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High court helps Muslim girl to live with her Hindu husband
30/07/2012 14:41:28  PTI

MADURAI: Coming to the aid of a Muslim girl who alleged threats from her family members after she married a Hindu, Madras high court bench here directed them not to interfere in her life as she was a major. Disposing of a petition by 21-year old K Fathima seeking police protection, Justice K Venkataraman said the parents should not interfere and precipitate as the girl was a major.

The girl, an engineering student in Tirunelveli, was in love with her collegemate S Kannan and both got married at the famous Lord Muruga temple in Palani in Dindigul district on June 29 despite strong opposition from her family. She claimed to have received many threatening phone calls from her relatives and also from a fundamentalist organisation for having married a Hindu youth.

The judge had summoned the girl, her husband as well as her parents to know the facts. Fathima told the judge she feared that she might become a victim of honour killing and sought protection. When questioned by the Judge, her parents insisted on taking her back with them but budged as the girl was adamant on living with her husband, who filed an affidavit promising to register the marriage.

The Judge recorded the undertaking as well as the presence of a police official who stood witness to the entire episode and let the girl go with her husband. He also said the police could intervene only if any complaint was lodged by either of the parties making out a cognizable offence and not otherwise.

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zeauddin khan
31/08/2012 11:51:42
Shameful act
The girls have gone against their parents and get married to some Non muslim and the shameful things have been done.
Ashutosh Yadav
17/08/2012 01:58:57
Well Done
This is really a good news. I hope that Hindu boys should convert all the Muslim girls to Hinduism. Kudos to the boy and Judge..
11/08/2012 06:39:31
high court order
i aapreciate the judgement.
10/08/2012 02:52:58
Yadha Yadhahi Dharmasya
Why are you afraid of this jihadis? They should be afraid of you, you the Indian, You the Mass. May be their intention to kill those embrace back to Hinduism. This is India, Bharat. Do not let you go out your Identity and become pathetic and useless Hindu. Who are these jihadis??? You as a Hindu afraid of this handful of miscreants?
Remember Krishna will take a rebirth, reincarnate.... Be strong not be feeble.
09/08/2012 06:51:15
Muslim girl to live with her Hindu Husband
More of our ilk should do the same so that the pigs concentrate on retaining their women folk and not eye our women
02/08/2012 19:37:44
Justice well delivered.
Kudos to the judge who had the guts to trash fundamentalist Islamic organizations and let the girl live with Hindu husband.
31/07/2012 09:26:01
Husband should change their names and move to another village with Murugan temple
To protect him and his wife, the husband should absolutely move immediately to another village, under new identities. (And best to take his family with them, in case the jihadists bent on revenge - as they always are - try to get at the couple through his family).

Once they've moved, he will have to give his wife a short course in how to behave Hindu (and not accidentally do give-away "muslim" things that may get her into trouble and reveal her past to onlooking jihadis). That way, she'll be safe and so will he be.

Move to a new place with Murugan Temple. Have many Hindu children and grandchildren devoted to Murugan and the other Hindu Gods.
31/07/2012 07:43:04
Now, Whose responsibility it is to protect the couple from fanatics?
The state's.
Will they be able to do that?
God bless the couple.
30/07/2012 20:17:03
Well Done !
Well Done !!

Such Things should repeat all over India.

Jai Bhavani !
Jai Hinduism !



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