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Splendid Roza meals for deadly terrorist Abu Jundal at 5am!
20/08/2012 00:28:20  mid-day.com

Taking a cue from Ajmal Qasab, 26/11 handler Zabiuddin Ansari alias Abu Jundal has been making prison guards run around to meet his demands for festive delicacies.

Bheja fry, kheema, chicken rolls, kebabs – and go easy on the spices please. Taking a cue from Ajmal Qasab, 26/11 terrorist handler Syed Zabiuddin Ansari alias Abu Jundal has been demanding for a veritable banquet for sehri, his first meal of the day at 5 am as he observes Roza. Cops deputed for Jundal’s security have been reduced to delivery boys, afraid of hurting religious sentiments.

In August 2009, Qasab refused the food he was given, demanding mutton biryani instead. However, he was reprimanded by the judge M L Tahaliyani after jail authorities complained against him.

Now Jundal, who is lodged in custody of the ATS at Kalachowkie, has been making similar demands with the policemen posted for his security.
Sources in the ATS alleged that Jundal has been regularly demanding delicacies like Bheja fry and malai at odd hours of day.

Fearing that he would make false allegations against them at court, cops have been forced to toe his line. “He (Jundal) asks for dry khajoor (dates), milk, malai, kheema and bheja fry. It is tough to arrange for these items in the early hours of the day. But we do not want to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments, even if the person is a terrorist. Everyday, a constable ventures out at around 5 am to fetch his meal, so that he can observe Roza,” said an officer from the Mumbai ATS, on condition of anonymity.

According to ATS officials, the constable sometimes has to go all the way to Bhendi Bazar or Mohammed Ali Road where food stalls remain open till wee hours. “At times we request the Muslim organisations around our office, or individuals who observe Roza, to help us with the arrangements. We also have to ensure that the food is not too spicy,” said the officer in a mocking tone.

Jundal, a native of Beed district in Maharashtra, was deported in June this year after being detained in Saudi Arabia. Jundal has disclosed the role of Pakistan’s investigating agency ISI and his officers. None of his family members have come to meet him in jail since his arrest.

Abu Jundal’s Roza menu
Cold milk @ Rs 40 per litre
Dry dates @ Rs 40-600 per kg
Malai @ Rs 120 per kg
Bheja @ Rs 130-160 per plate
Chicken roll @ Rs 35 per piece
Kebabs @ Rs 15 per plate
Other items served up by cops to the terrorist handler include samosas, malpua and firni

Prison fare for all seasons
>> At 7 am for breakfast: Upma, Poha, 100 ml of milk and a cup of tea
>> At 10 am for lunch: Daal, chapati, rice and vegetables
>> 3.30 pm for supper: Daal, chapati, rice and vegetables

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24/08/2012 06:54:31
Terrorists' gluttony
This is scandalous! Why should terrorists be given special food? The Court must debar special food for the terrorists and other criminals.The public must protest against this misuse of the tax-payers'money!
22/08/2012 23:19:05
If the above is TRUE,all the maharastra congress rulers,some spineless police under them,should feel shy of their lives in treating the traitor like a VIP. WHEN JUDGE himself chided mass not to demand cup food,why should police be afraid of the traitor for blackmailing. Bloodless police. While army refused ayurvedicc treatment to injured Indian commando of 26/11 under rules, the perpetrators of 26/11 r given VIP
treatment under what rulesof police? Even the pickpockets or petty crime culprits jailed r not given proper food or water by the same policemen rather sometimes given heavy thrashing that may even lead to lock up deaths. It is equally shame for us also to be called fellow Indians in between such unpatriotic policemen and such rulers. If the same policemen R caughtand jailed in Pakistan territory,will they be given VIP treatment in jails for Hindu festivals. First ofall,what is the holiness left in unholy traitors and terrorists to be given VIP treatment during id etc? By these acts of police and the govt. Pakistan , the terrorists and the traitors get a wrong and mockery message to get emboldened for more and more sabotages(as already going on in some name or other)since they know the long lingering justices,Pardons etc.prevailing in the name of partisan religious sentiments in India. In maharastra atleast Shivsena is there atleast to check the I'll motives of the govt. This aspect has to be taken up by them against the police and political appeasement to the traitors. Even courts can take up suomotto to curb such VIP treatments to traitors and terrorists. Why the socalled media is keeping quite on such shame-to-the-Nation issues while they relentlessly harp upon Modijee of Gujarat .
21/08/2012 11:23:58
Terrorist have no religion?
I often hear from Muslim organizations that terrorist have no religion. If that is the case, why does Abu Jundal get to practice Islam. There should be an announcement that any terrorist caught would be declared atheist and his religious right - whether he is Hindu/Muslim/Christian/Sikh - would be taken away from him. He will not be given any religious book, nor he will be allowed to practice any religious fetivals. Also, sea burial should be made the practice for disposing off dead terrorist bodies.
Vijayakumar A. P., Coimbatore
20/08/2012 21:06:16
Shame on the Indian government!
Shame on the Indian government, the ATS and/or whoever is involved in serving daily banquets to the main handler of a crime, which was war on India! India will definitely be a haven for terrorists, who roam around freely without being caught, and even if caught, can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle!
20/08/2012 05:14:36
Keep counting the calorie intake of jihadi animals
How long are the Indians going to keep counting the calorie intake of these jihadi animals, or describing their posh lifestyle in the Indian so-called prison? Either shoot these barbarians down, or employ the tactic suggested in the blog and send them to the US where they will be put to hard, back-breaking labor by the US prison system to revitalize their economy and at the same time rid the world of the menace.




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