"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
Jihadi's using Misguided Hindus to further their agenda
19/07/2012 14:13:44  HK

Dividing Hindu society in the name of caste has been subtly followed by all Anti Hindus, Congress, Marxist, Missionaries all have been thriving on propagandas to deepen the division among Hindus. Although Hindu soceity in Kerala have marched a long distance. The enlighten Hindu soceity were never against reforms and under the visionaries like Sree Narayana Guru, Ayyankali, Chattambi Swamikal caste has been nipped away from Hindu psyche. It is still the enemies of Hindus who still fondles the jibes like ‘Brahmanism’ ‘Savarna Hindu’, Untouchability etc to divide Hindus. Among the Anti Hindus, it is the Jihadis who now take up this lost plot played by others to hoodwink few Hindus.

Following report highlights how Scheduled Caste Hindus get misused by Jihadis.

Mysterious Transactions of Lakhs of Rupees in the Accounts of Dalit Youths

Vadakkanchery: The Dalit Youths of Adaattukunnu colony of Varavoor Panchayath are living a life gripped in fear. Many of them have to come to know that transactions worth lakhs of rupees are going on in their bank accounts. The villagers say that lakhs of rupees continue to flow into the account and continue to be withdrawn from the account of Dalit youths, who have never seen an ATM or know how it is operated.
According to them, Vengila Parambil Mujeeb(25) hailing from Palakkad is the person who made the youths open bank accounts in Wadakkanchery area. The special investigation team from the Central government had made an indepth investigation regarding all transactions that have been done in places between Thali and Pilakkadu. Mujeeb was the person who had made all arrangements for these youths to open their  bank accounts. However, they had made a complaint about Mujeeb not handing over to them, their passbooks and ATM cards.

The lavish and luxurious life style of Mujeeb and a few other youths of Varavoor had always been a talk of the village. In the meantime, the Central Intelligence officers had conducted a few secret probes. It was discovered through their probe that an Ajmer based terror module that has links with a few people in Varavoor Panchayath and is in the process of casting a firm grip on the area.

A series of complaints received at Erumappetty and Cheruthuruthy police stations make it very clear that Mujeeb was operating all these bank transactions by himself. The complaints were lodged by the youths, in whose names the accounts were started. The various places in Varavoor Panchayat come under the jurisdiction of Wadakkancheri, Cheruthuruthy, Erumappetti police stations. It was done when they realized the gravity of the matter. In fact transactions worth lakhs of rupees have been done from these accounts, without the knowledge of those who actually own the account.

It has been reported that these matters have already crossed the notice of the investigation team of the Central Intelligence team since many months. They have also been making detailed probe into the delivery of publications that come into this area via the postal department. However, the state police, as usual, has turned a convenient blind eye towards the matter.

The source of this mammoth transaction is being probed into, with police interrogating Mujeeb extensively. However, thanks to the political lobby, the matter has been receiving all due blessings to be swept under the carpet as a typical case of mere hawala transaction!

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Raj Puducode
27/07/2012 12:10:44
Islam is a curse on Humanity
ISLAMABAD: A Pakistani television show broadcast live a Hindu boy converting to Islam, prompting a leading daily to say that it sent "a clear signal that other religions don't enjoy the same status in Pakistan as Islam does".

An editorial in the Dawn on Friday said that it's been apparent for a while now that the country's electronic media will go to extreme lengths to spice things up and "religion is now fair game too".

"In yet another example of how the industry's commercial goals trump ethics, open-mindedness and common sense, on Tuesday a television show broadcast an imam leading a Hindu boy through a live conversion to Islam carried out in the studio as part of the show, complete with the audience joining in to suggest Muslim names for the new convert.

"There is no reason to think the boy was not converting of his own free will, but the whole event had the distinct air of being carried out to give viewers something new and different to watch, even if that meant dragging an intensely personal and spiritual experience into public view," the daily said.

The editorial said that "more disturbingly, what the channel obviously didn't stop to consider is the message this broadcast would send to the country's minorities".

"The joy with which the conversion was greeted, and the congratulations that followed, sent a clear signal that other religions don't enjoy the same status in Pakistan as Islam does. In a country where minorities are already treated as second-class citizens in many ways, this served to marginalise them even further," it rued.

The daily observed that the problem with Pakistani media is that "it is missing a responsibility chip, hurtling ahead with what seems like exciting content without stopping to consider the ethical implications or appropriateness of its programming, or the message it will send to all Pakistanis, not just those it considers the mainstream".
Sree Narayana
20/07/2012 06:09:42
Needs Clarity
Many a times I saw my comments not seeing light here, I'm sure it was not for me alone , but many who hold unfavourable view about caste system may have shared the same experience. But I see regular comments and posts from caste eulogisers here.
If Hindu portals are not giving space to the majority of the community to air their dissent at the current status quo, what else they will do? they may be putting the same where ever possible for them.
under these circumstances ,how can we say caste has been nipped away from Hindu psyche !
20/07/2012 00:36:27
Very important- better late then never
Its not the Jihadist who are alone to use the caste, there are caste supramacist community groups in Orkut/Facebook who are openely discussing about reservation, inter caste marriage etc. Caste forms the biggest handicap for the hindu society , the cause of bad blood which exists between various group. Umpteen time I have mentioned the cobbling of various caste groups wont work at all, the best example is the cooling of NSS -SNDP bonhomie, and other castes turning a blind eye on the alliance proposal.

"The enlighten Hindu soceity were never against reforms and under the visionaries like Sree Narayana Guru, Ayyankali, Chattambi Swamikal caste has been nipped away from Hindu psyche"

This is totaly wrong , the fact remains that some where down the line , the reform have lost their plot. In very important aspect of life such as marriage caste forms a determinant factor, so how can we say caste has been nipped away. there are enough commentators here in HK who utters that eradicating caste is not practical and even finds many virtues with caste(mostly copy paste of Goplakrishnan's talks)

Its better late than never , for Hindus to shed their caste based ideosyncrasies or if it is too difficult to do that better ignore Hinduism , as both won't go together in today's world.

Instead of wasting time on wacky topics of copying /imitation etc . I request all readers to try to understand the seriousness of the ground reality . A best overview is provided by B. Murali in his article
in the left bottom "An Eyeopener from Malayalam weekly - Ill effects of Minority domination in Kerala

Vande Mataram

Venugopal Kaikulath
19/07/2012 15:03:35
Beware of the conspiracy.
This report should be an eye-opener to the naive Hindus to beware of the conspiracy and plot by anti-Hindus to sabotage Hindu unity.



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