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Short-cut to secularism: Just call Modi names
01/08/2012 03:46:26  

If you need to understand the shallowness of Indian political secularism, the recent fuss over Narendra Modi is an eye-opener, assuming we need one more eye-opener to acknowledge this phenomenon.

Last week, Samajwadi party leader and Urdu journalist Shahid Siddiqui was declared persona non grata by his party for having the temerity to interview Modi. What would normally have been considered a coup for any journalist – for Modi rarely gives interviews – was seen as a sin in Siddiqui.

He should have known what was coming. Even before the party got into the act, Teesta Setalvad, who has converted Gujarat 2002 into her life’s work, told prime-time viewers on Times Now that Siddiqui would pay a political price for his act – and this even before she had seen that interview in Nai Duniya.

A Muslim interviewing Modi? God forbid. That’s communal.

Siddiqui has now been reduced to defending his actions and he has been trying hard to tell everybody that he asked Modi tough questions – and which he did not answer convincingly. His party, meanwhile, is busy denying he even joined them.

Next, we have had Team Anna suddenly excoriating Baba Ramdev for allegedly sharing a dais with Modi and praising him. Ramdev apparently said: “Everybody is asking me about corruption in Gujarat, but I couldn’t find anything of this sort.”

Now this is hardly the same say saying there is no corruption in Gujarat. If Ramdev did not find corruption in the state, it’s probably because he did not look hard enough. But his statement was hardly something to get apoplectic over.  People routinely say nice things about their hosts.

But it was enough to get Sanjay Singh, a member of Team Anna, to adopt a holier-than-thou attitude. “We were never in agreement with Modi. We are not in agreement with Modi now. Narendra Modi is a murderer of humanity. Ramdev will have to clarify on this issue.”

Singh should hark back to last year, when Anna Hazare himself praised Modi and Nitish Kumar for their development work. Nobody objected to what he said about Nitish, but Modi? No chance. Soon Anna  had to recant; he had to make a trip to Gujarat and formally announce that there was lots of corruption in the state.

Sanjay Singh’s statement must be seen as Team Anna’s increasing worry that Anna and Baba Ramdev may join forces. They want to keep Ramdev out.

On Sunday, a Congress MP – Vijay Darda – praised Modi as a “tiger”, given his tigerish commitment to his work. Another newspaper said Darda called him a ‘lion” rather than a tiger. Despite this confusion over the species Darda was referring to, one gets the drift. He was certainly lionising Modi – not for 2002, but his subsequent achievements.

The Congress party has got into a flap over this, and the party’s trouble-makers are busy trying to get authentic copies of what Darda said so that he can be adequately chastised.

A few general conclusions can be drawn from these events.

First, Narendra Modi is clearly India’s Untouchable No 1. Earlier, it was only his party, the BJP, or the Sangh Parivar, that was untouchable. But after six years in power under Vajpayee, that untouchability is more or less gone. But Modi is the new mascot of pariahhood. In politics you need an “other” – and that other is Modi.

Second, secularism has been reduced to a simple test that anybody can pass. Are you for Modi or against him. You can be the most bigoted or corrupt of Indians – you can beat you wife, kill you daughter for marrying outside the gotra or caste, loot crores from the public treasury, abuse Dalits and bash them up – but if you are against Modi, you are a Jolly Good Fellow. You pass the test of political acceptability. CPI(M) leaders can extol Stalin’s murders and even approve of party leaders in Kerala taking about murdering their political opponents, but all that is kosher.

Read full article by R Jagannathan @ http://www.firstpost.com/politics/indias-short-cut-to-secularism-just-call-modi-names-396167.html



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02/08/2012 05:22:22
Dream come true
What I predicted is true.Anna Hazare and his henchmen(At the behest/covert support of congress) are launching Party to damage BJP in at least 60-75 LS segments.Why this gang of Anna is silent on Bangladeshi Infiltration/human tragedy in Asom is anybody's guess.
02/08/2012 02:59:50
The people or the parties who R jealous with modijee's popularity,his patriotism or nationalism, or his successful semi iatration in Gujarat and to stall his likely prime-ministership continue their unsuccessful hate campaign. Why CM of Assam is not named as murderer of humanity by people like Sanjay Singh of annaji's team. Better annaji team concentrate on their pious cause of anticorruption rather than mud -slinging or acts like indirect Muslim appeasement like political parties. Even Muslims r not after modijee in prolonged criticism.
APK Nair, Mumbai
02/08/2012 01:24:14
Modi is a Fort
Don't ever take the names of Teesta and the likes who are just dogs barking at the rising moon; When Police went to arrest a Congress politican Sajjan Kumar for murder of over 7700 Sikhs in cold-blood within a span of few hours, he ran away like a mad dog, to evade arrest. Here's a real 'man' called Modi who stands like a fort and accepting the chalelnge 'hang me if I am guilty'. Judge, Hindustan, Judge, who is the noble man ?
01/08/2012 23:02:40
None is more communal than Teesta Stelvad.

Teesta is making her fortune out Sri. Modi. This corrupted UPA regime is good for those lawyers like Teesta, let her as much as money as she can out of Sri. Modi haiters.

Where she was while 1000s of innocent Sikhs were butchered in Delhi, in 1984, just in front of 10, Janpath.

Where she was while, almost the entire population of Kashmiri Padits having been driven out of their own homeland and become refugees in their own mother land. Now those innocent people are languishing in the migration camps of Delhi.

Where she was while ten gun men were roaming in Mumbai, by effectively holding 15 million people captive ? Had she ever talked of 11/26 ?

Where she was when 58 innocent "Karsevaks" were burned to death in Godhra and which caused, brake out of riots in Gujarath.

Why doesn't she talk of stashed fund abroad by corrupted top Congress leaders ?

Why didn't she ask for a CBI probe for Money for votes scam of July 2008, while the mother of all scam shaken independent India. In which the beneficiary of the scam was none other than our honest PM.

This female is challenging the intelligence of 1 billion Hindus of this country.

01/08/2012 22:22:44
Dogs bark
They are low bred dogs who bark at any figure and at the colossul figure of N M is more. It is natural.



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