"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
' Congress MPs need to take a lesson in Indian history!'
15/08/2012 19:21:34  Dr. Vijaya Rajiva

Congress MP Mani Shankar Iyer said on national television that India is not a Hindu country ! He pompously allowed that it is a Hindu majority country. The occasion for his outpourings was a program on NDTV, ' Should India take a stand on minorities in Pakistan?' (Aug.13, 2012). The question being discusssed was related to the seeking of asylum in India by Hindus fleeing Pakistan.

Mr. Iyer, even the barbarian invaders spoke of Hindustan when they referred to India. And well, the Persians called the river Sindhu, the river Hindu owing to a change in pronunciation. These references happened  Mr. Iyer because the word Sindhu occurred in the oldest of our Hindu scriptures (assuming that you consider yourself a Hindu which you well may not). Be that as it may, the majority of the 800 million plus Hindus of India (and those in the diaspora) consider that the land south of the Himalaya and extending to Kanyakumari, and from east to west , is Hindu, because of the civilisational ethos of the country, which goes back several thousand years and certainly long before that of the two proselytising minorites, Islam and Christianity.

Where did this Congressman go wrong ? In the NDTV program it became clear that he was using the occasion to make a case for keeping the millions of illegal migrants from Bangla Desh in Assam, so that the vote bank of the Congress will be safe. At the same time he managed to take a swipe at his sworn enemies (as he sees them!) the BJP, by accusing them of communalising the issue of both the Hindus of Pakistan and the illegal Muslim migrants from Banglas Desh. His ploy did not work for the simple reason that Dr. Chandran Mitra (editor of The Pioneer) pointed out that even the Assam Chief Minister had made a distinction betweeen refugees and illegal migrants !

That being taken care of Mr. Iyer sulked quietly, waiting for the next opportunity to hit two birds with one stone. Unfortunately for him that opportunity did not come his way.

The question needs to be asked by Hindus. Where did this Congressman go wrong ? Even his erstwhile boss, the late Jawaharlal Nehru did not go as far as saying that India is not a Hindu country, even though he did not seem to be concerned that it was and managed to mess up many aspects of decision making whether of foreign policy or interference with Hindu religious practice. And certainly, Mani Shankar Iyer's current boss cannot be blamed since she is neither fish fowl nor red herring, being a Catholic (not an Indian Catholic) but one who came from afar and whose educational and civilisational background did not prepare her for Hindu India (except for its famed wealth, especially it is reported, its antiquities !).

What is it in the educational training of Congressmen such as Mani Shankar Iyer ? For political reasons he appears to be willing to say that his own grandmother is not Hindu !

Whither Congress ? Whither ?

(The writer is a Political Philosopher who taught at a Canadian university).

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19/08/2012 17:56:44
Mani Sankar Iyer
This man is more to be pitied, than criticized; since he has been sidelined in the Congress, he has lost his moorings & is more a buffoon now. His defence of the populist scheme of free mobiles to the poor, that it will enable them to contact Govt. was the height of nonsense. As somebody pointed out, whom would the poor contact by phone? The Rashtrapathi Bhavan ? The PMO ? or the Governor? And which Govt. chaprasi will take immediate action on a phone call?
18/08/2012 09:47:05
Mani Sankar
Mani Sankar is a scum and a blot on the brahmin community which provided thought leadership in this country for millenia. People like him have sold their souls to the Italian mafia godmother for a few silvers and cannot be expected to say/do any better.His perpetual smirk and stiff upper lip is the indication of thick skin developed over years of supplication for few dogie crumbs he earns selling his cheap wares on TV
GSK Menon
17/08/2012 09:14:06
Congress M.P.'s need to take
Selfish, narrow minded dunces like Mr.Aiyar can never improve even if he takes lessons for a hundred years. The day Hindus unite to vote only for Committed Hindus, then Aiyar & his Congress stooges will start singing the glory of Hinduism. There is no point in blaming Aiyar & gang for not supporting Hinduism. The Congress is looting in lakhs of crores of rupees only because the so called Minorities are voting en bloc for them. A handful of people have become multi-trillionaires, why will he not sing glories about the foreign religion followers ? Hindus should learn to unite, then we can dictate to Aiyar, Mullah or Padre
T S Vaikuntam
17/08/2012 03:59:12
Congress MPs need to take a lesson in Indian history!'
If Mani Shankar Iyer's angle is accepted, whether India is a socialist Country? a secular country? What does he understand by the word Hindu.. Those who pretend to sleep can't be awaken. He seems to think that a Hindu Majority Nation means " where people are allowed to speak against the Nation, work against the Nation, no Nationalism at all..."
17/08/2012 00:34:20
200 million muslims are no match for 800 million Hindus
Imagine if all the 800 million Hindus vote together and elect BJP unanimously. BJP will come to power even if 200 million muslims come together and vote for Congress. BJP must aggressively pursue this time to come to power.
16/08/2012 06:42:55
Change the Constitution
this problem arise because there is not a word on Hinduism being the Religion og India.What it said is..India is a SECULAR country.The fault lays with the founder of India,who is more than willing to sacrifice the Hindus rather than the Muslim.The Hindus MUST demand that India is made a HINDU country.If Pakistan can be a MUslim country...Why India can't be a Hindu Country????
16/08/2012 05:52:48
Time to teach them
It is high time someone taught Mani Shankar and Digvijay a good lesson. These two morons are ridiculing Hinduism and Hindus for a lobg time and it is getting worse. It is time................
16/08/2012 03:54:25
KICK THE CONGRESS PARTY OUT OF INDIA.. 75% of India's Issues will automatically VANISH !!!



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