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Fanatic stepping on Shiv Ling - Devout Hindu approach court
25/07/2012 13:02:39  

Insulting Religious Feelings

Times Of India - http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/insulting-religious-feelings/speednewsbytopic/keyid-1159398.cms

A youth from Surat approached court against a Mumbai based railway contractor for allegedly clicking his photograph that insults religious sentiments of Hindus and putting it on facebook. Amit Tiwari approached court accusing Laxman Johnson of clicking the objectionable photo. In the photo Johnson is visible with one foot over Shivling

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Amit Tiwari
15/09/2012 05:42:51
thanks you both
thanks you both
26/07/2012 06:40:25
Satanson's antic
Kudos to Amit Tiwari! More people from Mumbai must file FIRs against the 'satanson' From now on, his life should be a miserable one.He should not be spared under any circumstance.That alone will be a lesson for other such criminals.
Doesnt matter who
25/07/2012 19:54:00
Do not spare him
Never spare him even if he pleads guilty.



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