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Hindu Aikya Vedi shows the WAY!
23/07/2012 02:07:50  HK

Koothattukulam: For all those who know her, ever wondered why this girl, both physically and mentally challenged has been denied a pathway to her own home? The reason is simple: she has an insensitive neighbor who has blocked the entire trail that was being used for 42 years.

Following police intervention, even though he had to re-open the pathway, he saw to it that the entire place was strewn with glass pieces. This made walking down the path an impossible task. The collector was informed of this task and he issued a directive of clearing the way to the Muvattupuzha RTO. But to make matters worse, the neighbor moved the legal way, filing a petition in the Muvattupuzha High Court. All attempts made for truce failed to yield fruit and Reshma is now forced to sit at home.

Reshma, daughter of Anil Kumar of Thirumaradi Grama Panchayat, ward 11, Periyapuram Pallikunnil was prevented from going to school and remained restricted at home. Reshma is a student of Sneha Bhavan, Piravom. Even though the Panchayat took an initiative in bring about an amicable solution, the nieghbour failed to appear, which led to the meeting being inconclusive.
In such circumstances, Taluk General Secretary of Hindu Aikya Vedi PM Manoj, Area Secretary of Koothattukulam General Secretary PC Ajay Ghosh, BJP leader Mohan Karot made a visit to Reshma’s house. They held negotiating talks with both disputing parties. The matter has been settled for the time being, with the warring neighbour giving all assurance that no hindrances will be made henceforth. He has also give word that he would cooperate in all matters in resolving the issue. The leaders have also assured Reshma that all aid will be given, which includes legal assistance as well, in fighting the matter.

The pathway was being used by 3 poverty stricken families, including Reshma’s family. Taking Reshma across this pathway, which has a width of barely 2 ft is a tedious task for Reshma’s mother, who requires the help of atleast 2 people in taking Reshma across this way. There have been umpteen occasions, when Reshma has lost her balance, slipped and fallen into the dug up area below, which is almost 10 ft deep. The SSA has provided Reshma a free wheelchair, which could not be used in the circumstances that prevailed.

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24/07/2012 08:40:41
Media will not be interested in this. They are busy with interviewing some Jer- like Anjaneyan who happened to love a movie girl who wanted to run away from her parents etc. etc.. They do not have time for giving a news for Reshma. I was addened to hear a question from Brittas (a media devil) who was comparing Ananya girls lover Anjaneyan with Hanuman by name. Pathetic media..
Biju Nair
23/07/2012 20:48:14
We saw how the media took up the case of a lady who was insulted in Assam. HAV should have called the media and bring this to the notice of them. Once in the news is in the media things tends to move fast in India.



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