"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
Protest to support Bangladeshi Infiltrators turn violent in Mumbai, vehicles set on fire.
11/08/2012 06:28:24  PTI

A protest called in at the Azad Maidan in Mumbai on Saturday against the recent Assam riots turned violent as protesters set ablaze vehicles parked nearby.

OB vans of three TV channels were also set on fire, and cameras of mediapersons were damaged.
Reports said some shops at the CST subway were also attacked.

Hundreds of protesters had gathered at the Azad Maidan Ground in south Mumbai on Saturday afternoon following a call by a city-based organisation Raza Academy to denounce the violence in Assam.

Azad Maidan Ground is located near Mumbai civic body headquarters and CST Mumbai railway station.
The protesters suddenly turned violent and torched vehicles and damaged buses. They also pelted stones.

Police opened fire in the air and resorted to lathicharge to disperse the mob, said a policeman deployed at the Azad Maidan.

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14/08/2012 22:23:23
Zakir Naik.

Zakir Naik, will turn to be a dangerous man for secular India. He represents the msot violent group of WAHABIS, the law enforcement agencies are keeping closed eyes, the way they closed their eyes for Dawood, the way they closed their eyes for Tiger Memon and Batkal. One day its going to be very costly for the country, because he is playing on the hands of our enemies.
14/08/2012 21:18:48
Please add the photographs that accompany this news-story
Please add the photographs that accompany this news-story.

Each picture speaks a thousand words. And most news-pictures become inactive after their articles become old.
14/08/2012 07:32:12
Media Nuts
The Anti national castrated foreign media slts and Gigs are silent WHY ARE THEY NOT SHOUTING like the whores they are, from rooftops?
14/08/2012 06:50:49
Zakir Naik Involved?
Along with Raja Academy, is Zakir Naik and his organization involved? Police must give a good look at his videos on youtube...
Raj Puducode+
13/08/2012 15:09:31
Shoot at sight orders needed
The only way to control these animals is to shoot these anti-national Paki kissing jihadis at point blank. Why do we have to still suffer after creating 2 Pakistans for these animals?
Biju Krishnan
13/08/2012 01:45:18
Like the 26/11 Mumbai Attack
Is India responsible for the welfare of Muslims worldwide? Can Indian Muslims get away with this kind of wanton arson and damage to the property of Indians justified? Is molestation of Police women in uniform, mostly Hindus, not deplorable like the Mangalore Pub attack or Assam molestation? Frankly, I am ashamed of our Media. They got frightended and stop reporting this insident. I am pained that no Hindu organisation protested this molestation of our woman.
12/08/2012 23:10:14
Cash,caste, corruption, chicanery, criminality,
The idiotic asinine hindus will sprout more and more asinine secularism mantra.These scum bag moslems have the audacity to destroy the hindu property in support of the scum bags from bangla gutter and we are too qiet!
Gopalakrishnan KP
12/08/2012 22:02:21
Azad Maidan
Oh my dear minorities of india. pls feel free to do anything u like. we have a democratic structure .which gives u freedom of speech and expression. u have already hoisted pakistani flags in india, burnt few trains wid live ppl inside, blasted bombs as and when and wherever u like, have openly given speeches in india t...hat kashmir belongs to pakistan, and now u have also burnt few media and police vans yday. dun wory the media is not going to bad mouth abt u for long,nor is the police going to do anything since both are controlled by politicians who are out there to pls u all. we call that vote bank politics. this is ur country . do anything u like ,i wun feel bad though its my country ,id rather be a mute bystander. cos if i say sumthing ill be brandished as communal,orthodox and wot not.pls enjoy urself here. probably if u attack my house also ill be quiet. kya karein hum bahut open minded hain. bt yes yeh sab karke dun dare to ever say vande mataram or jana gana mana. cos u dun have the rights for that.
raj nair
12/08/2012 20:33:02
malappuram and Assam
Wishing all those jandu-hindus in malappuram dist who vote for congress party, who is the pimp of theevra vadi league, whould end up having the same plight of assam jandus who vote for congress party, in the next ten years.
11/08/2012 08:45:05
Bangladeshis of Mumbai

The riots must be a pre-planned one. More than eight hundred thousand of Bangladeshis are spread over Mumbai. They are the root cause of most of the crimes of Mumbai together with mafias (Drug mafias, smugglers, criminals). They are the perpetrators of today's violence too. They are spread over our nation, from Kashmnir to Kanyakumari. No country can afford of allowing illegal migrants, this illegal migrants are changing the landscape of our nation. Pseudo secularists can win the elections with their votes, but our country and law enforcing agencies have to pay a big price for it.
11/08/2012 08:39:22
What can you expect from illegal immigrants ?.
This is expected. This is the direct result of Khangress party's carelessness and callous attitude towards nation. Khangress will help Indian become a radical Islamic nation.
11/08/2012 06:38:02
Muslim Hooliganism & Bharat Mata
Astounding! How is it that our majestic nation Bharat is being held to ransom by these muslims. Where are the BJPs, VHP, Siva Sena ...... etc. Shame...... No Hindus worth their name to protect our Bharat from these muslim anti nationals?



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