"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
Teacher removes the rakhi of their students; Various organizations condemn the incident.
15/08/2012 10:41:20  HK

A Muslim teacher has stirred a hornet’s nest by forcibly removing the ‘rakhi’ tied on the hands of students in her class. The incident has taken place in Elanthoor Govt.VHS School at Pathanamthitta. The teacher, who first denied the incident, later admitted to having done the deed. She also issued an apology later, following protests from various Hindu organizations.

The matter has been taken up on a serious basis, ABVP is planning to conduct a protest march in school with a special ‘raksha bandhan’ ceremony to be held tomorrow. Leaders of various Hindu organizations had condemned the extremist activity of teacher and alleged that such type of fanatic behaviors will make turmoil in a peace loving society.

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31/08/2012 23:28:35
No backbone
Namaskaram guys. We Hindus nowadays r not proud of our heritage. We tend to follow what the westerners do. Anything Hindu is obsolete and backward. Can u find a Hindu temple in Saudi Arabia? But in India lots of freedom is given to them, n fair enough they step on our heads. They would want to establish shariah law in India. If we keep Congress for 2 more terms, say bye bye to India. All hail the new state.....South Pakistan. God forbid... But it's not too far to take place. Don't be FOOLs again n again my brothers n sisters. Pass the message around. Don't just vote for Congress for some Rs 1000. Who said the whites n the moguls have left India. Can't even find 1 capable Indian to run the country.... A white lady imported from Italy is running the country... Shameless fellows. Corruption to the max. Well, don't want to get emotional. This teacher shud explain what was the reason for such conduct. Just suspend n kick her out of service.
29/08/2012 04:49:34
tr.removes rki.
yadha minister thadha teacher
18/08/2012 12:01:52
teacher removes rakhi
what a national waste that teacher is? before selecting teaching as a profession every body should know about our culture and society and it's history.. every Indian should react upon this. Vande Matharam
GSK Menon
17/08/2012 09:27:26
Teacher removes the rakhi
What a national ruckus would have been created by the media if a Hindu teacher had removed a burkha or scarf from a Muslim student's head ? ABVP should force a Hartal in Pathanamthitta, our so called Minorities should be made to feel the heat of Hindu anger.
17/08/2012 08:51:40
Removal of Rakhi
What would have happened and how our Govt would have reacted if the purdah of a Muslim girl was removed.Attacks on Hindu culture goes unnoticed usually.
Raj Puducode
16/08/2012 11:45:52
Jihadi animals
Jihadi justice calls for chopping the hands of accused but the Hindu value system calls for kindness & compassion which is alien to Jihadi animals.
Gireesh Nambiar
16/08/2012 08:16:03
Fitting reply
Good that the activists sprung into action very quickly. The decision to conduct a special ceremony is very apt too. This teacher should also be asked to tie a Raksha on someone she considers like her brother. I wonder when will these barbarians learn the basics of harmonious living...!
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16/08/2012 06:20:41
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Venugopal Kaikulath
16/08/2012 05:09:08
Sack the teacher.
The "Wear green sarees" Muslim League education minister must be made to sack this "no rakhi" teacher.
16/08/2012 04:19:42
Life forms
I think the lowest life forms on mother earth are the muslim women.There is nothing in their favour in islam and yet they follow it with full solemnity.Even a rat will desert a house if it does not get food.But these brainless beings continue in a religion that abhors them and have all laws just to use them as a commodity.
16/08/2012 02:46:55
Hinduism under Threat !
Muslims have a Upper hand over Hindus. They dare to attempt such acts as they are very sure that they will have a strong backup from their Community, the Police and on top of all, the Govt. Muslim tyranny has been levied on Hindus since ages. Post Independence when a separate State was carved for them, it was the greatest mistake to let the Muslims stay here. History stands testimony to the deadly carnage brought about by Partition. Muslims tried to kill as many Hindus as they could. Muslims continue their tirade against Hindus in all ways possible. Let me ask. Would the Muslims have remained silent, if a Muslim student was disrobed off their Veil ? Its time we Hindus adopt a tough stance against Muslims including their Population growth which is intended to outgrow Hindus.
To begin with Muslim Personal Law should be abolished. Bharat is one Nation. Different Laws is Unacceptable. Those who cannot accept this are free to Leave Bharat..
The Govt is well aware about the tolerance in Hindus, but they should also bear in Mind, every thing has a Limit.
15/08/2012 19:47:46
These barbarians do not understand what is civility, do not understand how to respect different belief systems. If they are not willing to learn they should live in their hell hole for ever and do not enter the civilised society, especially such hallowed places such as educational institutions.
kapil sreedhar
15/08/2012 12:55:43
freedom of religion
many are forgetting that we are a hindu majority state and every1 have equal rights. it is in the best interest of the nation to respect everyones religion. muslims have all the right to follow their religion but do not force your morality on others.
15/08/2012 11:12:40
why she dared?
The teacher did so because she's confident that Congress bosses will protect her!!



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