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Hindu Help Line – For Assam Violence victim Tribes & other Hindus who lost Everything
27/07/2012 12:24:08  Dr Pravin Togadia, VHP Chief

Over 5 days in sustained & systematic violence against Original Tribes & other Hindus in Assam perpetrated by Bangla Deshi Infiltrators who have settled in Assam, around 1,70,000 people have lost their homes, small little jungle agriculture lands & whatever meager source of income they had. Their houses are burnt, invading Muslims have killed men & women, schools are burnt & children are killed as well. Around 1,50,000 people are shelter less, homeless, food-less & are with just one set of old clothes that they wore when being chased away out of their homes & villages.

These are the original tribes on Assam who have been living in the hills there for ages without damaging environment, instead, making our culture rich with their wonderful art, music, dance, paintings & simple eco-friendly life-style. For the past many years Bangla Deshi infiltrators invaded Bharat from North Eastern borders, encroached upon these Tribes’ lives, lands & livelihood pushing them more & more away. Govts for obvious vote politics reason helped the Bangla Deshi infiltrators & left the Original Tribes from Assam in the lurch. To hide the truth from the nation Govts tried to paint this crisis as Bodos Vs Muslims, but it is Non-Muslims (including Hindus, Christians, Tribes etc) Vs Bangla Deshi infiltrators whom Govt use as big vote bank.

The attacks on these tribes & Hindus had been happening since past 10 years but in such a way that they were not allowed to be publicized. Today the entire situation has gone out of control & over 50 such tribes there & Hindus are on the verge of collapse only due to Muslim invasion of Bangla Deshi infiltrators. Karbi Anglong, Khasi, Bodo, Dimasa, Jaintiya & many such Tribes are worse affected, many lost their bread earners in attacks. Old people are without medicines. Children without even a drop of milk. Shelters that are started by the Govt are housing Muslims who claim to be homeless while they are infiltrators. Tribals & Hindus have nowhere to go & staying in some relief camps with no help available.

Hindu Help Line has already a few conveners & volunteers in Assam. They have been trying to reach food, clothes, medicines, water, milk powder, warm clothes etc. It is not easy to reach such things there as rails are beings attacked by Muslims & roads closed by the army. But for relief the locally purchased things are being made available & some kind Hindus staying there have shouldered the responsibility.

Hindu help Line appeals to all in Bharat & abroad to come ahead in helping Assam’s Original Tribes & other Hindus in this times of crisis. Those who wish to stand by with Hindus there & send aid, can contact:

Hindu Help Line: Email: contacthhl@gmail.com

Special Mobile Number ONLY for Assam Relief Aid: 098253 23406

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ram kishore
28/07/2012 10:26:43
We Hindus in India could atleast keep our heads high in between so many selfish parties like congress, Marxists etc. RSs etc R silent workers who work without publicity nor news papers intentionally not publicise. Already RSS men r serving the riot-struck people there with necessary resources. Condemnation meetings r done at various places of India which people do not know since the media never highlights such activities of RSS etc.not to get wrath of congress and other psudo-secular parties.
28/07/2012 10:00:49
shame on congress govt..of assam. Media to wake up and awake!
Just because bodo Hindu tribals fought once for bodoland that too as a state within india and later withdrawn, r these bodo Hindus are inferior to Bangladesh Muslims. Will Bangladesh value Bangladesh tribal Hindus Buddhists and christians superior or atleast equivalent to banglades Muslims? Will Bangladesh awamee league or their media pamper bangla hindus to do damage to their opposition Muslims who belong to other different political parties. India is suffering only because of these dangerous considerations deterrant to our national interests except keeping party interests. We heard so many incidences like naokali riots,pre-partition riots where muslim domination was there but our political parties pretend to ignore them and making no preventive efforts not foreseeing that their own future kith and kin and offspring r going to perish in the hands of majority intruders. Wake leaders wake! Wake media wake! lest ur own future kids should not suffer for your present dangerous trend of encouraging the intruders for votes sake!
27/07/2012 22:12:22
where is sangh idoing for riot victims?
where is our hindu oorganizations .what they did for assam hindus . not even a single protest march they organized for assam victims. all are silent RSS,VHP,BAJRANGDAL,SHIVSENA al hindu organizations are silent .wake up and proove our strength and give a strong message to congress govt then only you can save hindus from jihadees .very shame. still these organizations are exist in india ??????.. not even a single protest march organized very shame. we should start national wide protests ,meetings let others aware and people aware what happend in assam. very shame about hindu organizations .did they forgot assam hindus ??



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