"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
What happened to our Media giants who shed crocodile tears for T P Chandrasekharan now?
18/07/2012 13:23:07  HK

Once again Kerala Media has shown it’s true colours when it comes against addressing Jihadi violence against Hindus.

The media which celebrated the murder of T P Chandrasekharan have literally gone mum, when it came to the reporting of heinous murder of ABVP leader by Jihadi terrorists in Chengannur.Some of them were forced to mention this murder because they have to report about the Hartal and how much difficulty it caused to the public, apart from that their concern ended there.

T  P  Chandrasekharan’s murder  were given huge coverage in these TV Channels then with yet another dubious agenda in mind, They effectively used that murder to prevent the of  BJP leader O Rajagopal from Neyattinkara. For these medias a brutal murder of Youth, who believed in a Nationalist ideology in broad day light has no News value nor any Business value.  Sadly Amrita channel which was once the dream and inspiration of many Hindus – also kept silence along with others.

 Whether it was brutal massacre of Hindus in Maradu or repeated attacks on Hindu youth in the name of Moral Policing by Jihadis or when our sisters were lured and trapped in Love Jihad and now this brutal murder of an upcoming Hindu leader – Hindu organisations have shown remarkable tolerance. Many have dubbed this tolerance of Hindu organisations as their lack of ability to retaliate. Our authorities higher up, very well know the after effect if Hindus decide to do so. It is in the best interest of every one that authorities open their eyes and start tackling this Jihadi menace.

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kashmir hindus
20/07/2012 09:17:41
arming hindus
why not train and arm hindus?definitely they have that many funds.Modiji highlighted cpm terrorism IN Kerala and everyone should be grateful to him
kashmir hindus
20/07/2012 09:14:46
arming hindus
why not train and arm hindus?definitely they have that many funds.Modiji highlighted cpm terrorism IN Kerala and everyone should be grateful to him
APK Nair, Mumbai
19/07/2012 22:50:45
Boycot Kerala Media
These idiotic Kerala media are trying to hit the century round of discussions on TP Chandrasekharan murder case. A Hindu's blood is not valuable in the eyes of these vulture community controlled medias. So, boycott them.
19/07/2012 07:15:48
Media want political coverage only
Media bosses have their own agenda, they want to please somebody for their own set agenda. ABVP is not in the political stage in Kerala for which we want some MLAs with Hindu ideological backgound in the Kerala Assy where the sound of nationalism should roar. We should think and act for that result, then only such heinous crimes against nationalist forces will come to an end and the media will take note of such acts.
19/07/2012 01:18:00
Either these cowards are biased against hindu community or they are afraid of loosing limbs or both could be the reasons. In short these media men are biased and cowards sure.
19/07/2012 01:12:14
Need media watch ... any young researchers like to take this up ?
A media watch organization should monitor how the media reacts differently based on the "status" and religious affiliations of the victim.

The statistics can be compiled in terms of number of words weighted by the page rank (page where it appeared). Let us have the hard facts, will any media researches take this up ? The study will be good enough for a Ph.D. Thesis !
Satish Chandra
18/07/2012 23:11:01
India Is Now Run By Jihadis
It is not just Media -India is now run by Jihadis in every sphere of life - with Jihadi Boot Licking Hindus, Sikhs Christians, Buddhists,Jains running the show from outside.
See Bollywood - now there is hardly any Hindu actor who is flourishing - only Hindu, Christian, Sikh girls are allowed to enter so that they can be converted with Love Jehad.
How many brand ambassadors are Hindus or Sikhs or Christians today? Brand owners can't choose their own brand ambassodors - but have to choose those imposed on them - so its obvious Hindus would be out of it.
If such is the control of the underworld, what can the Media do other than taking strong anti-Hindu stance? For the management lives under threat, and so are our journalists - who have to retain their jobs and save their skins (rather their life).The threat is the reason behind the anti-Hindu media.
Even the police remain under the diktat of Jihadis - if they try to protect people from anti-national activities, they would be greeted with death sentence. Thus police have to see their own daughters lured away with Love Jehad, and family members get killed in terrorist violence - yet they can't act.
Jihadi boot licking politicians who are enjoying this - just to remain in power - should remember, they too would be slaughtered by those whom they are encouraging to destroy the country.
18/07/2012 23:12:13
Media and Vishal's murder
Why blame mainstream media. Read the way Janmabhumi daily reported the attack. Mangalam reported it in a better way. Mainstream media is funded by minorities. So don't expect anything from them.

Amrita channel has already proved that it wants a pseudo secular image. Some of the top persons in the channel who claim allegiance to Sangh have in fact used sangh as a platform for their personal success.

Throwing stones and calling hartals don't deter Jihadis from attacking RSS/BJP workers. Why is RSS which took on the might of CPM feels helpless at Jihadi attacks? This is a serious question.I am sure RSS knows the answer.

There had been tension at Chengannur Christian college for few days. ABVP should have expected an armed attack from Jihadis and should have been careful. What happened has happened. So have a right strategy to bring to law all those who committed the murder. Be careful not to become victims in future.
18/07/2012 22:54:03
We are the master of our fate......

If it is the situation of the majority community of India, then what will happen sometime after 10 years.

We made ourselves as jokers and we can be used anywhere, by anyone. Even by terrorists, Hindu haters, criminals and anti nationals. We are conveniently using by both major political parties of Kerala during election times, to elect those who support the killers and rapists.

This situation is made by our fathers and forefathers, to please those pseudo secularists. Who snatched our lands, properties, business and employment. How long, we can remain as a silent by standers. Our daughters are raping, our sons are killing by anti nationals with the support of who we elected to power. We are repeating the same mistake again and again and expecting a different result. Wake up...Hindus, Wake up... and save those remaining at least.
18/07/2012 22:47:08
lack effective protest
the reason is lack of effective protest. did BJP or allied parites protest in front of Media/TV houses, then only they will understand, these days militant agitation only get attention
18/07/2012 21:58:22
biased media
The silence of the media
is shocking.



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