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China issues official order banning Ramzan fasting
02/08/2012 20:16:56  

Authorities in China's restive northwestern region of Xinjiang have banned Muslim officials and students from fasting during Ramadan, prompting an exiled rights group to warn of new violence.

Guidance posted on numerous government websites called on Communist Party leaders to restrict Muslim religious activities during the holy month, including fasting and visiting mosques.

Xinjiang is home to around nine million Uighurs, a Turkic speaking, largely Muslim ethnic minority, many of whom accuse China's leaders of religious and political persecution.

The region has been rocked by repeated outbreaks of ethnic violence, but China denies claims of repression and relies on tens of thousands of Uighur officials to help it govern Xinjiang.

A statement from Zonglang township in Xinjiang's Kashgar district said that "the county committee has issued comprehensive policies on maintaining social stability during the Ramadan period.

"It is forbidden for Communist Party cadres, civil officials (including those who have retired) and students to participate in Ramadan religious activities."

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06/08/2012 05:36:21
deal with iron hand
Deal with Iron Hand, crush this religion, they are cancer to the world.
05/08/2012 08:06:27
India should learn some things from china
India on the contrary embraces Islamic culture with over enthusiasm. India should learn from China on how to control radical Islamic menace and agression of Mullahs etc. Israel and China are taking tough steps to control Islamic menace. India should also take such steps to control the menace of radical Islam.
PP Vijaykumar, Vasai, Maharashtra
03/08/2012 04:51:09
Take inspiration from China
Old generation of communists in Kerala used to take inspiration initially from Russia and later on from China. Their allegiance to Russia and China was a sort of mental slavery. If it rained in China, our comrades in Kerala will hold the umbrella! This is old story. Now-a-days we do not find such loyalty to China by our comrades. After reading the official warning of Chinese authorities against Muslim fundamentalists, I earnestly hope the new generation communists in Kerala will take a leaf out of China and start taking inspiration from them once again.
Vijayakumar A. P., Coimbatore
02/08/2012 20:46:41
Comments from 'comrades', please...
I would love to hear the opinions or at least comments from 'comrades' in India regarding this issue! :-)



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