"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
Outrage against converted Christian fanatic who steps on Shiva Linga
24/07/2012 11:25:03  Somiksha C Mohanta - Asansol News

Remember a year back when the honorable Supreme Court agreed on the fact that the Christians use illegal methods and indecent propaganda against Hinduism? It was our own media houses who raised deep concern over the verdict, funded by the missionaries. The missionary hypocrisy has been exposed by a hybrid breed of them, namely Laxman Johnson.

Laxman Johnson, a converted Christian steps on the diety of Hindu God Shiva

A young man claiming himself to be a parcel lease contractor attached to central railways has provoked Hindus by stepping on the deity of Lord Shiva in a temple. He entered a temple of Lord Shiva and kicked on the deities of him to show a message to his Hindu friends that when in the monsoon they worship Him, he kicks Him. Johnson claims himself to be “The son of Jesus”. However Hindus are calling him to be a son of the bitch, for his acts. Now who is equalizing Jesus to dog through his deeds and works? Can anyone logically blame Hindus when they call it by words?

The Christian conversion is nothing but a hate ideology towards the Hindus. For becoming a Christian you need not practice good social habits, you can be a Christian even being antisocial the only condition is you have to hate the idolatry, hate the deities of Hindu Gods.

In every Christian conversion campaign this is the same process, the deities are al the source of the human agony. For one moment with a blind mind you will be forced to think that there is no grief in Italy, practically the restroom of the Christianity affiliated God. If that God is so generous to Indians why doesn’t he take care of the Europe first, which is debt ridden? Why the hell he needs so much publicity through hate theories?

Now Hindus are not supposed to wear bangles, they will retaliate. The media will blame the Bajrangis now and then after their retaliatory attacks on the Christian fanatics. Hindus and Hinduists are oxymoron as the media calls to detach Hindutva from Hinduism. But just think, if Hinduists are bad, who makes them bad? Before banning the RSS and BD and SRS, ban these Christian missionaries first who provoke the extremist present in every human kind.

The politicians and media must not believe in their own bullshit that everyone can easily get away after insulting Hinduism.

The Hindus are demanding stern punishment to this guy, charge him with communal provocation. Full information gathered on him can e found at


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Amit Tiwari
15/09/2012 05:45:17
thank's friends
thank's all my dear hindu friends
Stefan Fisher
19/08/2012 12:53:11
A response to Nemo
I find this posting is fairly humorous and from this website: haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=16230&SKIN=

“Intriguing that Stefan Fisher--all the way from the UK--found his way onto a Hindu site: to defend christianism and accuse Hindus of course

"Stefan Fisher", all the way from "UK" (complete with un-English name and grammatical mistakes like "contempt TO one another", and give-away Indian-isms like "great ancient faiths", random title casing and peculiarly *American* christianisms like the threat to "pray" left and right), has found his way onto a Hindu site. Clearly fearing exposure of his religion, he does the usual Christian trick of Inverting Victims and Perpetrators: by lecturing Hindus not to create "lies" about Christians (adding 'vice-versa' as an afterthought). Clearly he hopes to add the weight of his invented foreign persona as an authority in lecturing Hindus about "tolerance" and "party campaigns". "

I am an English Christian Born and brought up in the United Kingdom and like most people of UK Origin I do have Asian friends and Colleagues. I can also assure people that I am a genuine person and certainly not a fake persona.

It appears there is no way I can directly respond to the inaccurate allegations posted by Nemo on the 25/07/2012 at 09:27:14 on this website: www.haindavakeralam.com but would like to have the right to respond.

Stefan M Fisher
Bhawana Thakuri
02/08/2012 00:43:54
India is a secular Country, wherein all religions are to be respected with a human dignity. But in India there are more conversions taking place from Hinduism to Christians wherein mostly Christians are largely disgracing and humiliating Hinduism and its practises in order to convert the people from it.
Being the citizen of a democratic country we have respect for all religion but the forceful conversion method followed by christen disgracing Hinduism in large section should not be allowed by remaining silent.
The Police cannot defend these accused and make the said incident to be tackled simply but remember this matter has hurt Hindus and their principle/faith. This matter has to be dealt seriously so that no one from any religion can ever dare to follow the same method of disgrace to Hinduism and its worship and the same defence to prove their innocence. Even the Hindus are to be seriously dealt with if they happen to disgrace their own belief and faith.
All the complaints registered against the accused are to be seriously dealt with because it is not a defence of stepping on the idol of lord shiva for failing in exam. The said defence is against the definition of secularism. Whoever may be the accused whether Christian or not but such people should not be let free.
25/07/2012 20:58:51
Punish this rascal Johnson
Punish this guy for insulting the sentiments of Hindus..
25/07/2012 09:27:14
Better punishment: use this incident to expose christianism, then sue Johnson for illegal tresspass into Hindu-only space (Temples, etc)
1. Better than Hindus impotently screaming inanities at the christian=muslim terrorist (so hard to tell the twin ideologies apart), is to use the visibility of this latest vile christian attack to expose the real nature of christianism to more of the Hindu public. In all blogs and news where the matter is discussed, do what christians fear the most: COPY & PASTE DOCUMENTED FACTS of previous christian physical and verbal atrocities against Hindu Gods/vigrahas, Temples.

Don't stop there: show the Hindu readers at those sites how these ongoing incidents are part of a REPEATED PATTERN OF CHRISTIANISM's innate sociopathic behaviour. (Like I did in my 2 earliest comments on this page. Indeed, copy and paste from the sources in those comments, which is what I did.)

When you educate other Hindus about these facts--thus placing this terrorist act into the context of christianism's ongoing attack against all legitimate religions across time and geography--more Hindus may finally start to see christianism for what it is (which is: a clone of islam) and will DEVELOP IMMUNITY to christianism. Because Hindus NEED to be aware of and immune to both halves of islam=christianism.

2. Johnson's presence in a Hindu temple must surely be illegal (and more importantly, it is against the Hindu religion for non-Hindus to be in Hindu temples). Christians like muslims are not allowed in Hindu temple spaces as per Hindu religion. (Only purified genuine reverts are allowed.) Therefore sue him for tresspass and desecration. Use the case to bring to fore the necessity of banning all christians/muslims from entry into any Hindu Temples: including banning Sonia and converted Indian politicians regularly invading & defiling the Tirupati Temple with their polluting christian presence.

Then get him deported to pakistan to join his likeminded brethren (who desecrate images of the Gods too). He can't complain of the company. And they wouldn't mind one more to circumcise for allah.
25/07/2012 09:27:14
Pavan and Vijaykumar have discovered it is a "fake", yet won't share the supporting evidence with HK?
1. Pavan declares omnisciently that he "Found out that it all fake"
But as others don't share Pavan's omniscience and as he won't provide the very *evidence* that "convinced" him into this opinion, all the evidence Hindus have to go on is still only the picture plus the christian's bragging about his desecration, as documented by that blog HK referenced.

And the very author of the asansol blog which HK credits as the source, responds in the comments section of the blog entry about the "fake" suspicions:
"asansolnews on July 22, 2012 at 11:41 am said:
no, not fake right now. he never thought, it will be made such a big issue. he only thought that it would be taken as granted as always."

2. Vijakumar said: "Thogadia has issued a statement mentioning that this photograph is a morphed one probably by muslim fanatics"

What's Vijakumar's source? There's nothing yet on any web search engine about "Pravi/een T(h)ogadia" & "Laxman Johnson".

The latest news on the matter only gave me (e.g.):
- bharatpress.com/picture-with-man-laxman-johnson-standing-on-the-shiv-linga-fumes-devout-all-over-india/
- bharatpress.com/12-fir-lodged-against-laxman-johnson-who-put-step-on-shiv-linga/
- timesofindia.indiatimes.com/insulting-religious-feelings/speednewsbytopic/keyid-1159398.cms (just some hours ago)
"insulting religious feelings: A youth from Surat approached court against [Laxman Johnson]..."

Doesn't mean Togadia couldn't have said it, and may even do so in order to pretend a united-Indian-christian front against islam.
However, Togadia would have to be very clairvoyant indeed to have discovered the photo *can't* be of a "christian fanatic" (i.e. Johnson himself) desecrating the Shivalingam, and that it was all indeed the hand of none other than muslims, all conspiring against Johnson's reputation. (They wouldn't need to conspire against christianism's reputation, as it's been in the news often enough for Temple desecrations: morphing isn't even required.)
25/07/2012 09:27:14
Intriguing that Stefan Fisher--all the way from the UK--found his way onto a Hindu site: to defend christianism and accuse Hindus of course
"Stefan Fisher", all the way from "UK" (complete with un-English name and grammatical mistakes like "contempt TO one another", and give-away Indian-isms like "great ancient faiths", random titlecasing and peculiarly *American* christianisms like the threat to "pray" left and right), has found his way onto a Hindu site. Clearly fearing exposure of his religion, he does the usual christian trick of Inverting Victims And Perpetrators: by lecturing Hindus not to create "lies" about christians (adding 'vice-versa' as an afterthought). Clearly he hopes to add the weight of his invented foreign persona as an authority in lecturing Hindus about "tolerance" and "party campaigns".

Never mind this is but the latest incident of christian vandalism of Hindu vigrahas and attacks on temples (HK has over the years posted other cases). Not to mention the long line of christian attacks of non-Hindu temples from ancient Rome to modern Korea.

- Note how whenever a jihadi attack happens against Hindus, many muslims rush to condemn it (out of fear for their minority selves of course, but all the same).
- Then Note how whenever christians commit terrorist acts or acts of desecration--caught in the news or in their own photos--other christians emerge out of the woodwork from all corners of the world onto *Hindu* sites that they never gave a tuppence about before, to declare it's either "hateful" Hindu "propaganda" against the "poor innocent, loving" (i.e. terrorist) christians, or that the news reports/photo accompanying facebook bragging is "fake". They give no evidence for their own opinion, of course, but just deny all the evidence in the news reports and photos presented and hope that the mere rumour of "fake" and "propaganda" is sufficient to convince.
Nnegationism is a Standard Christian Tactic.
25/07/2012 00:26:10
File a police case
Is someone filing a police case against this guy ? Why is no one filing a police case against it ? Are the police preventing people from filing a case ?
24/07/2012 23:24:27
No activity by major news channels
Its almost four days since the picture surfaced on internet and still no news by any major news channels. Really pathetic.
24/07/2012 23:24:27
No activity by major news channels
Its almost four days since the picture surfaced on internet and still no news by any major news channels. Really pathetic.
24/07/2012 22:10:33
Indian Christians have lost their credibility.
Indian Christians have lost their credibility.
Most people abroad who used to fund Christian NGOs in India have stopped funding.

Where does the money still come from?
Perhaps, the funds raised for local causes in USA, and in other Christian countries is being diverted by the Missioneries into India for their Nefarious Activities?
Vijayakumar A. P., Coimbatore
24/07/2012 20:46:11
Morphed photograph!
VHP's Praveen Thogadia has issued a statement mentioning that this photograph is a morphed one, probably by muslim fanatics, who want to divert attention from their misdeeds on Hindus!
S C Mitra
24/07/2012 17:34:46
Hindus, look inward
I can understand the anger of Hindu nationalists but what I do not understand is-why don’t you find the causes and only reacts on effects. This boy is hardly a Christian for decades or so and in such short span he can do this. What type of brainwash the evangelists have given? This is going on since independence because the protestant British did not encourage Catholics to the extend bstd Nehru did. Remember NEFA? It was Nehru who can be said as the father of Catholics of northeast and separatists/terror outfits. Catholics had to resort to inquisition in Goa but here Nehru did it with sweet pills called secularism. Mughal took about 700 years to convert 25% into muslim, British left with not even a % of rice Christian (san old Madras province and Goa) but this sick-ul-rism they are now about 2.5%.BJP was going secular by projecting PA Sangma who has become king (all his children are MLAs and MP) because of his conversion but no one talk of Rangkhal( similar convert) who killed many hundreds Hindus in Tripura during 1979-80. During Congress Raj, most PSUs and PSIs have allotted huge lands to such evangelical originations to run schools and/or hospitals. And now a catholic of Roman origin is their president and are waiting for another from white world to become their next president if the cervical cancer aggravates. Now tell me who is voting such organization or private Ltd party? It’s Hindus. So why blame others, isolate the real enemy of Hindus in our own community or educate them.
Stefan Fisher
24/07/2012 16:22:05
Bigotry in any form is to be condemned.
Bigotry in any form is to be condemned and should be exposed as evil. I live in the UK and this multi-cultural and multipath modern society.

Many of my friends and colleagues in the Banking and Finance industry are of Indian and Pakistani Birth or descent.

We live largely in harmony and respect and certainly don’t threaten violence or express contempt to one another.

It is very sad to see that there are people within the Hindu and Christian Community that are spreading lies and deception about each other in India.

I would suggest that these lies and socially and religious intolerance are not about religion but political Party Campaigns and hatred and ignorance.

I would urge the contributors to this website to pray and to moderate their views.

Please learn to behave in the way my friends and colleagues in the UK do with respect tolerance and also remembering the generosity and love that spreads from our great and ancient mutual faiths.
24/07/2012 03:01:48
Satanic act of 'Jesus' son'
A number of FIRs should be filed against this ‘satanson’, so that he is cornered from every side. If he is caught, he should be given the ‘treatment’ due to such demons.

24/07/2012 02:29:37
foot on linga
There are varied opinions on this post as fabricated or otherwise. The best thing is to contact the church and find out by calling this Johnson and get the clarification. If found it is true allow him to express apology and warn him also and tell the father of the church to teach him the faith properly. Lest the Christ's figure be similarly be under the feet of Kali and distributed through out India the side walks of roads. The father also to be told to desist from conversion and disfiguring the pictures of Hindu Gods thrown near the temples which is practiced. If there is a negative response lrt us do as they are doing. Better he is warned. For me it appears to be fabricated since the while the shadow of his foot is on the Linga as if the photo is taken at noon but the shadow of the person is not seen.
23/07/2012 23:19:56
peverted christian
Would this pervert dare to insult the muslims, he would lose his head right? if his so-called god is so powerful why don't these sick missionaries go around converting the muslims who seem bent on destroying the world. this is our fault for letting such sick people get away with anything and everything, the indian government,no matter who is in power will not do anything to protect Hindus and these perverts know it, that's why they can be so brave. The most insulting thing about it is his name, why the Laxman, he has rejected everything else about his origins, then why hang on to that name, the sob.
23/07/2012 23:17:01
Found out that it all fake.. its work of someone who hates him has created this profile with whole details of him. if it was true then by now that guy would have deleted his profile too. Use your brains people. I dont think even his name is original..
23/07/2012 21:21:52
his fb id
https://www.facebook.com/laxman.johnson this the profile id of laxman johnson
23/07/2012 18:56:08
It is surprising as to how was he allowed to do such blashphemious act by his Hindu friends in whose presence this could happen. Are they Hindus or bastards alike? If it is Pakistan,one could predict what would have happened to this christian for his blashphemy act ? Now also he can be legally punished by the so called secular govt..in the light of supreme court's comments. In India or in southeast Asian countries,the converts are more fanatic and cruel( forgetting their root ancestory),than the Originals. Real christians of Foreign origin or real Muslims of Arab,persian&Iranian origin are not so degrading.
23/07/2012 18:50:07
Smack this dogs face.
Such fanatic dogs should be beaten with sticks and eggs.
23/07/2012 18:50:07
Smack this dogs face.
Such fanatic dogs should be beaten with sticks and eggs.
23/07/2012 18:32:09
Can he dare to do that in a mosque? I am sure not because he knows he won't see the next morning. It is an act of cowardice.
23/07/2012 18:01:09
Not surprising though!
Fella Christians,

Could you tell me why this bloke's name is Laxman Johnson? Why do Indian Christians keep hybrid names? To me, this is bastardization. Laxman is the name of the brother of Hindu God, Ram. How can he still retain a HEATHEN name? Shame shame puppy shame!!
23/07/2012 17:53:30
Not surprising though!
Dear fellow Christians and Hindus of this forum,

I am not at all surprised by the acts of this new convert. All new converts read Bible with zeal and reverence. Here is what Bible preaches about how to treat pagan worship places.

Deuteronomy 7:5- "But thus shall ye deal with them; ye shall destroy their altars, and break down their images, and cut down their groves, and burn their graven images with fire."

Well, the acts of this kid are lot more decent compared to what Yahweh preaches in the Bible. This is true because this youth is not fully radicalized and has bits and pieces of pagan DNA left in him.
23/07/2012 11:09:17
Seems fabricated. If it were true and hindus are not really dead, it should have been dismembered limbs and head near the shivling. I don't think hindus are that dead yet. Please take this article down and go back to the person who provided it and ask him if the guy
has met "his creator" yet or not. If it is indeed true then some hindu should go and deface atleast 10 churches in that region. For every transgression, the backlash should be proportionate to the ratio of the majority to minority populace. So say xians are 5%, that makes 20 churches to deface and plunder.....Get down to it.
Ramesh Ponnapalli
23/07/2012 10:26:15
Conversion is a dangerous problem plaguing Bharath
If a cartoon calls for chopping of hands and heads - what should this trigger ?? Hindus may not be that fanatic and never want to be that way - but a stronger response is required by the community. For Idiots like this guy - a simple jail sentence for few months or years is not good enough in my opinion.
23/07/2012 08:54:18
Christian cancer
HK-Please remove this photograph from the news.
The son of Jesus will pay a big price for it by which he will not recover from it for next 1000 births.This fool does not realise that Jesus is at Lord Siva's feet.
23/07/2012 08:21:56
Followers of the holy bastard
This man should be told that the bastard who could not save himself can hardly save anybody.He did not know who his father was. So, he thought his father lived in the sky. That's the full philosophy and theology behind Christianity. Christians are the most immoral of all people and bent on creating bastard because they worship a bastard.
23/07/2012 07:07:52
Cranky idiot...
This guy is a cranky insensitive idiot who should be arrested and punished for this crime. He brings shame to his religion by hurting another's.
23/07/2012 06:05:20
Hindus really *have* to get it through their heads that christianism=islam
This is exactly the same christian terrorism that always ensues. Similar to what happened when so many South Koreans were converted to the religion in the last 2-3 decades.

Hindus who don't yet see how it's not just "some christians" but christianism itself, ought to read how the same sort of events took place in South Korea:

1. buddhapia.com/eng/tedesco/pic1/list.html
Photos (from BBC news!) of christian terrorism against Buddhism in South Korea.

It ends with a christian priest lending moral support and wishing he dared to be equally active in violently promoting absolute submission to the jesus/christian-god fiction (destroying the "idols" of the "pagans" is commanded in the Bible--e.g Deuteronomy section):

"If I acted on what I believed I, too, could have vandalized temples. When I consider those who commit such acts I think to myself that they have a much stronger faith than me."
-- Deacon Lee Bahn-Sung "a former Buddhist turned Christian", BBC-World (TV), Asia Today, May 21, 1999.

2. buddhapia.com/eng/tedesco/2.html

A timeline of Buddhism under (christian) Siege in Korea 1982-1996

3. buddhapia.com/eng/tedesco/3.html
Buddhism under Siege in Korea, Chronology of Events January 1997-December 1998

Finally, to KSV Subramaniam:
I don't know what line of business you think the Church is in. It has *sainted* numerous men since christianism's earliest centuries for just *these* these very things. Even famous church fathers and christian emperors fondly remembered by the church acquired their great respectability in christianism for just such actions.
No, the church specifically *won't* excommunicate this Indian christian=terrorist: he's doing what they champion above all else. (The church didn't even excommunicate hitler. He died a catholic and the Vatican still considers him one).

No, not excommunication. Send the christian on a one-way ticket to Pakistan. To his brethren in mono-gawdism. Surely they'll take care of him?
23/07/2012 06:05:20
II - Extracts from the brief timeline of christian persecution of the GrecoRoman Hellenes at ysee.gr/index-eng.php?type=english&f=lovestories
(Year) 314
Immediately after its full legalisation, the Christian Church attacks the Gentiles: The Council of Ancyra denounces the worship of Goddess Artemis.
Emperor Constantine, following the instructions of his mother Helen, destroys the Temple of God Asclepius in Aigeai of Cilicia and many Temples of Goddess Aphrodite in Jerusalem, Aphaca, Mambre, Phoenice, Baalbek, etc
In Skythopolis, Syria, christians organise the FIRST DEATH CAMPS for the torture and execution of arrested Gentiles from all around the Empire.

"Demolish them!" Emperor Flavius Arcadius orders all the still erect Pagan Temples demolished.
Bishop Nicetas destroys the Oracle of God Dionysus in Vesai and baptises all the Gentiles of this area.
The christian mob of Carthage lynches Gentiles and destroys Temples and "idols". In Gaza too, the local bishop, also a..,"Saint", Porphyrius sends his followers to lynch Gentiles and demolish the remaining nine still active Temples of the city.
John Chrysostom sends his hordes of gray-clad monks armed with clubs and iron bars to destroy the "idols" in all the cities of Palestine
A new edict outlaws once more all non-christian acts of worship.
The inquisitor Hypatius, alias "The Sword of God", exterminates the last Gentiles of Bithynia. In Constantinople (7th December), all non-christian army officers, public employees and judges are dismissed.
Emperor Theodosius II, declares (8th June) that the Religion of the Gentiles is nothing more than "demon worship" and orders all those who persist in practicing it to be punished by imprisonment and tortured.
The Temple of Goddess Athena (Parthenon) on the Acropolis of Athens is sacked. Athenian Pagans are persecuted.
440 to 450
The christians demolish all the monuments, altars and Temples of Athens, Olympia, and other Greek cities.

950 to 988
Violent conversion of the last Gentile Hellenes of Laconia by the Armenian "Saint" Nikon.
Vijayakumar A. P., Coimbatore
23/07/2012 01:39:03
'Treat' him for his malady!
This photograph should be widely amongst Hindus and any Hindu who comes across him should 'treat' him for the malady that he has invited upon himself. These treatments should be eye-openers to anyone who dares to commit such follies in the future!
23/07/2012 00:59:17
A kick on the face of every hindu
He has hurt my sentiments and the sentiments of my family members. I am sure he has hurt the sentiments of all hindus except the so called HINOs who may hail this to be one more feather on the cap of their so called secularism.

If the government is really secular other than the perverted secularism a case should be filed against this criminal immediately and lock him safely in a dungeon. It is a danger to let him loose in a civil society.

The church should excommunicate him for his insult to other fellow citizens for his act is unbecoming of any human being. He is surely the son of SATAN.



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