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Bangalore police arrests six for attack, intimidation, false SMSs
17/08/2012 19:42:51  

BANGALORE: Cracking the whip in the wake of exodus of people from the northeast, the Karnataka government today arrested six persons on charges of attack, intimidation and sending "false" SMSs to people of the region.

Police have also detained some others for questioning, Karnataka deputy chief minister and home minister R Ashoka told reporters amid continuing exodus of northeasterners to their home states following fear of reprisals in the wake of Assam violence.

Ashoka said the number of people leaving the state had also come down today compared to the past two days.

He said the government had ensured tight security in areas having large population of the northeast community and there was no cause for worry.

Ashoka warned against harassing people from the northeast and said they will be punished as per the law.

Two Assam Ministers - transport minister Chandan Brahma and agriculture minister Nilamoni Sen Deka - told reporters that they were impressed by the steps taken by the Karnataka government to safeguard the interests of people from northeast. There was no need for them to panic and the state was safe to stay, they said.

Brahma thanked the Karnataka government for rushing to the help of the people from Assam and other states in the northeast.

"The government is very much in command of the situation and there is no cause for alarm for my people. Karnataka is a beautiful state and it is safe for them to continue their studies or work," he said.

He said all those who had gone home will gradually return in one to four weeks time.

Deka said the Assam government has requested the parents of students studying in Karnataka not to pressure them to come home.

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Biju Krishnan
17/08/2012 22:18:26
They have a duty to do
I request my NE brothers to return to Assam to drive away the infiltrators and come back. They have to do this duty for their home land. Do not worry about your jobs and study, when you come back after your dharma yudha the whole bharath will welcome you.



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