"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
ABVP launches nation wide help-line to support North- East Students.
16/08/2012 09:21:54  HK

ABVP (Ahkil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parisdhad) launches nation wide help-line to support North- East Students.For any Kind of Assistance Call to 24x7 Help Line number.

Karnataka - Santhosh reddy - 09972788555
Bangalore - Sanjeev Nigambam - 09480081465
Mangolore - Prajwal - 08147987467
Chinmay - 09880576988
Andra Pradesh - Giri - 09440804821
Vijayawada - Shiva - 09492751040
Nagaraju - 09908855553
Vishakapattanam - Sudhakar - 09705983798
ABVP Office - 08916468886
Hydrabad - Racha Sreenivas - 09494309595
Maharashtra- Raju chauhan - 09422308453
Mumbai - ABVP office - 02224373754
Pune- Pravin Undre - 08275473105
Nagpur - Swapnil kathale - 09766973184
Anurag - visaldar - 07709551079
ABVP office - 07122454323
Delhi - Rohit Chahal - 09810900912
Raipur - ABVP office - 07714091857
Chennai - ABVP office - 04424343457
West UP- Agra Naveen Gautham - 08410663363
Sunil kumar - 09411210293
kanpur - Dilpreet Bhatiya - 09795614562
Lukhnow - Anil - 09415408423
Patna - Himanshu yadav - 09472142705
Himanshu - Shekhar - 09504738765
Pappu Verma 09472142705
Kathiyar Ranjan singh 09430968516
Manoj gupta - 09955555541
Kishanganj Rajesh dubey - 09431267283
Madhyapradesh - ABVP office- Bhopal 0755-2542005
Indore - sachin Sharma - 09826604747
Jabalpur- Upendra dhakad - 09424466644
Kerla -Ashish -09745030411
Titto John - 09895082328

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18/08/2012 08:22:16
Right move by all the organisations which extended support to the NE students.These steps where a govt should take is done by RSS/VHP/ABVP.
GSK Menon
17/08/2012 09:32:39
ABVP launches nation wide helpline
Start an all India campaign to expel all Bengali speaking Muslims, push them into W.Bengal and thereafter drive them like cattle into Bangladesh, or alternatively conquer Bangladesh and transport all these Bengali speaking Muslims into Bangladesh. India should seriously consider laying Mines around the full Bangladesh border to check infiltration. Patriotic Indians should quietly ask all employers to reject Bangladeshis.
16/08/2012 23:45:06
Reminds me the days of partition
A move in the right direction. ABVP being a student organization this is what is expected from it. Actions like this will reveal to the whole world what our nationalist organizations stand for. Saw the news clippings in the TV channels showing Sangh volunteers standing guard at Bangalore railway station and distributing food and water to stranded passengers. It reminds me of the days of partition.

The big question is when are we going to get rid of this problem which forces our own people to live like refugees in our own country ?
Satish Chandra
16/08/2012 10:27:14
Secularists Dancing In Joy
Secularists are now dancing in joy. They encouraged growth of Jehadi population and also protected Love Jehad groups - so now that Jehadis have grown in number - they are revealing their true colours - ethnic cleansing of non-Jehadis.
Hindus, and especially many participants on this forum who fume with strong anti-Christian rhetoric - should now realise that Christians are not involved in such activities.
Jehadis have only one global plan - increase in numbers, change the demography of a location and then drive out all other groups. Then declare it as an independent state!
Islamic Republic of India is now surely a reality. Imagine when they become a majority what would be the condition of Indians then? Still Hindus will look the other way and vote for anti-hindu parties (read khangress, khommunists,begum of bengal)
Now it is our turn for being chopped off. A temporary respite would be if you marry of your daughter to a Love Jehadi or embrace their religion!

Satish Chandra

"Balagokulam, through its different types of programmes and activities, tries to wake up the divine infant of Nandagokulam, who fills the hearts of the children of Bharath Mata. So, Balagokulam has got a historic mission to accomplish. Let HIM strengthen the children and workers of Balagokulam to march forward with the victory flags of Bharath Mata. Their leader is none other than Sri Krishna, HIMSELF"

Poojaniya H.V. Sheshadriji



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