23 Italians receive Hindu Diksha
09/08/2012 03:39:35  http://newindianexpress.com/states/tamil_nadu/article583641.ece

As many as 23 Italian citizens from Vatican received Diksha from Brahmasree Veda Samrat A Raja Sastrigal at a Veda Patasala (religious school) at Karuvadikuppam here on Sunday. The three-hour ceremony was held at the Gomaatha Kovil amidst chanting of mantras and hymns by the Italian devotees.

The Italian team (consisting of four children) comprised professionals like teachers, doctors and engineers. All of them had undergone a basic course under Raja Sastrigal in Vatican, before coming here. It all began with one Italian man, Flavio, who got influenced by the Hindu way of life, came into contact with Raja Sastrigal, way back in 2001. Sastrigal went to Vatican and stayed there for three months to teach Flavio, and his wife Stepano, the basics of Sanskrit hymns and Vedas. Over the years, the couple has gathered followers, who were also influenced by Hindu spirituality.

The couple developed their diction and pronunciation over the years. The few local people assembled were astonished to hear the Italians’ near-perfect rendering of Sri Rurdram Chamakam, Rudrajapam, Srisuktham, and portions from Upanishads.

Flavio and Stepano even changed their Italian names, adopting Hindu names Shivananda Saraswati and Savithri. Aurora, an Italian team members, told Express that she believes India is a Karmabhoomi and the Hindu way of life has led to understanding herself better.

The Italian lady, who is now known as Lalitha, said she would follow the footsteps of her Guru Shivananda Saraswati. The training for chanting the mantras and hymns lasted for about three hours and Raja Sastrigal performed kalasa theertha (sprinkling of holy water) on the trainees as per the rituals of the Hindu religion at the end.

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07/01/2014 05:32:52
The new ageist mindset behind advertising for un-traditional inter-ethnic marriages as a "triumph" and pretending GrecoRoman religion is derived from Hinduism.
1. uma wrote as if it were a good thing:"Yesterdays newspapers(8 in total except manorama) including Janmabhumi carried a news item regarding an Italian girl who fell in Love with a hindu boy through internet .She came over ,changed to hinduism and married him."
Uh, the foreigner just got her native spouse kicked out of his ancestral religious community. Indians move west, become NRIs and gradually turn into new-ageists and then suddenly start promoting inter-ethnic marriages as a triumph, when traditional Hindus (which includes our ancestors) would never accept it.

2. hhr refers to some airy-fairy unhistorical wishful-thinking article on "Hindu superiorty" that Greek and Roman civilisations were originally "Hinduism/Sanatana Dharma".
The only way that becomes true is by declaring that all the ancient religions of the world were originally Hinduism. In which case one can EQUALLY call all ancient religions of the world Taoism or the Greeks' Hellenismos too (since they're ALL about equidistant).
The fact is, the Olympic religion of the Greeks and Romans is NOT the same as Hindu religion (or other ancient ethnic religions) and not derived. It is the native religion of their soil. This is only denied by self-superior people who like to believe in Hindu superiority and use this belief as an excuse for the right to "convert" Italians and Greeks to Hinduism, when these people belong in their own great ancestral religion (Hellenismos) and NOT Hinduism. It's always only modern Hindus who are so ignorant of other native religions of the world (and know little enough of Hinduism) who pretend that others' ancestral ethnic religions are not distinct (but are derived) or that Hinduism is somehow superior. Arrogant ignorance.
Raja Ram
21/09/2012 19:23:26
free to come Back to a loving home=HINDUISM
When one becomes a Hindu, he/she is not converted, one is considered a prodigal child returned home. As such being/accepting Sanatan Vedic Dharma is equal to breathing freedom and coming Back to a loving home.

Raja Ram
21/09/2012 19:23:26
free to come Back to a loving home=HINDUISM
When one becomes a Hindu, he/she is not converted, one is considered a prodigal child returned home. As such being/accepting Sanatan Vedic Dharma is equal to breathing freedom and coming Back to a loving home.

17/08/2012 08:58:51
Religious conversions
We the Hindus should not encourage religious conversions. we are the victims such conversions.We are against conversions because we emphasis that a man should live and die as the follower of the religion he was borne into. Hindu religion is not like any other religions.It is a swayambhoo religion. A religion of Dharmas.Any one could embrace this religion.No initiation ceremony is required.We believe in Vasudevakudumbakam.We should not lower ourselves into the depth other religions, by practicing religious drafting.
14/08/2012 21:14:57
Please add the photograph accompany this news-story
Please add the photograph accompanying this news-story to Haindava Keralam website permanently. Two reasons:

1) One picture speaks a thousand words.
2) And most Indian Express article links/URLs become inactive after a year or two.
12/08/2012 23:46:12
Italians were Hindus
Their fore fathers were sanathana dharnis. who went out of Bharat in waves and settled in Greece and were responsible for building Greek and Roman empires. Read --http://www.archive.org/stream/hindusuperiority00sarduoft#page/n5/mode/2up
Hindus should not lose heart for the pressure being created by vested interest. The youngsters should be educated about or heritage.
12/08/2012 23:40:52
Italians were Hindus
Their fore fathers were sanathana dharnis. who went out of Bharat in waves and settled in Greece and were responsible for building Greek and Roman empires. Read --http://www.archive.org/stream/hindusuperiority00sarduoft#page/n5/mode/2up
11/08/2012 20:09:53
Shortcomings of Abrahamism
To the Abrahamites i. e. Jews, Christians and Muslims spirituality is confined to their respective holy books. Whereas to us Hindus, spirituality is an open-ended epistemology. Naturally, the wise people among the Abrahamites get attracted to Hinduism. Consider what you would think if somebody claims that such or such book contains everything of Physics. To us Guru is the living prophet who guides the disciple to the right path. Guru is identified with all our prime Gods- Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh et al.
11/08/2012 00:54:49
blessed souls
I appreciate their quest for knowing the almighty.The correct path is the hindu way of life and practices.It is also commendable that all 23 people are chanting vedas and doing rituals where as being born hindus how many of us really practice?.A notable fact is that they are fron Italy where POPE is trying to convert the poor Indians through money and persuation.Yesterdays newspapers(8 in total except manorama) including Janmabhumi carried a news item regarding an Italian girl who fell in Love with a hindu boy through internet .She came over ,changed to hinduism and married him.
10/08/2012 00:17:02
The thing that is to be done
All Hindu Sadhus and Sadhvis must be married off(All Brahma Kumari's,etc and all other likes).This should be done to increase the Hindu Population.All Hindus must produce 2-3 kids compulsorily.Our Modern couples are producing only 1 kid and undergoing family planning operation.Hindus are living under a delusion-they are digging their own grave.
Arun Kumar S
09/08/2012 21:33:16
09/08/2012 07:35:19
1. If sincere: they should return to their ancestral religion: the religion of the Olympic Gods, their Divine Parents
If sincere, they would return to their ancestral Greco-Roman Gods of Olympus, the Gods of Hellenismos.

It is after all the religion of none other than the incomparable Roman Emperor Julian (as of their other ancestors).

What is there in Hindu religion that they will not find already in their ancestral Hellenismos?

E.g. Seneca, the ancient Hellenist from BCE era, wrote the following about Zeus also known as Jupiter, one of the Greco-Roman Gods:

"We recognize Zeus as the ruler and guardian of the universe, as the PSYCHE (soul) and the PNEUMA (breath) of the KOSMOS, principally responsible for its creation and to whom all names are fitting. If you wish to refer to Him as MOIRA, you are not wrong. It is He, from whom everything depends, the cause of causes. If you wish to call Him PRONOIA (Providence) you are equally correct. It is He whose SOPHIA (Wisdom) provides for our world. If you desire to call Him PHYSIS (Nature), again you are not mistaken. It is He from whom everything was born and from whose breath we have Life. If you want to call Him Universe, again you are not wrong, as He is all that you see around you, He who exists within everything of the mundane, He who defends Himself and all which is within Him."

(From ysee.gr/download/TELOSTFH.pdf
More at ysee.gr/index-eng.php?type=english&f=faq#11)

You can see how like the Hindus the ancient Greeks and Romans were. It's because the Greco-Roman Gods (who are no less real than our own) are like our Hindu Gods.

Greeks and Italians should therefore return to their ancestral religion: return to their own Divine Parents. It is their path.

If Hindus cared about other people of the world, they would encourage them to return to their own ancestral religions.
Hindu swamis should focus on reverting our own and giving deeksha to native Hindus. Stop running after others. Are there not countless sincere native Hindus who have wanted to chant their Vedas to their Gods all their lives?
09/08/2012 06:58:40
2. If insincere: this could go horribly wrong. Again. Could evolve into inculturation on the Vedas next (after the next u-turns).
"Vatican italians"?

+ Remember Frank Morales' U-turn after playing a "swami" inducting western people into Hinduism? He now inculturates jesus as a "dharma master":

+ Recall the many European catholic & orthodox priests who set up "ashrams" in India and encroached on Hindu religion for inculturation. E.g.
- SR Goel's book "Catholic Ashrams: Sannyasins or Swindlers" @ voiceofdharma.org/books/ca/index.htm
- bharatabharati.wordpress.com/2011/01/30/atma-jyoti-ashram-sannyasis-or-snake-oil-salesmen-swami-devananda-saraswati

+ The western Himalayan Academy's "hinduismtoday" magazine promoted (for instance) the anti-Hindu "Ramayana" cartoon by some western woman on their cover, then the magazine went on to lecture its offended native Hindu readers to "chill", since it should also be accepted as a "valid" view.

These latest converts could be the next batch of undercover christians (who may inculturate on Vedas or "speak" for Hindus signing agreements with the Vatican etc on Hindus' behalf).

Gautam Sen @ bharatabharati.wordpress.com/2012/06/26/christian-imperialism-in-india-gautam-sen:
"some Christian converts to Hinduism are in fact infiltrators, sowing confusion by duplicitously re-interpreting Hindu scriptures and feigning empathy. And, revealingly, some are advocates of interfaith dialogue, a purely diversionary subterfuge to confound Hindus. More alarmingly, one infamous American supposed convert to Hinduism advocates formal Hindu concordats with the Church to legitimise religious conversion, which would profoundly compromise their ability resist its diabolical machinations within India."

Btw, "near-perfect" diction is still not allowed. Hindus are always impressed by westerners doing Hinduism, even when these get to do what many native Hindus themselves were oddly never given such ready initiation in (where are such Hindu Swamis' priorities?)
09/08/2012 06:35:10
world coming back to sanatan dharma
wow,this is world coming back to the ancient sanatan dharma,even people from antonio maino gandhi's nation,glad to know that.
09/08/2012 03:53:46
convert Madam too
Cannot these new converted Italians, welcome to Hinduism btw, convert Sonia and her children? That would be a great blessing for Bharat.
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