"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
Plan to Thwart Onam Celebrations in Schools.
11/08/2012 23:02:56  HK

The Bharatiya Janata Party has alleged that there is a conspiracy going in the government levelon to thwart Onam celebrations in school. The BJP State General Secretary K Surendran has stated that an examination has been scheduled on 24 September, the date which was previously set aside for Onam celebrations. He has alleged that this is a conspiracy by the Muslim League, which now handles the education department.

“Kerala, each year, until now, has been unfailingly having Onam celebrations. However, there is all possibility of the Muslim League and its communal agenda in creating plans to thwart these celebrations,” he added.

“Earlier it was scheduled to conduct the exam from 14 – 23 September, with Onam celebrations to be held on 24. However, the examination to be held on 17 will now be held on 24, there by doing away with the festivity. However, the reason being cited is that 17 happens to be the last Friday in the fasting season of Ramzan. But this has not been confirmed,” said Surendran, who has reiterated that the Chief Minister must clarify as to why 17 has been declared a holiday.

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15/08/2012 09:43:19
13/08/2012 20:23:48
Why we celebrate Christmas in Schools?
It has become a common practice now even at Hindu schools to celebrate christmas. This has to be questioned too. Teachers making christmas tree and giving gifts. What are we British slaves?

Our kids should celebrate our native festivals. Not Christmas and Ramdan
13/08/2012 01:10:18
Iftar at temple evokes communal harmonyBy Express News Service - KOCHI
13th August 2012 10:15 AM
People partaking in the Iftar organised by the Onam celebrations committee of the Thrikkakara and Kalamassery municipalities at the Thriuvonam Hall of the Vamanamoorthy Temple on Sunday People from different walks of life and faith shared a rare camaraderie at the Iftar organised by the Onam celebrations committee of the Thrikkakara and Kalammassery municipalities at the Thiruvonam Hall of the Vamanamoorthy Temple on Sunday.

Being held for the second time, the event evoked the spirit of communal harmony and brotherhood, and the true spirit of Onam.

Justice C K Abdul Rahim of the Kerala High Court inaugurated the function and also released the souvenir of the temple by handing over a copy to critic and author Leelavathy. wThe initiative undertaken in Thrikkakara, the historic land of the Mahabali, is laudable and should be a model for all, he said.

MLA Benny Behanan who presided over the function spoke about the need for such initiatives at a time when communal riots are rampant.

Sulaiman Maulavi chief priest of Kalamassery Jamaat, temple authorities, director of Bharat Mata College Varghese Kalapparambath, Cusat pro Vice-Chancellor Godfrey Louis and writer Chammanam Chacko were also present.

“This is an expression of communal harmony.

At a time when there is rising disharmony among the different sects of the same group and between different groups, such initiatives come as an antidote.

The fact is that devotion and religious worship are increasing as seen in the rising number of faithful in temples, churches and mosques, but at the same time criminal acts are also on the rise. As a solution such events which spread the true spirit of communal harmony is the need of the hour,” said Chammanam Chacko.

Actor Aashiq Abu and director Sunil also joined the feast.

Dates, fresh fruit, samosa, puff pastry, cake, ‘unnakka’, ‘tharikanji’, ‘a
13/08/2012 01:08:03
onam celebrations
keeping exams on onam day is not correct by govt of kerala. The minister should intervene and thwart the intentions of misleading elements in education department, urgently
12/08/2012 23:37:27
Why not on 25? Exams can be held on 25th
Vijayakumar A. P., Coimbatore
12/08/2012 20:35:37
Why are people so numb?
I am unable to understand the mindset of people, who react for the most trivial matters, but do not react to such cultural invasion by a section of the minority!
For Ramzan, which falls on Monday, 20th August, holidays are given from Friday, 17th August - four days!
And for this, they (Muslim League, who 'rule' the educational department) eat into Onam celebrations.
When BJP/RSS/Hindu Aikya Vedi mentions these things - it is just part of their 'communal agenda' against the 'secular' Muslim League! When are we going to learn lessons from History?
Why don't we look at the fate of Hindus today in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanisthan, Kashmir, etc. who were living with 'religious freedom' like we do now, only a few decades back?
And for the 'secular' Hindus - please take a lens and find out in which parts of the world, where Muslims are in majority, that 'secularism' is practiced! We will have the freedom even to mention about secularism, only till the Hindus are not out-numbered by Muslims, and at the present rate, that day is not too far away!
raj nair
12/08/2012 20:27:20
When kazhutha hindukkal vote for congress party, it is well known that the education portfolio is handled by the mathatheevravadi league. So why the cries and tears now? A vote for congress party is a nail for the hindus coffin.
11/08/2012 23:19:26
Instead of Onam, let them celebrate "BKRIED".

Instead of celebrating festival of flowers, let them celebrate "Bakried" by cutting the throat and seeing the blood of million of Sheep. Instead of "Payasam" let them provide food made out of bloods and flushes.
These funny people can not accept other cultures, whether its good or not is not at all a question. See what is happening all over the world. They entered and illegally occupied most of the European countries. But their females need "Veil" and men and women need a separate dress code!!!! They can not live in peace in their adopted land with other cultures.

Same things are applicable in India. In Assam, they infiltrated and destroyed the tribal cultures . These illegally occupied Bangladeshis are involved in smuggling, crimes, prostitution rackets, land encroachment, fake currency distribution and destroyed the entire green belt for "OUD". In Maharashtra, where they started attacking the culture of Maharastrians, the spirit of Maharashtrians. Maharastrian girls or any other community females can not dare to go to their locality. These infiltrated Bangladeshis with other criminals ruined the culture and value of the state. The large cities like Mumbai turned to safe heaven for "Jihadis" and anti nationals. They all have fake identity proofs, after committing the crime, the police can not locate them. Everyone carry arms and Politicians are there to protect them. Eighty percent of the court rooms, jails and lock ups are occupied by 20% of the minority community of India.

They turned as king makers, their votes make differences. these criminals are pampered and protected by the pseudo secular politicians.

Now, they are systematically involved in pushing majority communities out of cities, by buying their properties at any cost. Somehow, Maharashtrians keep the values ahead of everything.



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