"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
Justice Soni exposes 'Communal Mindset' of Justice Aftab Alam
02/08/2012 00:10:46  

Keep 'Communal Mindset' Justice Aftab Alam away from Gujarat cases: Justice Soni to Chief Justice of India

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R Patel
10/08/2012 02:55:11
Justice Alam
If minorities are not getting justice in India how did this MAN become appointed to supreme court of India. Hea can also advise HIS people to move to Pakistan/ Bangladesh or one of the 56 countries in the world with ISLAMIC CONSTITUTION. If they refuse to leave they must be happy in India. Pak wa created on two nation theory. This MAN shouls appeal to supreme court of Pakistan to annul the partition of India as it was done on FALSE theory.
To all Indians PLEASE educate the uneducated around you. Spread the message about this corrupt MAN.
Our liberal attitude no longer works with this kind of threat .
God Bless.
09/08/2012 07:31:13
My Comment
Justice Soni has done a good service by exposing the biased mind of Justice Aftab Alam.
07/08/2012 21:30:09
Good job by justice soni.
Justice Soni has done a good job by exposing the Jihadi mentality of Justice aftab alam.
02/08/2012 07:39:13
disturbing trend
Even the jihadi vice president showed his true colors during the Lok pal dicussion in rajya sabha.
02/08/2012 02:53:21
A devout and practicing muslim will never go against the interest of his religion (his particular denomination) even if the facts are on the opponents side.
Pralay Kumar Bal
02/08/2012 01:56:34
Test of scularism
Justice Aftab Alam passed the test of Indian secularism.More, after his retirement.
02/08/2012 00:37:23
This individual is a shame of Indian judiciary.....

Where our nation is going to ?

Why the educated community come out and motivate the remaining ?

Wake up Hindus, wake up. Sands under the feet are started shifting. Our enemies are even in judiciary of our nation.



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