
Ilegal Ban on Freedom of Speech and Thought - Part 1
A Titan in the world of modern Tamil letters - A Student's Tribute
Unwanted Jews of India
In The Name of Liberalism : The Shah Rukh Khan Affair
Is being Indian not enough?
Shattered Splintered Deemed Doomed India of Today
The second flag
Bharat’s Future : The Vedic Message, Gandhi and Marx
Secularism or Sickularism ?
National Song, National Anthem and more
Congress determined to communalise poverty
Subhas Chandra Bose Jayanti - A devout Hindu known for his patriotic zeal
Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad, Another Macaulite
An Appeal to Spiritual Hindus
Failed Gods
Co-operative Mandirs
The Bodh Gaya Agitation: Random Reflections
A Hindu Renaissance : Its Critics
Relevance of Vivekananda Jayanti
Bhagat Singh - A tribute to the extra ordinary patriot
Most Loathsome People of India 2009
Fighting Secular Tyranny Against Hindus
Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan - A SADHU WITH A DIFFERENCE
Coconut ban in Meenakshi Temple – Yet another Dravidian assault on Hinduism
To Undo the Scandal, Undo the Control
Sheet Anchor of Indian Chronology – A Critique
Threat to Sanathana Dharma and Strategies to turn it back
Defining Hindu Rashtra
By accident or design Liberhan Supports Ramjanmabhoomi! ; Analysis of the Liberhan Report by VHP
Rash Behari Bose - Founder Of The Indian National Army
Bronzes and the Babri Masjid
Epilogue : India Poised and Shining ?
The candles Manmohan missed
The Patriot among Patriots - Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
M. F. HUSSAIN – Secular Holy Cow or Market-Driven Peddler?
Chamapaka Raman Pillai - Unsung Hero of Our Freedom Struggle
Cow as a Sacred Asset of the Nation
The myth of "1000 years of Hindu slavery"
Vande Mataram: Soul of our Nation and Nationalism
Hindu Dharma in a Changing World
Punya Bhumi
Justice Paul Dinakaran: Christian lawyer, Christian judge, Christian judgments
Ruined Temples
Christians object to yoga, judiciary supports them!
A Swayamsevak's reply to Javed Anand
Rejoinder to Javed Anand's letter to RSS Sarsanghchalak
Counterfeit Socialism in India
If Weakness invites aggression then Ignorance invites death - Need of Hindu Holocaust Museum
Hindus have the right to celebrate Durga Puja in Rome
Those who fear demons have no right to worship Durga - Tarun Vijay
Hindutva connects all Bharat - Manyaneeya Mohan Bhagwavat's Vijayadashami Mahotsva speech
India's Intelligence Failure
Musharraf should be tried in India for war crimes
Manmohan Singh's dual personality
Highest Good is Hidden in BJP
"ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" - Walk the Talk with the people?
Media vaudeville about Ishrat encounter
YSR: End of a controversial tenure
Facts about Samual Reddy - expired Andra CM?
RSS - A New Era
‘Ganesh Chathurthi’ celebrations in the ‘Land of Pillayar’
How Slayers are Sainted
The Choices For Hindus
Hindus' fateful hour : Act before it is too late
Vishwa Mangal Gou Gram Yatra
Will the prime minister emulate Reagan?
Governments clueless on tackling terror
Honing Celina, Yogic Ramdev, worrying Christians and Gleeful Gays
Insult and dishonour the nation; go scot-free!
Combating Congress Absurdity and the Secular Injustice
Tigers’ Eelam: Nothing ‘Hindu’ or ‘Tamil’ about it
Time to rise for Sanatan Dharma has come - Mohan Rao Bhagwat's Jammu call
Indian Election: Setting Things Straight
HH Swami Jayendra Saraswati Ji 's Bold stand in Hindu-Catholic dialogue
Dastardly Murders and A Dialogue to Hide Them
In Praise of Hindutva
Who falls if India rises?
The mysteries and the mysterious
The mystery behind the meeting between Priyanka and Nalini
Vaidic Dharma in Independent India !
Woman Islamic Terrorists in India!
Is ‘Tamil Eelam’ a Christian agenda?
An Open Letter to Sreekumar - An Analytical response to ex-IPS polemics
Jean Dreze's fantasies: Misleading statements of an economist
Teesta, it Hit Your Face
What will be the message of general elections?
Yes, Only Majority Hindus Can Save India from Becoming Another Pakistan
Indian Election: Hindus can Change the Landscape
How to win UP - Pre Election Analysis
Think about it before you cast the vote
BJP's Election Manifesto Highlights
Madhani Factor: Curse of Kerala Politics
Family legacy and the Varun effect
The People of Indus
Support Terror, Commit Treason, Get away with it ! - II
The saga of Islamic atrocities in Ahmedabad
Support Terror, Commit Treason, Get away with it ! - I
Religion, not caste, hides behind reservations
Chargesheet against Sonia (Maino) Gandhi and Her Congress Party
Is talibanised South the Swat Valley of India?
Tamil Nadu Lawyers’ mutiny – the Church’s first big step
A Roja turns Slumdog
From Citizens For Justice to Chief Justice of India - Restore our faith in the Judiciary
Prime Minister's Office —Cool Champion of Ministerial Corruption
An Open Letter to Dr Chiranjivi , in Wake of his Promises to Christians
Appeal for Regime Change in India
Liquidate Pakistan and Rebuild Akhand Bharat
Gandhi's Muslim Appeasement
The Collapse of Indian Security System: Agenda For Action
Advaniji's work as Pracharak : In his own words
'An Ideology that Kills! - 26/11 Mumbai Jehadi Terrorist Attacks'
Remember the Hindu Holocaust
What Can One Hindu Do?
Mother-hater Hindus should repent and , return to Vedic Dharma.
Letter from Undertrial No. 12504- Swami Amritananda Dev Tirtha
New Year: The most un-Indian celebration!
Psychological Warfare against Hindus
Secular education and national ethos
Know More About Hindu Munnani in Tamilnadu
Intra Religous Unity - Few Facts
Doing Good: The Limits of Appeasement
The UPA shenanigans from Malegon to Mumbai
Make it tough
1857 Revolt and the philosophy of Nationalism – A Critique
Not an eye-for-an-eye, not a tooth-for-a-tooth - For an eye, both eyes! For a tooth, the whole jaw!
Why All Religions Are Not The Same?
Virat Brihad Hindutva
"PONDER" PLEASE! - Why Top level officers are immune over actions
Thamizhar Samayam: A reply to the Christian protagonists and propagandists
An Open letter to India's Respected Leaders
India is a failed state - UPA’S Proud declaration
An Open Letter to Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan's Father from an indebted Indian
Why are Hindus angry?
Fight against terror - record, reasons and suggestions
Report of the Fact- Finding Team on Mangalore Violence
The Jihadi Massacre in Mumbai
Is India in trouble ?
Creating 'Hindu terror' to dilute the fight against Jihad!
Nation should be proud of Patriotic Lt. Col. Srikant Prasad Purohit
How to Establish the Pro Hindu Government in India?
Muslim Anger VS Hindu Anger
India needs YOU in the Fight for its Future and its very Soul
The 'sacred thread' that matters in the 'holy-Dravidian' land!
Nomenclature terrorism
A 'M K Hussain' of Tamilnadu
Aggressive Sanatanisation
It happens only in India
Secular way of fighting terror
Pushing Hindus into a corner - By Tarun Vijay
Resolutions Passed in RSS Akhil Bharatiya Karyakarini Mandal baithak, Visakhapatanam
Ramsethu - Rejoinder to the Counter Affidavit filed by Ministry of Shipping- Union of India
Psychological warfare against India
Assam - The True Picture
O immortal son’s of our Motherland...
The Nexus of Christism, Islamism, and Maoism in India
BJP warns the UPA , Not to engage in Constitutional Adventurism - on Orisssa and Karnataka
"Assam Burns - Nero Fiddles"!!!
Disband Congress, said Gandhi. Act on the guidance.
Hindu Resurgence - 2008
The intellectual scene in Post-independence India
Interview of a Christian Evangelist in India
India's destiny to tolerate blasts?
Why our politicians so callous in their attitude towards Armed Forces?
A perfect ending to a historic struggle
The 'honour' and 'grace' of Indian secularism!
Vedanta Keshri Swami Laxmananda Saraswati
Murder of Mahatma by the Church
Truth About Holy Amarnath
NGO-Naxal-Christian nexus behind Murder of Swami Lakshmananda
History Repeats and History is Repeated
Rashtriya Sewa Bharati : Bringing about positive attitudinal change
Chanting Peace,Getting Killed
The "Big-fight" - Dirty Games Uncovered
'PANCH SHEEL' of Partition - For those under 60 who may not kno wthe Truth
Reclaiming India - A Must Read Article by Shri Tarun Vijay
Amarnath Imbroglio Will Bury Islamist Tyranny In Kashmir
'Yo Ho Ho! Yet another committee!' – Sea pirates of UPA
Secularism after Freedom
Fight to finish: Need of the hour
India is at war but who cares
Hindu backlash is building up?
In India, govt rewards families of Islamic Terrorists
Protection of Rama Setu is Protection of Nation's identity, integrity and unity
Ten misconceptions about the nuclear deal
Plea to MPs on vote of no Confidence in Indian Parliament on July 22
Pseudo - Hindutva
Disintegrating the Hindu society
Secularism and Civility under threat in J&K - Online Petition
Dr. Subramanian Swamy's Historic Speech at NY on Freedom of Speech
Major issues against the majority
A track record of terror
Misinterpretation of Siddhas by Karunanidhi and Kanimozhi
The Danger of The Dancing Father and the Silly Sister
Freedom Gagged

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