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Jihadi Protests in UP turns violent;attacked people,vandalised Buddha statue, shops and vehicles.
18/08/2012 03:31:49  PTI

Violence broke out in the Uttar Pradesh capital city on Friday as hundreds of irate Muslims, protesting violence against the community in Assam and Myanmar, took to the streets, attacked people, and vandalised shops and vehicles in their way. It all started after prayers on the last Friday of the month of Ramzan when a mob of over 2,000 people, owing allegiance to Jamaat-e-Ulem
a took out a procession from old Lucknow after the 'alvida namaaz' and began moving towards the Vidhan Sabha.

Raising slogans against the killings of Muslims in Myanmar and Assam, the crowd turned violent even targeting the famous Buddha Park where they vandalised many statues and uprooted plants. The police posse present there remained silent spectators.

The crowd was finally physically stopped at the Vidhan Sabha when the protestors wanted to proceed towards the chief minister's Kalidas Marg residence.

The mob then turned its ire on the mediapersons and cameramen present at the legislature, attacking the journalists, breaking their cameras and vandalising the OB van of a national television channel.

While the mob soon melted away, the mediapersons staged a sit-in demanding action and arrest of the people who attacked them. They said they would not move until the principal secretary for home came and met them and ordered arrest of the attackers.

Violent protests have been reported from Kanpur also where protestors pelted stones on passers-by at Rizvi Road and Cycle Market areas after the namaaz. Rapid Action Force (RAF) has been deployed to prevent further escalation of violence.

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21/08/2012 01:43:29
More details
A report on the above incident with photos.
Raj Puducode
19/08/2012 11:11:42
Exodus of Jihadis
Is there a magic bullet or spreading of wrong information so that the Jihadi cancer among us will start an exodus back to their heaven on earth called Pakistan or Bangladesh so that the rest can live in peace.We are wasting too much of our life time fighting these animals among us.
19/08/2012 00:57:53

How unfortunate Bharat is with having such people amongst it. Thank you, Nehru, Gandhi for this virus.
19/08/2012 00:25:41
Sample of days to come
Now it is being argued that, the conspiracy originated in Pakistan. But that doesn't answer all the questions. Irrespective of where the rumors originated, it clearly shows that Islamic fanaticism is fast becoming a national threat. The sheer number of rioters, they co-ordinated way in which the riots spread through cities, the fact that they could bring out massive crowds in the supposedly holy month of theirs in which they are supposed to indulge only in pious activities etc show that, for muslim fanatics, this is only a land to conquer.
raj nair
18/08/2012 11:50:46
This hooliganism by barbarians in the name of a barbariac religion and its fictitious moon-god cannot take place in the state Gujarat; because it is ruled by a Hindu who know how to protect the law abiding good people under his regime.
Satish Chandra
18/08/2012 09:15:09
The Beginning Ethnic Cleansing
The fact is all Kafirs would be cleansed from India now. This is the formal beginning, although the process has started long back as Jehadis have continously grown in number.
I pray atleast some of the pseudo-seculars become victims of attack on North East people - so at least now they realise the real plan of jehadis - to cleanse India of Kafirs.

Satish Chandra
18/08/2012 09:09:24
Why has no 'Shoot-at-sight' been issued against the anti-socials? Are those 'Jamais' to Mulayam Singh Yadav?
18/08/2012 08:54:51
A idiotic religion
Islam is idiotic religion which provokes Jihadis in all places. How come these Jihadi idiots want to support their Jihadi brothers coming from Bangladesh ?.
18/08/2012 07:19:41
That is Darul Harb for you.Gazwat Al Hind is their 1400 year old unfinished agenda.Be aware Petty Secular Politicians of India.
18/08/2012 05:52:07
These goons are ruining our nation economically and culturely

These are the born criminals, who don't know anything other than violence or the other side of the life.
This was the same way they behaved in Mumbai. Why these are only happening in Congress ruling Maharashtra and S.P ruling U.P. Day time politicians are the night time criminals and they know that nothing will happen.

There is no language in the world, even Greek, which has the clarity and the philosophical precision of Sanskrit, and this great India is not only at the origin of everything, She is superior in everything, intellectually, religiously or politically and even the Greek heritage seems pale in comparison.

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