"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
Ford Foundation routed $250,000 to Teesta to propagate hatred against Hindus and Modi
19/08/2012 18:22:11  

Ford Foundation , an International NGO hit the news other day following their interference in policy making of Indian MP’s. To provide assistance to MP’s in ‘Research and Analysis’ , The Institute for Policy Research Studies applied for approval to Home Ministry to receive US $8,55,000 (around `4,70,25,000) from Ford Foundation under this project. The project drew flak when the Institute’s staffers started accessing Government files under the garb of providing assistance to MPs. These “researchers” had free access to Parliament Library and been sourcing crucial documents for the last six years under this project.

This very same Ford Foundation based in US was also behind funding huge funds to Sabrang – An NGO Ran by notorious Teesta Setalvad. Ford Foundation. The Foundation was created by Edsel and Henry Ford , pioneers in car manufacturing. In 2009 Ford foundation has donated $250,000 to feed Teesta’s mouth which in turn have used to propagate Anti Hindu propagandas and to target Narendra Modi personally.


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GSK Menon
31/08/2012 03:16:24
Ford Foundation routed
A detailed enquiry is necessary to find out:
1) Why she sought funds ? What reasons were cited by her ?
2)What were these funds utilised for ?
3) Who were the beneficiaries ?
4) Has she paid any Income Tax ?
5) Can a money laundering angle be there ?
6) Is there any terror funding angle ?
A PIL needs to be filed to bring out the truth.
28/08/2012 17:38:35
truth se darte?
my comments are almost never posted, truth se darte ?? is the haindava team infallible, what the few of you think is the truth ?
24/08/2012 06:54:02
Foreign Funding in India
The mask is off.
24/08/2012 07:03:06
ford Foundation's unethical funding for Teesta Setelvad
VHP and BJP must protest to Ford Foundation against funding the anti-Hindu, anti-national Teesta Setelvad.
Satish Kini
21/08/2012 20:28:13
Boycott Ford in India.
Boycott all Ford products in India.
Since Europe is in big trouble India is one of the important markets for Ford. Spread the message to everybody. The ban can be lifted only if they take back the entire money from Teesta and hand over the amount to Kashmiri Pundits.
21/08/2012 19:14:12
Ford Foundation accused in 2003... US citizens should write in
..of funding international terror.


Ford Foundation has been accused of whipping up "anti-Semitic and anti-American" frenzy.

Naturalized US citizens of Indian origin may write to their senators, especially Republican conservatives so as to bring this to their attention.
21/08/2012 19:04:38
Ask Ford Foundation to explain
Activists should write to Ford Foundation to explain under what terms the grants were given. It is also likely that FF was misled by these "Trusts" and "NGO's". Ask FF to share the proposals which cannot be private or confidential anyway. Copy international journalists including Reuters, WSJ, NYT, Washington Post, RSF, Bloomberg, Time, Der Spiegel, La Martiniere, Al Jazeera, Charity Watch, Charity Navigator etc.

"How Ford Foundation funds the left" is already being criticized.

Please follow

to get more information how to approach FF and critique their use of funds. But finally, all said and done, it is their funds and they can do anything with it. So a protest against this should be an open campaign with data and information.
21/08/2012 01:47:25
May be there is more than what meets eyes
May be they want to expel patriotic leaders like Modi to promote their multinational American business. Definitely under leaders like Modi, Indian industries will flourish. Which will become a competition to MNCs. See the last two big projects Modi facilitated. The Tata Nano and the Maruti. Ford is a competitor in automobile sector!
20/08/2012 22:03:07
Ford foundation
I doubt about this because Ford director mr.Amirtha das (great grand son of Henry Ford, founder ) is the 40 years strong association with ISKCON and he has donated big money for vrindavan,mayapur and Tirumala Iskcon temples in india and funded many projects of krishna temples. How come they work against hindus and modi who has later invited Ford car to set up a plant near vadura ( this was planned in chennai before but due to power cut in T N - this has moved to gujarat - modi himself met top officials of Ford ) . pl check many times before publishing such sensitive news.
Vijayakumar A. P., Coimbatore
20/08/2012 20:59:34
Boycott Ford cars...
Why don't Hindu organizations appeal to the public not to buy Ford cars? This will definitely have some effect on the sale of Ford cars, and this way we can restrict funds from the Indians, for anti-India activities!
20/08/2012 16:16:38
different trustees do what they wnat perhaps
and "this very same" Ford Foundation is helping to build the biggest hindu temple in the world in Mayapur west bengal. and The Vedic Cultural Center in Moscow($10 million)
19/08/2012 21:26:55
Donation by Ford fountation
In a country where people are willing to sell their country for lesser amounts How Teesta could have rejected an amount of Rs 12500000.This explains her extraordinary zeal to discredit Sangh Parivar,BJP and Narendra Modi.
19/08/2012 20:36:22

Ford great-grandson to donate US$10 million to Hare Krishna temple
Associated Press/December 29, 2002

Calcutta, India -- Alfred B. Ford, the great-grandson of Henry Ford, announced Sunday a donation of 500 million rupees (US$10.2 million) to a Hare Krishna project in eastern India, hoping to make it a center of spiritual excellence.

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness, widely known as the Hare Krishna movement, plans to build a US$100 million sprawling complex at its headquarters in Mayapur town in the West Bengal state.

"I would like Mayapur to be to its followers what the Vatican is to Catholics,'' Alfred Ford told reporters in Calcutta, the state capital about 100 kilometers (60 miles) south of Mayapur. "I would like Mayapur to be a place where people would come for a spiritual experience and to listen to discourses on philosophy.''

Alfred B. Ford inaugurated a Krishna temple in Calcutta on Sunday. Ford converted to Hinduism and joined the Krishna movement after he met the founder of the faith, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, in the United States in 1975. Ford later set up Hindu temples in the United States.

Founded in 1966, the Krishna movement has more than 400 centers around the world.

19/08/2012 20:33:42
ambarish das grand son of henry ford and whole family converted to hinduism ...if this foundation have anything link with ford family this issue should inform to ambarish das .....http://haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=15432&SKIN=W



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