"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
Idol Worshipper: Who is and who is not?
19/06/2012 12:31:03  Dilip Amin - http://www.interfaithshaadi.org

Some religions have strict codes against idol-worshipping, however it is not clear what is idol-worshipping and what is not. This article is written to stimulate discussion on this topic.

Padma Kappa in her Patheos article
wishes Hindus to distance from the terms “polytheist” and “idol-worships.” Her concern is to find a proper fit with monotheist exclusivist Christians, Jews and Muslims (Abrahamics) in America.

Idol or not?
As per descriptions in the Bible and Koran and also in many practical senses, Hindus are polytheist, idol-worshippers and pray to “other gods.” Actually, in my eyes, Christians are also polytheist (believing in the trinity; LORD God, Jesus as a Son-God and the Holy Spirit) and idol worshippers (wood and gold crosses, idols of baby Jesus, Mary, John, Paul, Peter, Santa and so on). If so, how are Christians different from Hindus? Why it is bad to use an “idol” to help focus on the God? Who is to decide that it is wrong to see the God in different forms?

Just like anyone else, I am a man with a wavering-mind and I need a focus point to pray to the God. When I visit any Hindu temple, I expect to take “darshan” of more than 20 idols (deities) and will bow to every one of them. It is not enough “idolatry” for me so I will also visit Jain and Buddhist temples and bow to many more “idols.” Further, I have bowed to Jesus and Mary’s “idols” and have eaten Jesus’ body (bread); thought I did not like the taste of the wafer! I have also

Why Muslims pray to the God only in the direction of (idol?) Kaaba?

prayed in a Mosque and in the direction of the Islamic “idol,” the Kaaba (Black Cube). I am disappointed at not finding a focus point in synagogues. However, I learned that Jewish people use a candle or David Star (idol) to pray at the Sabbath time.
The word idol can be defined very broadly. A Christian radio described “idolatry” as being “idle,” praying to the cross without faith, being alcoholic and drug addict and so on. If so, I am absolutely not an idol-worshipper. I rarely watch television and love to live very active life. Further, I prefer to spend time for betterment of society than into religious institutions trying to please the God, if there. However, to an intolerant Abrahamic who has an allergy to the word idolatry, I would certainly tell that I am a proud idol-worshipper.

Do Hindus pray to idols?

Hindus have complete liberty to pray the God in any and every ways that works for one. Mount Kailash, river Ganges, the monkey God Hanuman, the elephant God Ganesh, the Sun and Moon, the Mother Earth and many plants and animals are all sacred to Hindus. It is the feeling of reverence for creation that counts, not the names & forms or their labels.
During my childhood, I have seen my mother going every morning to several temples, putting flowers on some sacred stones, tightening a red thread around a Pipara tree trunk, watering to a holy Tulsi shrub; and while returning bowing and feeding a cow. Whatever her approach may be to connect to the God, I have certainly learned from her to respect any and every one, including the Mother Nature and animals.

The Hindu Namaste greeting means I see divine in you and blow to you, how beautiful! I am so proud to be taught Hindu Philosophy of seeing God in every one, be that my boss or servant. Respect to others and nature around us will certainly make this World a better place to live, rather than being an exclusivist or man-centric.

Worshipping the wall (idol) or the God?
By the law of association, the material image calls up the mental idea and vice a versa. That is the way we ALL use an external symbol when we worships. If someone can realize his divine nature with the help of an idol, would it be right to call that sin?
Swami Vivekananda had no reservation associating with the word idol. He has stated, “If such (his guru) Ramakrishna Paramahamsas are produced by idol-worship, what will you have – - the reformer’s creed or any number of idols? Yes idolatry is condemned! Why? Nobody knows. Because some hundreds of years ago some man of Jewish blood happened to condemn it? That is, he happened to condemn everybody else’s idols except his own.”

By reading the Bible and Koran, I learned that Abrahamic faith scriptures provided no tolerance for the believers in “other gods.” It is basically a war of “us” against “them”. The first of two of the Ten Commandments state that there is no god other than LORD God and if you pray to other gods, the LORD God will punish you for several generations (Exodus 20:3-5). The Bible states, “Our God is greater than all gods.” (II Chronicles 2:5) Jesus said, “Who is not with me is against me.” (Matthews 12:12) Further, He added, “No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (John 14:6)

Is the wood cross an idol or God?
Jesus claimed that he is the Son of God (Luke 22:70), however, Allah (God) forbids that He Himself should beget a son! (Koran 19:34) Further, Allah said: believers, take neither Jews nor the Christians for your friends. (Koran 5:51) Reciprocating, Reverend Franklin Graham told, “Muslims do not worship the same God the Father I worship. I think Muhammad only leads to the grave. I don’t believe that you can get to heaven through a Buddhist or Hindu.” Recently, Richard Land called Mormon religion a cult. So, where will these “us against them” debates end?

To add to it, Lord Krishna also stated “I am the beginning, the middle and also the end of all beings” (Gita 10:20) and “As all surrender unto Me, I reward them accordingly. Everyone follows My path in all respects.” (Gita 4.11) Then, is Krishna’s message any less exclusivist than the Christ?

Scriptures cannot be changed now but we have to learn to interpret the scripture in its context and historical significance. It is possible Jesus may have said a few statements in his “parabola” to explain to a common man in a simple way but others may have over-interpreted him. Actually, Jesus himself never used the word “idol” or “other gods” in any of his direct messages. It is difficult to believe that Jesus, who changed the Second Commandment of jealousy and anger to – Love thy neighbor – (Matthew 22:39), will ever recommend to send Mahatma Gandhi to hell just because Gandhi was not Baptized or Gandhi did not endorsed that Jesus is the true savior.

Idol? Doll, for sure!
Are LORD God, Father God, Jesus as a Son (God), Allah, Krishna, Goddess Laxmi, Buddha, the Golden-Calf and many more just different incarnations of the SAME God, or are they different super powers? Whose claim on the God is right?
Is my idol better than yours? Is my Barbie doll better than yours? Instead of fighting, why not go and play with all dolls, if allowed to.

It is time to give up childish talk and be a true pluralist.

Readers, can you help make a list of “idols” used by different religions? Who is an idol worshipper and who is not? Express your views @ http://www.interfaithshaadi.org/blog/?p=1476

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11/11/2012 00:55:33
Idol Worshipper: Who is and who is not?
Simply put Bible contains the word LIE!!

World's 2 largest religions are purely founded on book..(man-made)
12/07/2012 21:55:10
Idol Worshipper: Who is and who is not?

You have no answer to my questions and want to escape from this discussion. It is obvious that you got baptized only for the sake of worldly comforts as did many other Hindus. “Those whose wisdom has been carried away by various desires, being prompted by their own nature, worship other deities adopting rules relating to each.” But for Bhagavan Sri Krishna every devotee is noble and said: “Whatever celestial form a devotee ( craving for some worldly object) choose to worship with reverence, I stabilize the faith of that particular devotee in that form. The fruit gained by these people of small understanding, however is perishable.” This is exactly what has happened to Christian Dalits. Again you asked me to read the Bible, but there are many versions of bible . Which bible are you talking about? Bible has been written without any spiritual base because it has not been written by divine people. You suggested that I ask the questions to a preacher or clergy man. But even Pope was unable to give proper clarification for adopting Original Sin in Christianity.
"The inability to understand 'original sin' and to make it understandable is really one of the most difficult problems of present-day theology and pastoral ministry."

This is from the man who was the guardian of doctrine for the Catholic Church for years under Pope John Paul II, and is now the Pope himself. He admits that it is impossible to understand or explain. But still, it is the basis for all other doctrine concerning sin and salvation – for Catholics and most Protestant denominations. And multitudes of souls continue to be deceived and die in their sins because they are taught by the religious leaders that there really is no victory in this life.
11/07/2012 10:38:50
Dear Govindan, let me make clear again...

There is no fault in your not reading or studying Bible. I did not make any such comment. But if you want to comment authoritatively about anything, (let alone the Bible), you better study it.

Secondly, I am not a defender of Bible or Christianity so there is no point in asking me those questions to me, nor am I concerned with your doubts about Jesus etc.. You are a free human being. Probably you should ask those questions to a preacher,or clergy man.
10/07/2012 05:23:05
Idol Worshipper: Who is and who is not?


I am not questioning your faith in Jesus. I am interested to know what you find better in Christianity than your original religion? . But you have not given any answer. Instead of that, you are finding fault that I have not read the bible. I doubt if Jesus really achieved divinity as claimed by your clergymen and pastors. But if anybody studies the bible in detail he does not carry the same impression. Jesus behaved like an ordinary man and made many contradictory remarks. You are no better than other Christians who run way when I started asking questions from bible.
09/07/2012 21:24:47
Dead Jew follower is disturbed!
I would say they are biblical comments and hence you appear to be disturbed! Since the dead jew follower picked up the stone first, I might have to resort responding to you.Biblical vomitus and the followers of dead jew and the pedophile have in the past committed many atrocities and are still carrying on with the same cruel methods, even today, simply because the relevant scriptures the vomitus teach you stupid people to do exactly that.When the hindus wake up and start asking uncomfortable questions, the pedophile followers kill and the dead followers try to evade a discussion or direct answer.Get it right.Bible is asinine ,idiotic,stupid and boring book with violence and cruelty.It is ,note,is not a divine book.Just because you dead jew followers want it that way,it will not become a divine book.the same applies to the vomitus of a book by the pedophile.You stupid followers of abrahamic religions are not and never will be considered as the true followers.You are rice bag converts.The sword converted the other lot.We have fought you people for hundreds of years and we shall do so in future and will never ever convert in to these two asinine religions.
09/07/2012 07:18:31
As an intelligent human being I know what is right or wrong with Christianity (or any religion, including Hinduism, that I have studied). I am not a defender of Christianity, or any other religion, especially the political versions.

The very first sentence of your poser to me indicates you are not really aquainted with or have read Bible, and your knowledge is merely cut-paste or quote from some website or article. I hasten to add it is not necessary to read or study bible to be good human being. But it is always good to study a subject, if one wants to make authoritative-sounding comments on it. So there is no point in debating with you on the subject.

I am merely amused at the 'Proudestkafir' (what a wannabe moniker! have some self respect, sir.) who posts the same puerile comment endlessly in several forums here.
09/07/2012 06:27:00
who would want a broken India
and who is helping them in doing that job?
Who wants India broken? All except Israel! Who supports these enemies of India?
Moslem scums, Communists, Christian missionaries, mullahs, Indian politicians of many parties, but mainly congress and communists, corrupt hindus,.
Who supports a united India? All patriotic non casteist Indians and RSS.
Who are in minority? The last group.What needs to be done? Simple.
09/07/2012 00:45:16
Idol Worshipper: Who is and who is not?

Marxist crooks criticize Hinduism without any data and it is these hateful people who have misled their foolish and hot-headed cadres to indulge in violence and murder of those people who do not subscribe to their ideology. This Marxists who pontificate Hindus, are wolves in sheep’s clothing! This is another covert way of discrediting the Sangh parivar! Let Dileep come out with the data of the number of Buddhists burnt by Hindus,mentioning the year and place. Similarly, let him give the data for the clashes which he alleges took place between vaishnavas and shaivas and what is the casualty among them and where did it happen. The proof must be authentic. Do you know who introduced the caste system? Whether Christanity was able to give justice to converted dalits? I have records to prove that caste system in Hinduism was introduced during British rule. The ‘varnashram’ in Hinduism was not discriminatory. Why are converted dalits asking for reservation from the Govt. Dileep, what is your positive contribution to the Hindu society. I think Marxists are the worst jandus and traitors of this nation.
08/07/2012 03:23:11
Anti-abrahamic or Pro-hindu? We need to be more pragmatic and positive
Dark sides of Abraham religions! Brothers if we check our side, we also have a dark side, ugly in its own way. Hindus have burned Buddhists, Shaivas fought against vaishnavas, shaivas fought among themselves and the worst of all caste system when it deteriorated. I realize and accept the fact that organised attempt to destroy India and its culture, and to destabilize this nation has already at full swing. But beware! Taking a step in the wrong direction is going to bring more harm than good. (this doesn't matter now as we have no direction at all at present!) How long will this cry out of self pity and blaming it all on others for our faults will work? Or do you guys just want to stick with scriptures, quotes and Vedas (as Mathew mentioned) and bring the Hindutva renaissance? Can you tell me your plan in down to earth terms? I have seen, lived among and worked with your sangha parivar, have seen the core of it. But alas, no hope from them. They are in no way going to help or revive Hinduism. Ajayyamcha viswasya dehiha sakthim, susheelam jagadhyena namram bhaveth- I have seen this in plenty in Europeans(not in everyone but in many) but rarely in so called Hindu parivar (I will call them Hindu version of congress party with all its qualities- greed-selfishness-corruption-personal gods/god fathers-self centred-prejudiced- list goes on).
My advice is to guide your efforts in a positive way rather than wasting your time over anti-Abrahamic research. The reality is that the Hindus are weakened by their own mindset, attitudes. Including laziness, and self centred living (That’s why we are called JANDUS). I have tried with different groups, even now I am trying to make a small group of them to work for a common aim, but they pathetically fail. Soon the self interest creeps in and everybody starts demanding like kids (forget about those higher ideals we preach and claim to be ours, they are not even showing the minimum manners. Jandus! They all look like the donkeys carry
06/07/2012 05:16:02
So, after all what the dead jew said before being
stuck up the pole to die is neither divine, nor from the god! Oh the twists and turns and contortions these dead jew followers take, when confronted with the truth of vile bible is sad and funny! We are now educated and enlightened enough to understand how bilious and vile, cruel and violent, angry, jealous your abrahamic gods are! One more stupid than the other. Instead of saying nonsense all the time trying to support the dead jew, why not accept the truth of hinduism? There are many ways to approach the truth and all these ways are equally correct, for as long as your ultimate goal is absolute truth! I guess the dead jew followers and the pedophile followers will have no clue about this.You thought you stupid dead jew followers fooled hindus! Out of sheer apathy, respect or out of sheer sympathy we kept quiet about your qrand and biblical vomitus.Pushed to the wall, we shall expose every bit of the truth about islam and bible.Two are equally vile,virulent and reek with violence.There is no good in either of them.Yes one does find,good people amongst christians and that is in spite of bible.It is no thanks to bible! Time you left the christianity, as your past white masters have thrown bible in to the dust bin and wiping their back side with it!
06/07/2012 00:04:01
Idol Worshipper: Who is and who is not?

Can you tell me what is good in Christianity as per the Old Testament ,the original bible? I could not find anything which is worthwhile. Have you read the story of Moses ? Do you think it was ‘God’ who did all those horrible things mentioned in that story? Even if anything good was incorporated in it, it has been pilfered from other native religions. If Christianity is good , why are you copying rituals and practices from Hinduism? Actually your main aim is conversion by hook or by crook. Mis interpreting Hindu religious scripts were first started by Christians only. Naturally we have to tell our Hindu people the true color of Christianity. You don’t really have a defense! If you have any respect for Hinduism and Hindus, you would not disturb them in the practice of their native religion, which is part of their culture. Conversion is violence against another religion, the family, society and culture.
05/07/2012 08:02:02
Be discerning...
TCG, in all religious texts you will find good and bad. Though there are many good things you can adopt from religious texts, be discerning in what you choose. Blind belief in scripts is not good.

Endlessly reproducing quotes from religious texts to prove an argument is pointless. Depending on which religion one is loyal to, the game can be played both ways. But it is a pointless exercise. Do not hate,condemn, or misjudge people on presumptions because you do not like their religion.

All religions had political phases and accompanying sins, none excepted.
02/07/2012 22:03:19
Idol Worshipper: Who is and who is not?
I disagree with you. Violence against humanity is caused by wrong teachings in the Abrahamic religions and Marxism. Your first sentence is a biased one because you are not an affected party. Millions of girls and women were butchered in the name of witch -hunt in Europe and Africa. Your are telling these are past cases. But the fact is that now also similar things are happening. So do not try to defend Christianity with silly/lame excuses. I think you have not studied the full Bible and the dark history of Christianity which was kept secret for the last 2000 years. Perhaps you might have studied only the good portion incorporated into it, like majority of the Christians in the world because your pastors ask them to read only selected,good portion of the bible. Christianity is a rotten religion full of contradictions. So the present generation should know the real color of Christianity.

Bible says:

John 15:6
English Standard Version (ESV)

6 If anyone does not abide in me he is thrown away like a branch and withers; and the branches are gathered, thrown into the fire, and burned.

(Jhon 15:6).

In Luke 19:28 Jesus said, "...who would not have me reign over them, bring them hither and kill them before me". Jesus sure seemed to be an intolerant advocate of serial killing. He also supported the Old Testament which is filled with commands to kill. Luke 19 was one of many Biblical statement that powered the killings of the Inquisitors, Crusaders and Conquistadors.

Similarly in Koran also preacher violence.

So Jesus and Mohamed are not divine people and preaching violence. Abrahamic religions are fighting each other to establish their superiority.
30/06/2012 04:13:58
to KKR...
KKR, I will elaborate: There are three positions about this idol worship debate. 1. Idol worship is right 2. Idol worship is not right 3. There is no right and wrong in this.

You belong to the 1st category (or may be the last category), the pastors etc you mentioned belong to the 2nd, and I belong to the 3rd.

There is nothing wrong in any of these beliefs, or preaching such beliefs; it is an individual choice.

TC Govindan, it is better to go by the present and live in it than harbor the resentments of the past. Criminality (violence, discrimination against fellow citizens..) or being the enemy of the country's interests (eg tax evasion...) has nothing to with the religion of the citizens.
29/06/2012 04:15:05
Nobody worships idol, all worship only a living god !
Mathew, You said "There is nothing wrong or right about idol worshiping. It is a preference of individual." Agreed. But only very few Christians say this. I haven't heard this from any muslims.
It was Francis Xavier who destroyed thousands of temples and abused their idols. That fanatic guy became a Saint for Christians !

Most of the Christians still go with what is taught in bible and how it is interpreted by pastors. So even when they themselves do use symbols to worship they try to differentiate the Hindu-Budhist-Pagan way of idol worship as something which is against God. You can see this thinking from the comment of 'kaz' below. I have heard it from an elderly Christian lady who believe that what they follow is as per God's instructions and anything different is a sin. This is the exact problem with Muslims too. Since Koran said against idol, idols became haram. There is no logic applied. So millions of them can worship at Dargas and even 'body waste' as Pinarayi put it, and still claim that they only know what is right and what is wrong. The whole problem happens because people talk based on their belief not experience. If you experience progress in spiritual life, your path is true! That is the only criterion.

Idolatory is something even many Hindus feel ashamed of. I believe it is because of the psychological effect of the propaganda by missionaries and muslim fanatics. It is time Hindus proclaim to the whole world that it is our way of life.

"The whole idea of a messenger between God and Man – that the individual cannot directly
understand God but requires a prophet or savior like Mohammed or Jesus – is foreign to Hindu
thought that emphasizes the Atman or higher Self. One could argue that the setting up of such a messenger is the real idolatry or worship of a false
god." - DAVID FRAWLEY (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri) from the book "How I became a Hindu"
27/06/2012 23:55:36
Idol Worshipper: Who is and who is not?
If you study the history of the world, the two Abrahamic religions ( Christanity and Islam) and the Marxists have committed innumerable atrocities and killed maximum number of people till date. So Biju’s remark is not false. The most humane religion is Sanatana Dharma. Vedas are giving more importance to way of life than form of worship. Have you ever made any attempt to study why violence is more in Christian and Muslim countries?

27/06/2012 23:55:36
Idol Worshipper: Who is and who is not?
If you study the history of the world, the two Abrahamic religions ( Christanity and Islam) and the Marxists have committed innumerable atrocities and killed maximum number of people till date. So Biju’s remark is not false. The most humane religion is Sanatana Dharma. Vedas are giving more importance to way of life than form of worship. Have you ever made any attempt to study why violence is more in Christian and Muslim countries?

27/06/2012 19:25:45
Yet another lusty catholic priest
Just love that part about him having affairs with female catholic missionaries. Oh the pious souls, teaching morality to dark-skinned indigenous folks in developing countries, including India. (roll eyes)

Bishop resigns after being caught cavorting with woman on beach

The Vatican has accepted the resignation of an Argentine bishop who was caught cavorting with a blonde, bikini-clad woman on a Mexican beach.

Bishop Fernando Bargallo, 57, was forced to hand in his resignation after photographs emerged this month showing him frolicking and embracing the woman at a luxury resort in Mexico.

Bargallo, who led the Argentine diocese of Merlo-Moreno outside Buenos Aires since May 1997, has reportedly admitted to having "amorous ties" with the woman he is seen embracing in the water, thought to be a divorced restaurant owner.

He had initially claimed she was just a longtime friend.

The news broke as the Vatican ousted the founder of an Italian mission for "serious immoral behaviour," after it emerged he had sex with female missionaries during a posting in South America.


27/06/2012 04:30:07
@ T C Govindan, couldn't you get the point I was making? There is nothing wrong or right about idol worshiping. It is a preference of individual. The other point is good or bad citizens can be found among people of all religions. I was pointing out the fallacy of the Biju's narrow reasoning.

Enemies of this country are found among all communities. They are the tax evaders, smugglers, scamsters, bribers, bribe takers, doers of violence on fellow citizens, the corrupt.. all those who betray the country inside and outside the country. To brand this or that community of Indians as enemies is crude thinking.
25/06/2012 00:13:37
Idol Worshipper: Who is and who is not?

Not all the converted Christians are bad, but a few guys are enough to damage the image of any religion or society. The unsavory fact is that Christian pastors/ clergymen only aim to convert the gullible natives of any country to Christianity by hook or by crook. Bible never said that Christians should worship Mother Mary. But to attract the gullible natives, particularly the women who worship Goddesses, they introduced worship of the statue of Mother Mary and the crucified body of Jesus on the cross in the various churches. The more you try to glorify Christianity, the more its hollowness will be exposed. Your claim that “foreign spies unearthed in Indian secret
services over the years bore Hindu names” should be based on percentage of Hindus and Christians employed in the secret services. Probably no Christian was posted in the secret service during that particular time. So don’t try to fool the people.
24/06/2012 20:04:25
What about the jesus on the cross ?
Is that not an idol? ...Typical christian manipulation to confuse the situation !
23/06/2012 17:31:39
some thoughts
There is no need for misguided comparison. As per Hindu philosophy, the Devatas possess greater knowledge of the Supreme Brahman- God. All living souls require their blessings and knowledge to understand Brahman. So, when we adore and offer respectful obeisance to Devatas and sages, it is out of reverence for their knowledge & position. Of course, these Devatas have been designated positions in the governance of universe.
21/06/2012 04:02:00
It is irrelevant...
@Biju, I said Christians' pointing at others as idol worshipers when they (Christians) themselves are unabashed idol worshipers is a hypocrisy. The debate itself is artificial. Let people worship what they like.

Endlessly quoting from scriptures and Mahatma Gandhi is a mere game. One can find justifications for either of the opposed sides in quotes.

Christians are not enemies of India. Enemies of India's interest you will find among people of all religions. The tax evaders, the corrupt, and the foreign spies, and people who indulge in violence against fellow citizens, for examples. Mind you, almost all the the foreign spies unearthed in Indian secret services over the years bore Hindu names. Just an example.

Let us see these issues with a clear perspective.
20/06/2012 22:57:26
Reply to No - Brainer
@ Mathew ,
“The 'idol/no idol' debate is meaningless” – Christian Missionaries are converting people by hooks & crooks and by denigrating Indian Culture and Heritage. Thousands of people were converted by threatening using the BIBLICAL messages. In their way they are quoting and pushing people to follow the messages of (so called) god as per Bible as shown below. Please analyze these statements of Biblical god and think what will happen if the same type of messages is written in Indian Scriptures and if Indians follow it.
Then you shall destroy out all the inhabitants of the land before you and destroy all their figured stones and destroy and their molten images and demolish all their high places; and you shall take possession of the land and live in it, for I have given the land to you to possess it? (Number 33-52)
You shall not worship their gods, nor serve them, nor do according to their deeds; but you shall utterly overthrow them, and break their sacred pillars in pieces. But if you shall serve the lord your god and he will bless your bread and your water; and I will remove sickness from your midst (exodus 23 -24, 25)
As Mahatma Gandhi said “It is not a serious issue that if a Hindu got converted into Christianity, that the number of Hindus decreased by one or number Christians increased by one. The problem is that an enemy is created against this nation and culture……… “.
20/06/2012 13:00:52
...And the site www.interfaithshaadi.org, where this article is taken from, is an insult to human intelligence. The chap behind the website wants to convince us it features some kind 'Agony Aunt' columns, but going through the material it becomes clear that the questions and the answers are prepared by the same person(s) with different aliases. A trick not unknown in the agony aunt circles. But here it is so crude, so transparent.
20/06/2012 10:22:35
@ Dilip Amin
Though the essence of the article is praisworthy, the writer seems to have missed the point of the Geeta and has brought it down at par to the Abrahmic religions. Hinduism is a Dharma and it's totally different from other religions of the world in the sense, it's not exclusionist at all. Unfortunately the writer has miserably failed to understand this point. He himself quotes as written below:
To add to it, Lord Krishna also stated “I am the beginning, the middle and also the end of all beings” (Gita 10:20) and "Everyone follows My path in all respects.” (Gita 4.11)

When Shri Krishna himself declares that He is everything, where is the exclusion? Moreover, He also asserts that every body follows Him only. It means even a Christian, Muslim and Jew - all follow him. Is it a case of exclusion or assimilation? The author should understand that Hinduism is meant for assimilation of all the religions as mentioned by him in the shlokas of the Geeta. So his following question is meaningless the the light of the above comment.

Ohm Shantih
20/06/2012 08:37:49
The 'idol/no idol' debate is meaningless. It is hypocritical for Christians to claim that they do not worship idols when they have churches in which they pray, pictures, statues, and crosses in front of which they genuflect, an places they go pilgrimage to...

Is God concerned about such semantics?

At the same time, this article itself does not make sense. What is wrong (or right)in being a polytheist or idol worshiper? It is a way of religious life, just like for some it is a way of life as a monotheist.

Biju, it is not necessary to quote BR to prove that religions (all) have been mostly wicked in the extreme. But not God.

To sum it, a polytheist can be as intolerant as a monotheist, and vice-versa!
20/06/2012 05:42:05
Agniveer & Satyagni
@ HK,
Please publish the articles published in www.agniveer.com and www.satyagni.com to make aware of Hindus about their religion, culture & heritage.A lot of missionaries both christian and muslim are trying to denigrate our culture and these websites are giving perfect reply to all those and so we should spread such messages/articles to as many as possible.
20/06/2012 01:06:42
Reply to KAZ
Christians kiss the cross, kneel in front of it. In a broader perspective it is idol worship.
It is hypocritical to say other religions are idol worshippers when all Abrahamic faiths do so....
20/06/2012 00:39:32
reply to kaz
Can you tell us what is the meaning of worship how different is this from venerate?
19/06/2012 23:06:35
Idol Worship of Islam
All the Muslims worship towards the directions of Mecca, they worship Kaaba, they worship the 32 cms diameter black stone (which was worshipped by Prophet) kept in Ka aba, they clean the Kaba with rose water and cover with costly silk. If these are not idols & symbols, then why should they do all these rituals. When I said prophet Mohammed worshiped a stone like Sivalinga in Ka alba.In many places the dead body /cremation spot are worshipped by Muslims community
19/06/2012 22:51:54
Questions to KAZ
Lord Byron the famous poet wrote “the basis of Christianity is injustice, the son of the god, the pure, the immaculate; the innocent is sacrificed for the guilty. This proves his heroism, but no more does away with man’s sin than a school boy’s volunteering to be flogged for another would exculpate a dunce from negligence”
1. The above lines loudly and clearly inform us that the great scholar and leader of the poor, Jesus was crucified in Cross and worshipping that cross! Is it not an injustice and sin
2. Is the worship of cross not like worshipping the pistol used for killing Mahatma Gandhi.
3. Is it not true that the criminals were hanged or killed or crucified in olden days in the cross? The same cross was used for worshipping now. Is it not negative as Byron, a Christian by birth, said.
4. The cross was accepted by Christians after 273 AD by the declaration of the then Pope. Can a human being declare an unholy thing holy just like that?
5. When all human being are declared as sinners, can a sinner declare an unholy weapon ( as holy) used for hanging the most holy man (the world has ever seen).
6. In the 21st century the so called scientific and logical religion ‘Christianity is moving through most unholy illogical pathway of worshipping a cross used for hanging/ crucifying the ‘son of the god’, whatever justification is given for that.

Bertrand Russell’s words “we would be called wicked if we did not hold the Christian religion is the most part extremely wicked”

1. Hanging a wicked man can be understood as it is done even now in many countries.
2. Hanging a good man for the sin of wicked men! Is something which itself is wicked.
3. The god who should punish a wicked and protect a good man, himself declared that a good man is punished for the wicked through crucifying the good.
4. It is like; hanging/ killing / crucifying / a holy man for the crimes of wicked man or a terrorist..
5. How can justify the god’s action of crucifying an innocent holy s
19/06/2012 22:57:51
Excluvist and intolerant
irrational,violent ,cruel and pathetic religions these abrahamic religions! No wonder, Catholics, slaughter protestants with impunity in Ireland and shias and sunnis have been spilling theblood of each other for generations, the jews have been killing others and recently are being slaughtered by moslems and christians! So much for the tolerant and peaceful nature of these abrahamic religions!
19/06/2012 22:27:57

Waht is the difference ? Symbol and Idol ?
19/06/2012 21:40:28
Wooden cross is not an idol, cross is the symbpol the reminder. Christians dont 'worship' the cross but venerates it



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