"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
Have you seen the rioters who desecrated the Amar Jawan memorial?
14/08/2012 22:19:22  PTI

The Mumbai police force is now using MiD DAY lensman Atul Kamble's photographs in its massive hunt for protestors who damaged the memorial at Azad Maidan dedicated to sepoys martyred in the 1857 mutiny.

The men you see in these photographs struck at the heart of the nation’s pride during the riots on Saturday, when they vandalised the iconic Amar Jawan Jyoti memorial near CST. Mumbai police, having drawn flak for its massive failure to contain the riots on Saturday, is now going on an overdrive to nab the miscreants.

According to reports, the entire force and its network is hot on the heels of these unidentified protestors, who kicked at the memorial, smashed it with a lathi, and then damaged the rifle and helmet inside the fibre glass casing.

The memorial, which was unveiled in 2009, was erected in memory of two sepoys — Sayyed Hussein and Mangal Cadiya — who were martyred during the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857.

These disturbing images were captured on Saturday by MiD DAY’s senior photographer Atul Kamble. Incidentally, Kamble became a victim of police violence while doing his job, even as the vandals went scot-free after sullying the iconic symbol of national pride.

Paradoxically, these photographs shot by Kamble have now become invaluable tools in the hands of the cops as they hunt for the vandals.

Crime Branch officials are now relying heavily on these shots, which are the only existing leads that can help trace these men. They will also act as evidence if and when the protestors are arrested.

Mumbai Crime Branch and local police are racing against each other to nab these hoodlums, knowing whoever makes these crucial arrests will reap rich professional rewards.

“Of all the miscreants, these men are the most wanted. They have hurt the sentiments of the entire nation. They must be arrested on priority,” said a senior Crime Branch official, on condition of anonymity.

An officer from Azad Maidan police station said, “In such a scenario, it is better if these men surrender before the police reach them. By giving themselves up, they would be able to avoid the wrath of the police as well as the public.”

“These photographs have been circulated among our informers. We are in constant touch with them for leads. Every policeman is on the lookout for them at present. If we manage to arrest them before Independence Day, it will be our tribute to the
freedom fighters,” he added.

The photographs caused a furore in social media networks. Readers across the nation condemned the act, some even comparing the vandals to 26/11 militant Ajmal Qasab.

Confirming the report, joint commissioner of police (crime) Himanshu Roy said, “This man (top-right) has insulted the national monument of India, and arresting him is our priority. Several Muslim leaders have also condemned the act.”

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28/08/2012 03:04:30
mumbai roit
what can we expect from a govt. lead sonia gandhi? it can happen only in india. maharastra govt. announced they will arrest those antisocial elements only after ramzan!!! bt they didn't hesitate to arrest kanchi shree on the day of deepavali. wha wha secular govt.
28/08/2012 00:34:23
Desecration of Amar Jawan Memmorial
According to some India office documents, De-classified some years ago, there was a secret agreement between the Britishers and Muslims, to hand over the power to Muslims when the Britishers are to leave India.Later the Britishers changed their stand and promised Muslims a separate nation for them on one condition that the Muslims would stand with the Britishers to fight and stop Russia if it attempts to tries to capture the gulf ports through Afghanistan.
And the Britishers assured the Muslims that India may not last long and disintegrate because of it's religious and cultural diversities. Tthe Britishers promised all helps to the Muslims when they try to capture India through a Military operation.
To the dismay of the Muslims and our colonial masters India did not disintegrate as they expected and is still in one piece and Pakistan split into two and is likely to be fragmented more in near future.
Yet some Muslims nurse the hope of capturing this country through terrorism, mass disturbances and riots.
Muslims terrorists and rioters are the foot soldiers of that pan Muslim Radical groups who want to capture India and impose Islamic rules again.
For them their No 1 enemy is the Army Jawans and members of our security forces.That is why they tried to desecrate the memorial built to honour those brave soldiers fought and died for our country.
Those who have even a mg of patriotism and national pride could not have done that.
Unfortunately majority of our society and medias did not find any thing wrong in attacks and kept silence in the name of secularism.This so called secularism has become far more dangerous than terrorism. Remember the complaint Mr.Rahul Gandhi the congress prime minister in waiting made to the American ambassador that Islamic terrorists are less dangerous to this country and Sangh Parivar is more .These people can't differentiate the patriotics and traitors.This is the curse of our country.
16/08/2012 23:55:58
What does Raj Thakeray have to say about this war on Mumbai by the Jehadis? I think, he has problem only with poor Hindus from other States living in Mumbai.
16/08/2012 03:12:19
Time for Hindu Action
Muslims in India live with the Pakistan Flag in their minds. Anything that is Hindu or Indian is deemed to be destroyed. They gain pleasure in destroying Hindus, as they are taught in their Madrassas to fight against Hindus in India. Our Political Leaders are more than happy to offer them Concession, Subsidies, Grants, Reliefs and what not to help them establish more and more Mosques and Madrassas. These are nothing but breeding Ponds for Islamic Terrorism. Pro-Hindu Organsisations or Pro-Hindu Political Parties can no longer be entrusted with the future of Hindus.
The act shown in the Picture clearly shows the hate in evey Muslims eyes and minds. To kick something is the lowest form of disrespect.
WHAT are we Hindus waiting for ?
Mumtaz Bannerji is doing her bit in W-Bengal where Illegal Bangladeshi Muslims are crossing over uninterrupted. Leaders in Kerala are no less competitive.
What could such an Act in Pakistan by any Hindu call for ?
Why would Sonia worry for Hindus ?
I wish there was atleast one Tukaram Omble in the Mumbai Police Force that was present near the Amar Jawan Memorial at Azad Maidan to kill that son of a Gun who dared to kick our Hearts and Minds !!
Vijayakumar A. P., Coimbatore
15/08/2012 23:49:13
It's their 'religious' duty!
Why blame these 'angry young' men? Is it not their 'religious' duty to try & damage anything that is of reverence to the nation of Bharath, enemy of 'their' nation, Pakistan? They were only waiting for a chance to do their 'duty'!
Raj Puducode+
15/08/2012 13:13:10
Deport all these anti-nationals & their patrons
BAN RAZA ACADEMY which is a fundamentalist Muslim group wearing a secular mask. Same is the Catholic Secular Forum.

15/08/2012 06:30:33
conspiracy theory
Show this photos to any emancipated muslim in kerala and you will get the stock answer that this is a jewish or Rss conspiracy to defame islam. Those are created photoshop jobs.BTW how does one find the combination of jeans and skull cap on one of the jihadi. And they are told to appose western life styles.
raj nair
15/08/2012 02:55:02
amar jawan
we should be ashamed of being ruled over by a foreigner woman who makes every move to implement the papel agenda to convert the 90 million jandus. then worry about the amar jawan memorial. The incident with amar jawan is because the 90 million jandus gave the control of the nation to the foreginder who has no commitment to the indians.
15/08/2012 00:47:59
This is an anti-national terrorist act
These criminals have indulged in the worst anti-national act by desecrating the Amar Jawan Memorial. This is an insult to the Indian Nationhood and the citizens of India. These anti-national vandals should be brought to book and awarded the maximum punishment.
15/08/2012 00:15:00
Muslim Traitors
I can't believe this. Are we really living in India or Pakistan?. Mumbai police standing like mute spectators during this heinous crime against the nation.Thanks to reporter Atul Kamble's photos,there is some hope of nabbing these terrorists
14/08/2012 23:46:18

Our Govt had done many mistakes in the past, while it was in the case of Dawood Ibrahim, Tyagi, Tiger Memon or Badkal etc. etc.

All those criminals had political supports, they were all working under their God father politicians.

Now, its the turn of Dr. Zakir Naik. Govt is again cultivating a monster using his petrol money and eyeing at vote banks. Politicians are supporting him for a temporary political gain, but for the country, he may cost a lot.
14/08/2012 22:54:07
One of the aims of that mutiny was to establish mughal rule (emperor dethroned by British). Means establishing muslim rule again in India.
14/08/2012 22:54:07
One of the aims of that mutiny was to establish mughal rule (emperor dethroned by British). Means establishing muslim rule again in India.
14/08/2012 22:54:07
One of the aims of that mutiny was to establish mughal rule (emperor dethroned by British). Means establishing muslim rule again in India.
14/08/2012 22:54:07
One of the aims of that mutiny was to establish mughal rule (emperor dethroned by British). Means establishing muslim rule again in India.
14/08/2012 22:30:36
Mumbai is heaven of terrorists.

The continuous 10 years' ruling of Congress made Mumbai, the heaven of terrorists. The situation of Mumbai is that we can not walk safely on the streets. Trains, buses and markets become dangerous for the family to visit. Everywhere arms carrying criminals are roaming. What an ordinary peace loving people like Parsis, Hindus, Christians can do ?

Muslim areas are the most dangerous place even for walking and driving and there are good Muslims, but they are minimum. The Muslims of U.P, Bihar and Bngladesh are the root cause of all riots.

Nobody believes that the 09/11 attacks were without the support of local Indians. The same Muslims, who create riots or those hooligans turn to be good, while they return to their own home state like Gujarath, U.P, Bihar and Karnataka. The reason is that their God father politicians of Mumbai are not available in their own states.



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