"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
12/06/2007 12:52:07  Pradeep Krishnan




[Joseph Pulikunnel, Director, Indian Institute for Christian Studies]


            The need for Indianisation of the church was mooted by RSS and late Cardinal Joseph Parekattil Archbishop of Ernakulam diocese supported the move. He wrote on 15 the August 1986 that it is imperative to launch a movement of indigenisation of the Churches. “When a non-Christian embraces Christianity, following the dictates of his conscience, he should not be penalised for that, by uprooting him from his social and cultural traditions. What affinity, relationship or indebtedness has he to the foreign culture? From an apostolic point of view, the thought patterns, language terminology, symbols, gestures, postures etc. of our liturgy should be intelligible to the non-Christian population as well. This process of Indianisation is a basic right of ours and not a concession made by anybody, and no one should misinterpret it as bait to attract more flies.” (Syro-Malabar Liturgy as I see it, Appendix, page 118).


            Indian Institute of Christian Studies (I I C S) an organ of catholic Reformation Literature Society was established in 1994 by Sri. Joseph Pulikunnel to reform the church on Biblical concepts.


            About the need for such an Institute, He says “The church is at present western in organisation and administration and also, completely clergy centered. Indian churches have a great tradition of spirituality and ecclesial organisation. The Institute is exposing through its study and publications, the umbilical and unchristian character of the Indian church. It is to say the least sometimes ante Christ. The study of Bible and theology was once the exclusive portfolio of the clerics. ‘Brahmanical’ hierarchy in Hindu society has disintegrated. But the same Brahmanism has been in ascendancy in the Christian society.” When the I I C S was started the clergy tried in the beginning is isolate Sri. Joseph Pulikunnel from society. But thinking Laymen gave active co-operation. The intellectuals in the Episcopal churches have come out in open to protest against the monarchial pristocracy that exist in the church.


            The main purpose of the institute is to give to the Christians the high ideals of Christ. The Christians are intellectually awake on this issue. But the other communities in India have not opened their eyes on the going on in the church Sri. Pulikunnel suggests to the leaders of the Hindu community to start a dialogue on National rather than with the Bishops and priests of the church.


The I I C S is situated in a sprawling 10 acres of Land at Hosanna Mount,Bharananganam, 80 Kms east of Kochi. Apart from I I C S, which has a library of nearly 10,000 books, a herbal clinic and herbal garden brings fresh air and blessings of nature to the picturesque surroundings. After graduating from Presidency College, Madras Joseph Pilikkunnel taught at the St. Joseph’s College, Devagiri, Calicut during 1958 to 1967. A monthly Journal titled ‘Hosanna’ was started by him in 1975 to educate Christens, about the real character and role of Indian church. He has authored ‘Identify of Nazarani Church of Kerala a book in English and several other books in Malayalam. He spoke at length to Haindavakeralam special correspondent Pradeep Krishnan on different aspects of Christianity in India: Excerpts.


1.         When RSS chief Sudarshaji made a call for the need for Indianisation of the Church, many Church leaders condemned him. What are your views in the matter?


The first question to be answered is “ who are the so-called Church leaders? ” The media as well as the political parties treat the ecclesiastical authorities like Bishops as leaders of the Church. The bishops and the priests also would like to parade themselves in public as church leaders. But Bishops and priests are not leaders of the Christian community. They are only the spiritual mentors and not community leaders. A leader is one who is elected by a community. The bishops and priests are not elected by the faithful nor are they answerable to them. The Pope of Rome who is the spiritual head of the Catholic appoints the bishops of the Catholic Church.


The general public in India as well as the political parties do not know how the Catholic Church functions. Pope of Rome, as successor of Peter, the Apostle, is only the spiritual head of the Catholic faithful. A Catholic is bound to obey the Ex-Catholic-pronouncements of Pope on faith and morals. Christ had no material possessions and was never a temporal leader. Lord Jesus categorically stated “My Kingdom is not of this world.”


            Unfortunately from 4th century onwards, the Church became a part of Roman Empire and Popes began to overstep their spiritual authority and became temporal rulers in Europe. Rev. Dr. Koodapuzha, former Professor of St. Thomas Apostolic Seminary (Catholic) writes as follows: “The leadership of the Church is supposed to play its role as

servants of the People of God. In his official teaching addressed to the whole Christian community the Pope starts with the formula “servant of the servants of God”. At the same time it is a fact of history that due to various social, religious and political factors Papacy was forced to develop a secular kingdom in the West, which is known in history as Papal States. Pope was its king. The papal monarchy existed from 754 to 1870. It came to and end at the time of the unification of Italy under the leadership of Victor Emmanuel, Cavour and Garibaldi. . During these centuries the papacy was playing political as well as religious roles in Europe” (Christian Orient, Dec. 2000)


Coming to India, the Pope has divided India into 140 diocese. All revenue districts in India are brought under the jurisdiction of different catholic diocese. For example, the diocese of Satna in Madhya Pradesh has only 2640 Catholics, and the revenue area on which the bishop exercises his jurisdiction are districts of Satna, Chabalarpur, Panna, Rewa, Sidhi and Tikamgargh. For these 2640 members of the faithful, there are 23 parishes and 3 stations, 27 convents, 9 ecclesiastical institutions, 4 Higher Secondary schools, 9 high schools, 4 middle schools and number of other institutions including press and publications. All these are temporal wealth. The faithful have no say in the affairs of the diocese. To run these institutions the diocesan bishop is getting huge amount of money from foreign countries. The Bishop according to the canon law of the Church is not accountable to anybody including the government. So, the bishops appointed in India by Pope are like erstwhile native Maharajas of India ruling over the revenue districts in India. The Maharajas in pre-independent days had only to answer to the paramountcy of the Britishraj, likewise bishops are accountable only to the Pope of Rome who is the head of the state of Vatican.

  Thus, religious affiliation to the Pope is being used to perpetrate his domination over the temporalities of India.


The Bishops in India being the vice-roys of Pope in India naturally opposes the concepts of a National church. You remember once the native Maharajas opposed the Indian Independence. The Bishops likewise are naturally against the concept of a national Church but the Catholics in general are in favor of a National Church.


2.         You supported the Indianisation of Churches in an article in your Magazine. How do you view Indianisation of the Churches?


Christianity in India is as ancient as Christianity itself. Centuries before Christianity reached Europe, Christianity flourished in India. The Indian Christians have great Christian spiritual experience within the cultural milieu of India. Ancient Christians in India were known as Nazranis. The Nazranis of India had no connection with the Western Christianity. It was Portuguese who launched religious colonialism in India. Christians in India ardently fought against the religious colonisation of the Portuguese. In 1653 the representatives of the Christians assembled in Mattanchery near Kochi and took the oath that they would never be under the Portuguese. This incident is known in history as “slant cross oath” of Christians. Perhaps, this was the first non-violent freedom struggle against the Western colonialists. The reason for the revolution of the Christians against Portuguese was the Portuguese began to tamper with the ancient system of administration of the native church, which is known as the ‘Thomas Law’. As a result of this oath of the Christians, Portuguese had to leave Kerala.


According to Thomas Law, each church in India was independent and the temporal matters were completely under the care of the parish assembly. The priests were only spiritual mentors and they had no authority over the temporalities of the church. The Portuguese tried introducing the Western monarchical Episcopal system in India, which was opposed by Kerala Christians. Before the advent of the Portuguese the             bishops had no temporal authority over the churches.


The power and authority of the Catholic bishops at present transcends the spiritual and have become temporal. The very idea of a National Church is repugnant to the bishops because they know that it will undermine their dictatorial powers, which they received from Pope.


The idea of a National Church is not an agenda of RSS. It has been there in the minds of the Christian leaders for a long time, especially in the minds of ancient Christians in Kerala. No Catholic questions the spiritual authority of the Pope, the successor of Peter. We hold that he cannot have legally any temporal authority over the properties of the Indian Church. Elected representative of the faithful should manage the temporal wealth of the Church in India.


Each diocese owns churches, institutions, commercial complexes etc. Yearly income of the Churches and diocese comes to millions of rupees, and the Bishops as per the Canon Law framed in Rome administer this material wealth. As religious institutions the income of the diocese are exempted from income tax. The educational institutions under diocese are protected under the Article 30 (minority rights) of the Constitution. As per the provisions of the canon Law, the bishop governs the diocese entrusted to him with “legislative, executive and judicial powers” and he personally exercises these powers or through agents appointed by him. The faithful in the dioceses have no say what so ever in the matter of administration of the temporal wealth of the Church. Each bishop is a native “Maharaja” appointed by the Pope and the faithful are treated as his subjects.


According to the ancient customs of the Christians in India, the Bishops had no such temporal powers. The Parish Assembly exercised the temporal powers, in a democratic manner.The indianization of the Church means, Churches and its Institutions in India should be administered as per the ancient traditions of the Indian Christians and should be governed under the Indian law.


Religious charitable institutions in India are usually governed under two acts, The Trust act or Religious societies Act. The Churches and its wealth as well as institutions should be brought under the provisions of these Acts with members of the Church as members of the societies. 99.99% of the members of the Church are the so-called laymen. They are always kept outside the corridors of power. They have at present no legal right with in the church. The members of the Church through elected representatives should administer the temporal matters of the Church.The Canon Law of Rome is more priest centered than Manusmruthi of India. The laymen are treated as “ chandalas”, untouchables even today, by keeping the laymen out of the corridors of power.


3.         Many Christian groups allege that there is Christian persecution in India, Particularly North India. In many incidents like Jhabua it was later proved that they were criminal incidents and not part of any hidden agenda! But still the church continues their diatribe against Hindu organizations?


Firstly, the Church authorities wants to blackmail the government so that, the government may be deterred from bringing in any legislative reform in the administration of the Churches. Secondly by raising such questions in the media, the Bishops and priest could parade themselves as the leaders of the community.


Everybody in India knows that terrorism, and criminality is increasing. Everyday the story ghastly murders in different parts of India appear in the papers. Many of the incidents of violence on individual Christians in the North have nothing to do with religion. Yet the Bishops do like to parade it as ‘persecution’ of Christian. Another reason for such global propaganda is to collect money in the guise of protecting the Christians. For Instance, the Bishop of Palai sent e-mail messages to Christians outside India for contributions to rehabilitate Tsunami victims of Kanjirappally, a hilly area where Tsunami can occur only in dreams! I am told that the Church authorities make such appeal for money to western countries regularly.


4.         Even while raising a hue and cry on some unfortunate isolated incidents occurred in North India, the clergy is totally silent on the killings and persecution of nuns and others taking place in different monasteries in Kerala?


According to statistics, 12 sisters have died in doubtful circumstances in Kerala. The Bishops have never come out in protest. In a recent case a nun was found dead in the convent bathroom. The postmortem report stated that there was poison in the stomach, but no trace of poison was found in the mouth. This was a clear question of murder by feeding the poison through food. A citizens’ committee was formed to request the Kerala government for an enquiry by competent police wing. They approached the bishop for support. But he blatantly refused to sign the petition. You now know what happened in Potta where nearly 1000 people died under mysterious circumstances. The clergy had no tears for these hapless victims of priesthood.

5.         The priesthood, especially in Christianity has now changed into politicians, wielding absolute power and control the entire society. Can we hope for liberation from the clergy?


The priests and the Bishops command huge wealth of the Christian community. They spend it as their Privy Purse, and they are not accountable to anybody. To preserve and protect this huge wealth, they enter into politics  to either blackmail or favor some politicians who dance to their tunes.


6.         Do you think the church in India is facing a crisis of Identity? Is the church able to absorb the very ancient and yet perpetually modern spiritual heritage of India in its real sense?


Of course, Christianity has become churchianity and spiritual ideas are only in the periphery. The Christian Bishops and priests are engaged in all out attempt to make money. They have scant respect for the glorious spiritual heritage of India.


7.         The Church has now become a huge commercial enterprise, by running Industry, Hospitals, shopping complexes, schools etc. How much spiritually can we aspect from these organizations?


It was Christ who called the priests of his day as ‘hypocrites’, ‘blind guides’ ‘fools’, etc. I don’t know what words, Christ will coin to call the Church authorities if he visits the world again.


8.         The Church, particularly the Catholic Church is facing a crisis in Europe and USA and they target the third word countries for a rich harvest. Will this exclusive thrust given to proselytisation make divisions and conflicts in a tradition bound indigenous social setup?


Europe is going through a post Christian cultural restructuring. The church centered Christianity is slowly disappearing. The Catholic Church was once a great power structure in Europe. It has crumbled in Europe. Today Pope has very little influence in European politics. Hence there is a definite move to enlarge his earthly kingdom in the third world.

They are not interested in spreading gospel, but establishing religious colonialism.


9.         What do you have to say about minority rights and its use and misuse?


So far as the Catholic Church is concerned minority right is more misused against the members of the Church. The Minority rights are given to the whole community. But today the Bishops, priests, and nuns enjoy this right. 99.99% of the community has no say in the administration of the Catholic schools. The blanket enjoyment of he minority right without reference, to the community by the Priests and nuns, has completely under mined the pious intentions of the fathers of the constitution.


New law has to be framed to define the term minority. This right has to be exercised by the elected representatives of the community. Even in colleges in Kerala of 100 years history, the principal’s chair is reserved to the Priests and nuns. The claims of the lay teachers are way laid


Tomorrow, if a Muslim theocratic State, for example Pakistan, establishes a sect among the Muslim community and canvasses supporters from India, and builds educational institutions with foreign funds and appoints managers to administer these educational institutions, what will it lead to? If Bin Laden, the Al-Queida leader declares his followers in India as a religious sect and establishes a chain of educational institutions whose managers are appointed by him, what will be its legal position? If an American Christian establishes a sect of his followers in India and starts a chain of educational institutions whose managers are appointed by the ‘Pontiff’ in America, will they also get minority right?  The minority right is given to the citizens of India and not to any extra-territorial authority running a chain of educational institutions. The minority right is granted to the religious minority for the conservation of their culture and not for the destruction of the culture of the majority community..


10.       During the last 100 years, Christianity has been promoted in India by the successive colonial powers. Many Christian countries in the west provided unceasing flow of finance and personnel. The cost of the enterprise over the years is mind-boggling. Yet Christianity has failed to reap a rich harvest among the Hindu ‘heathens’ - Why?


Different churches from the west want to convert the illiterate Hindus to their churches. They are not interested in spreading Gospel or Gospel values. They preach their church not Jesus; the so called Church ministry, and Church planting has become a big money spinner in Europe, a big business. There is no Christ in it.


11.     Please comment of Semitic religions and Indian religions?

There are a lot of differences. In all ancient societies, religion was an important factor in the social life of people. The understanding of the Supreme Being by a people tended to be production of the social system wherein they lived. Today, there are two main families of religions in the world. They are Semitic religionswhich comprise Jewish, Christian and Muslim religionsand the Indian religions. It is commonly believed that in Semitic religions, the male dominance is a divine dictate and women are degraded in society on religious reasons.

The unequal treatment now measured out to women in Christian and Muslim society is a product of imperial Christianity and imperial Islam. Christianity became a part of the Roman Empire by the 4th century. The male-dominated Roman society distorted the Christian social thought. Imperial Roman laws became the law of Christianity as common law. Likewise, Islam became an imperial power under the Arab Empire. The male-dominated imperial power structure degraded women in spite of the

Koran-ic rules. Even today, in many Islamic countries, personal laws paraded as Muslim shariat [Islamic law] are a product of a male-dominated imperial system.

The concept of Goddess in the celestial demography is unique in all Eastern religions. Goddess in Eastern religions is a symbol of fertility, protection and love. No civilization in the world developed Goddess worship so elaborately as in India.

In Indian tradition, the God manifests as arthanaarisvara, half-man and half-woman. This points to the equality of man and woman in heavenly demography as visualized by human intelligence of the Indian Rishis. The concept of the supreme is a production of man’s social living and social need. In most of the ancient Eastern religions, goddesses are equal to the gods, sometimes goddess become more important than man. Human civilization has past the tribal, agricultural and industrial periods and enter cybernetic era of human history. In the democratic society, muscle power has been pushed to the background, and brainpower becomes the tool. Naturally, the woman has a very important and equal role to play in modern society. Fatherhood and motherhood concepts have to be integrated in the religious and social thought process, and the world should move along the footprints of arthanaarisvara

Thank you.



Joseph Pulikunnel Born on 11.14.1932,

B.A. Honours in Economics from Presidency College Madras (1954),

Lecturer in Economics in St. Joseph’s College, Devagiri, Calicut (1958-67), Member Kerala University Senate (1969-76),

Founder Editor ‘Hosanna’, monthly (1975)

Editor ‘Lochanam’, a literary magazine (1979),

Organising editor - Malayalam Bible Translation,

Founder of Hosanna Mount Institutions,

Founder Director - Indian Institute of Christian Studies,

Founder Director - Word & Deed Palliative Cancer Care Centre (1982)

Founder Director - Juvenile Diabetic Centre (1982)

Visited Europe, a number of times on various assignments.


Identify of Nazrani Church of Kerala                      -           English

Has publisheda number of Books in Malayalam

Written a number of short stories and articles in different periodicals.

Married to Kochurani (1958) and has 5 children.

Address:         Joseph Pulikunnel, Hon. Director, Hosanna Mount, Edamattom - 686 588

Phone & Fax : 91 - 482 – 236269/E-mail : hosanna@satyam.net.in



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Thomas Ninan
24/04/2012 00:42:16
Indianisation of Church
The reference of Indian culture and religion are two different aspects.Religion is in the minds of the persons who follow it within the walls of the church.A culture is within a society and not to be inculcated into religion as its a doctrine and culture is a tradition.
Those who follow a tradition may not follow the same religion.
At the same time its dangerous that Religion or tradition /culture enters into politics.
One danger of tradition which I see more in India now is that the people have started to place photographs of Gods on their working table and in offices This is a matter of concern that all people have the right to do what they feel but in a democratic set up is it right to enter into showing off ones own might in religion and culture.
Pothan george
22/07/2011 03:48:11
British rule worst thing to have happened
British rule worst thing to have happened for india.They completely destroyed and cunningly brain washed indians mind.
We play british cricket,speak their language.
Unless we rid ourself completely of any colonial influence from the root to bottom only we can return back to where we were before these white masters came 5
02/09/2010 09:56:59
The complete history of Jesus revealed!
The christian teachings in the bibe has now been reduced to stories trangenic of veds and Pathanjali Sukthas. by the decipher complete of the Dead Sea scrolls by me, which has unveiled the entire history of Jesus,his joining the Zealots in AD30, Judas with the Pharisees drifting away for his teachings and exhortations,Simon forming the Nazarene sect, Jesus joins it, Judas' tipping (betrayal)high priest An'ns who deputed Saulus to do away with jesus, at which the Nazarenes led by Simon the Zaduc flees to Damascus, they drafts the new covenant there,Nazarenes prepares for the war for the restoration of Israel,Jesus backtracking, advising them that the war would only help ruin their lives if at all Israel and the whole world were won and if they lost thier lives, Jesus also claimed he can be considered Messiah too, Simon (Peter) dismissed him from the sect (disowned), Jesus shifted to Antioch, collected men, all happened to be robbers, he declared he was savior of the sinners and sid his expulsion and landing in company of robbers was his crucifixion amidst them and articulated the gsopel stories, Peter stamped them 'artfully contrived false stories'the Nazarenes turned against him, he abandoned the first three gospels and dictated a new gospel to John and he is the undisclosed author of it.
The entire miracles are stories he contrived imitating the Buddhist text Lalithavistara. On the threat of the Nazarenes he portrayed his picture and gave it to king Abgar of Edessa, which is that ruling the world now as the 'shroud of jesus'. Jesus out of fear of the Nazarenes escaped in disguise from Ephesus, specifically from the 'House of Mary'and resurfaced in Parthia with a different name.
The history that you find in the Acts of apostles and the events he narrate in the gospels are that contrived by him replicating the Nazarene literature written by Simon in the Damascus document. on his promise on chalenge of Simon, disdaining him an idiot as he said 'Peter yo 5
24/01/2010 07:09:02
Reply to V.N. Gopalakrishnan,
You have not read the blood stained history of the church so please read up the present. Nagaland is 95% Baptist now and the last temple of Nagaland was destroyed 3 years back. Mizoram is 87% assorted christian denomination now and they are killing the tribal Mizos everyday. Try googling "Nagaland" and "Mizoram" and then tell us that an Indianisation of the church of any denomination is a good idea. 5
21/12/2009 06:58:51
Why is HK allowing such articles ?
The mistake that the Pagans of Europe did was to tolerate the early Christian cultists. Today the Pagan festivals of Winter Solstice (Saturnalia) and Easter (after Goddess Eostre) are Christmas and Pascha respectively. Do not underestimate the cult of Christianity, these people are responsible for major genocides across continents, starting from Europe.

http://freetruth.50webs.org 5
abdul azeez
05/12/2008 14:31:26
last part-indn -a way to cheat hindus
they converted this children to christianity. they did this for 97 years .1,50,000 children were stolen from their houses. More than 50,000 children committed suicide in the Seminary. And the rest never returned home.This same method was done in US , in Australia.The government paid big amounts to the Christian Seminary every year.they destroyed the native people, their religion, their culture, there identities systematically.

now I see here some native people . they are 99.9 % christians. they lost their land. they lost their religions. they lost their way of living . they lost their treatment methods. their songs , their all icons.they are slaves in their home land , a lost people, waiting for monthly welfare.
this is the smilimg face of Christianity. they are nice people. they are well behaving people.They are neat people . they are not terrorists. And RSS reccomends to seek the help of US to save our country.
I feel sorry for this article being lengthy.
I request HK to release this comment.

abdul azeez
from Alberta
abdul azeez
05/12/2008 12:39:11
part 4 indianization
like we do in St Antony's , St George's etc.They are not allowed even to pray to their Holy saints,let alone Siva or Krishna. you can never see here a Novena on the road side. There is no Muringoor or Potta Divine Healing centers(mass convertion center in the name of healing).Why Jesus not heals in North America? Why He heals only in third world countries? Why churches are put to auctions here for want of believers? Why Americans are turning atheists? Why priests don't visit their houses with advices, or warn of marriage or funerals?

There are any number of books available in Alberta or any other library here. I can give you reference. In America and Canada there were six hundred Sovereign Nations , I repeat six hundred, of Native Indians before the Christian Europe came to conquer here with the Papal Chit of Pope to conquer the soil other than that of Christians. some of them were bigger than many countries of Europe . These aboriginal peoples had their own belief systems, natural way of living , treatment systems ,social culture. these christians mass-killed, hanged, raped,and made them flee their land. They did all heinous acts.they spread plague ,small pox , all diseases to them .They killed them in millions.Because they were not christians . they were Pagans. Killing Pagans is not a sin!they made them slave . they took their nations .And this Christian Europe spread the story that they discovered America.Fuck them!And you and I studied this in our Social Studies classes. Colombus discovered America!
You can trust a beast, but not the story of this these people.
on Sept 30 ,2007 Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper made an apology in the Parliament.The reason: His earlier elected governments picked up adivasi or native children from their kudis(houses) and forcefully put them in Christian seminaries . This Christians forcefully taught their religion, their culture. they made thr children forget their language ,culture and religion. they converted t 5
abdul azeez
04/12/2008 15:26:31
part3 indianization-cheating of hindusa

Inspite of this the Christian America gave him hard times in the election primaries and later in the main. In almost all primaries Obama was asked: " are you a Christian". "yes", he asnwers." I am . my wife is. my daughters are. we are attending mass in United church for 20 years.Still they didn't accept his christianess. He was asked again and again:"If so Obama ,a white Christian lady asks," who is a christian? He answers:"a christian is a person who has accepted only Jesus as his Lord and Jesus as the only saviour".The lady said," now I'm happy".
Mr Joseph Pulikunnel and all Christians all over the world, heard this, read this. Did they publish even an appeal not to torture a believer like this?
Later the white Christianity forced him to resign from the Black church he visits for twenty years!reason: the priest of that church Jeremiah cursed US in the pulpit for it's cruelties to the Black.

Islam was a sword religion at the time of Gaznis ,Goris, Aurangasebs, they have terrorized Hindus, forced convertions, asked jaziya, looted any number of temples.
For these acts of theirs Hindus can keep a vigil, can teach the children , tell the posterity that they did such and such.

But christianity acts like a dreaded cancer , a sweet poison. it absorbs Hindus, and all non-Christian peoples all over the world in the nicest way to their black hole. You can never escape from it.In a pleasing way,it will make hindus march to their tent, hindus will march so happily, hindu will annihilate his hindu-ness.
In US or in Canada christians are not allowed to pray in their Saint Churches, like we do in St Antony's , St 5
abdul azeez
04/12/2008 07:22:06
part 2 indianization -cheating of hindus

These people are more dangerous than hardcore Evangelists. Tomorrow these people will take images from Theyyam-Thira and Kathakali in their palliperunnal .They will make Hindus believe that 'see your Christianity is so similar to or alike as your Hinduism; a hindu in a church is at ease, feels at home'.
You may know there are many Christian priests who study Yoga and Meditation .And they teach this in their Church communities, not as Pathanjali Yoga but as Christian Yoga.They want the benefits of yoga but are reluctant to accept the yoga philosophy.They don't like Christians chanting Om in their community yoga centers, but they want sahasrara chakra energy meet mooladhara chakra and the bliss of that union.By chanting yesu yesu this will never happen , but only from the aadi and anaadi mantra.They never chant yoga initiation Dhayana slokas( Gajananam) or close yoga with Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra( Om Trayambakam).
Indianization of religion is a cheat for mass trappintg hindus who live in hindu culture,who have hindu and very natural way of living.Since new converts cannot immediately adapt to the new rock religion, the churches give a half station-indianization.If they consider the right of a hindu to pray to jesus why these christians and Islam are converting hindus to their religions.
Why Lattin Christians of our coastal belt,100% fierce believers than even the Pope himself, still a lower Christian.Can Pulikunnel has an answer for this? Why I am a lesserr muslim than a mappila?

I write this from Alberta in North America.You may know the story of Barack Obama's election campaign. Barack Obama is a Christian. He held his marriage in a Christian church. He has two daughters . he baptised them in the name of jesus in that church.he goes to church regularly for twenty years.twenty years! Neither Hilary nor John McCain does so . Inspite of this the Christian America gave him hard times in the election primaries and later in the main. In almost al 5
abdul azeez
03/12/2008 23:01:21
indianization of religion -a cheating of hindus

This has reference to Indianization of churches, an interview-article of Joseph Pulikunnel by HaindavaKeralam Pradeep Krishnan.
Indianization of churches is a sweet way of cheating Hindus. Christianity, like Islam, demands absolute faith in their religion.Absolute faith in Jesus. Nothing less. Your hindu-ness never loses by praying to Jesus but your Christian-ness does lose if you pray to any, except Lord Jesus. Christianity and Islam never respect hindus' belief system.A Christian boy or a Muslim boy, cannot marry a Hindu girl ,she being still a Hindu.They demand her convertion to their religion.Hindu is still a Hindu even if he/she doesn't visit a temple ,so long as he/she has a belief in Supreme Soul.But not visiting a church regularly is a major sin; even priest won't conduct your marriage nor do they attend your funeral. The whole Christians of India cannot declare Mother Teresa a saint for her sainthood unless Pope declares it.

What is Indianisation of churches? Is it building churches in the architecture of a temple? Is it lighting muncherath( traditional oil lamp) avoiding fancy stimulating lights? Is it celebratating 16 adiyanthiram with pappadam-pazham- payasam avoiding rotti and potti( a Christian favourite curry of cow's intestines).Joseph Pulikunnel argues for indianization only in the administrative level. His worry is that Bishops are treated at par with Maharajas,their loyalty and accountability only to a foreign body.By indianization he doesn't believe in the structural changes of the Christian belief system. He is not for a Christian's right to pray in a temple or do Hindu ritual at home. He doesn't take to heart KJ yesuda's earnest desire to pray Lord krishna.

These people are more dangerous than hardcore Evangelists. Tomorrow these people will take images from Theyyam-Thira and Kathakali in their palliperunnal .They will make Hindus believe that 'see your Christianity is so similar to or alike as your Hinduism; a hindu in a chu 5
Rajiv Achari
04/07/2008 05:24:03
Indianising the Church
What is meant by Indianisation of Church should be made clear — is it an external "whitewashing" like just changing the language of church worship to the vernacular, lighting an imitation of the Hindu oil lamp, etc.; or is it changing the "spirit" and outlook of believers by inculcating more tolerence, respecting other religious views, etc.? If it is "whitewashing" it is of no use; it is then just an attempt of inculturation for facilitating conversion. If the second type of inner reform is meant, alas! it just cannot be done with a religion like Christianity. You cannot wash a bittergourd and make it sweet. Bigotry, intolerence, irrarional faith, hatred, envy — all these are congenial to a Christian mind. That is why scores of great intellectuals of the West, from Thomas Paine to Bertrand Russell, all of them though born in Christian families, discarded Christianity, and exposed its true colour. Readers are recommended to go through Thomas Paine's Age of Reason , and Bertrand Russell's lecture Why I Am Not A Christian.

I fully agree with Shri K.M.Muralidharan's views and appreciate his keen insight on Christianity.

02/07/2008 05:05:02
Indianising Christian Church
With all symoathy for Joseph Pulikkunnel, I am of the view that all talk about Indianisation and reformation of Christian Church is utter nonsense. Christianjty of any form has its roots in the Bible, which book has turned several vital religious ideas, that existed theretofore, upside down. A cruel and revengeful god, a complete bye-bye to natural human feelings like reverence to one's forefathers, love to one's children, utter intolerence and violence and murder against unbelievers — all these and much more of that sort is the original contribution of the Bible. Anybody who would dare to change any church for the better would have to change all these. And since Christians believe that the Bible is the word of god, no portion of it can be changed, according to them. This results in a catch-22 situation.
The only reasonable responses a humanist born as a Christian can make is either the path of Thomas Paine, totally rejecting the Biblical god and believing in the one universal god common to all humanity (the faith of Deism);or the path of Robert Green Ingersoll, excoriating Christian doctrines and the irrational ideas, and believe in no god at all. The so-called reformers would do well to understand that unlike Hinduism, which embraces even the atheist Charvakas, Semitic religions are based on one or two books the contents of which are never to be questioned by believers. The pity is that without challenging and discarding some basic ideas in those books, a humanitarian religion cannot be established. Skin-deep reforms effected on Christianity would pave way for more trouble. That is why Martin Luther created more violence and more hatred towards the Jews than his contemporary Catholics. And, of course some church agents pause as reformers too, just "to occupy the opposition space" if I am to use a political phraese. ( I respect Joseph Pulikkunnel. I do not mean any reference to him). — K.M.MURALIDHARAN, Advocate 5
16/05/2008 09:53:33
This is just another missionary tactic! Please read article called "Sikh and Destroy" - the xtian missionaries do everything possible to "blend" in with the Sikhi culture - they wear "turbans", sing "kirtans and Bhajans" (choir), and pray to "Sadguru" (Jesus)!!!! Does this mean that they respect Sikhism or the Sikhs? NO. Their only goal is to cheat innocent people and lure them to Christianity. Watch out. 5
vinu.p.v nileswaram
20/06/2007 02:13:37
ella christyan sabhakalum bharatha valkkarikkanam. bharatha paramparyam anusarichu venam christyan sabhakal pravarthikkendath.allathapaksham avar bharathathil pravarthikkathirikkanam. kodikal videsathu ninnu varunnathu ividuthe paramparyathe thakarkkan upayokikkathe avar pravarthikkatte. appol muthal avarkku swathathryam paripoornamayum labhikkum. 5
14/06/2007 02:14:30
Frankly,I have not read what the holy father has said because I did not want to . It is meaningless to know whether a particular sect of Christianity has a more tolerant outlook towards other religions as compared with some other sects of Christianity. Nor I am willing to be taken for a ride that by indigenising Christianity it can be metamorphosised to something other than Christianity. And Christianity could never concede there are more than one way of salvation for mankind than its own truth. In that sense a Hindu who belives all religious systems lead man to 'Gods' is a traitor to his creed and Gods.The belief that there are more than one way for salvation is utter stupidity and is an admission of uncertainity and will only lead to the slow destruction of Hinduism which neither the Hindu nor humanity in general can ill afford because there are few places left on this earth to where people could run to preserve their faith in the event of religious persecution as in the past. There is no God but only Gods. 5
Concerned Hindu
13/06/2007 12:49:18
It is easy to mistake that christianity is all love and honey towards others, like 'sanathana dharma" of hindus!
In fact, christianity like islam preaches that only through their religion one can attain heaven and salvation and that all others including hindus are "infidels" or kafirs who will go to hell if not converted to their superior faith.
Will Mr Pulikunnel comment, if he is sincere and open in mind, on the relevance of such a hate-filled intolerant dogma in a secular country as ours which has welcomed and nurtured all persecuted faiths and people through out hundreds of centuries? Perhaps not!
Mr Pulikunnel must also have said that through out 2000 year history, christianity and their agents have destroyed and eliminated fom this world thousands and thousands of people by butchery and murder and destroyed hundreds and hundreds of indigenous cultures. The sad truth is this holocaust continues even to this day!
Of course, Mr Pulikunnel would not dare to speak on these himalayan atrocities and holocaust since his existence itself could be in trouble!
Let those who have eyes see the truth and let only those who are not sinners, let them throw stones at others!I am not too sure whether this interview or article should have merited such an important place in the front page of this website,either! 5
V.N. Gopalakrishnan, Powai, Mumbai
13/06/2007 04:40:16
Congratulations for publishing the views of Mr.Joseph Pulikunnel in your Web Portal!!

The views certainly reflect the thinking of many Christian intelligentia though they are not expressing for obvious reasons. Christian theological institutions do teach Hindu philosophy as part of their curriculum and hence the theologians pass out from these institutions learn the rich legacy of Indian culture and heritage. This knowledge is certainly beneficial for their future endeavour.

The proslytisation efforts on the part of Semetic religious leaders and advocates have succeeded to a certain extend in enhancing the strength of their followers in India over the centuries. But the reality is that the ethos and culture of our country is certainly flowing in the bloods of our countrymen irrespective of his religion, caste or creed in some way.

The late Rev. Dr. Yuhanon Mar Thoma Metropolita had received his doctorate for his reseacrh study on Bhagavad Gita. There are many such souls India who will vouchsafe for the rich cultural legacy of our country which has been handed down for generations. Indianisation of the native Church is certainly the right step and the followers will benefit immensely from it. The views of Mr.Joseph Pulikunnel should be appreciated in this context.

The 'Sanathana dharma' propounded by sages and saints of yore teach nothing but the salvation of souls besides tolerance and brotherhood. If the cardinal principles of Hinduism are taught among non-Hindus from childhood, there is great hope for the posterity.

It is not the strength of the religious followers of various faiths that is going to determine the future of the world but their impact in uniting humankind into one vast family free of differences in caste, creed or faith. 'The universal brotherhood' should be the 'mantra' of all religious leaders, philosophers and intellectuals for a new world order.

Mr. Joseph Pulikunnel's views are more relevant in this context and hence should be appreciated by all right thinking people. 5



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