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Congress Preparing Narendra Modi’s Fake Sex CD: Saamna.
18/07/2012 10:28:53  indiawires.com

Shiv Sena mouthpiece ‘Saamna’ has alleged that the Congress is preparing a fake sex CD of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.
Todays cover story of the newspaper alleged that this is part of plans by Congress party’s secret task force to tarnish Modi’s image ahead of Assembly polls in Gujarat, due to be held in December this year.
The newspaper Termed it as Congress’ dirty picture and claimed that a Tamil actress and a Punjabi woman associated with the NDA have been roped into figure in the CD.
They have been paid a huge sum of money to ‘disclose’ their close ‘relationship’ with Modi just ahead of the polls, the report said. The Tamil actress, who has already figured in two movies, has been provided a flat in Mumbai, while the Punjabi woman has been given keys to an apartment in Chandigarh.
The Saamna claimed that a team comprising computer and digital experts is busy making the fake sex CD.

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23/07/2012 19:32:20
Pre-empt if that is known.
If so why not present your evidence, pre-empt the release, Saamna ! Modi should file an FIR and a case.
21/07/2012 07:50:42
Khangress dogs and pigs.
Khangress is a party of dogs, pigs and bafoons. It has no moral principles, no integrity. It will use anything and anybody and throw it like piece of trash and will try its best to destroy the image of Modiji. No matter what it does, Modi's image is on the rise. He will become the PM of India in 2014.
20/07/2012 20:56:02
Dirty tricks
We should be prepared to expose the congress tricks when they take out them.Tehalka like organizations are kept standby.They would to do any thing even treachery for money.We all have seen how Tehelka did trap Mr Bangaru Laxman and others.This was an operation planned and executed jointly by congress party and some of our neighboring countries.After Bofors scandal all the successive Govts in center were afraid to buy badly needed arms for our armed forces.After the Kargil war our armory became almost empty.When the NDA Govt tried to get the best weapon systems for our military some of our neighboring countries became restive.They wanted to sabotage our arm deals.Same time the Congress and its allies wanted to discredit NDA with a Bofors like scandal.This was a golden opportunity for them.They hired Tehalka whose editor was a close relative of a senior congress leader.Tehelka despite knowing the consequences went ahead with their stinging operation.We have seen in the tapes of Tehelka their agents pushing note bundles into the hands of a bewildered Bangaroo,saying that this money was for party,tea party etc etc.A confused Bangaroo accepted this money and it was filmed.When the donors told Bangaroo that they were the agents of one arm dealer and he should help them to clinch a deal,he clearly told them, he has got nothing to do with Govts's arm deals and he wont be able to help.And we heard in another tape One Govt secretary asking only for a gold chain to push through a deal worth of millions of dollars.Can one believe A govt secretary would risk his car rear and future for a gold chain. Tehelka was using prostitutes and liquor parties to trap senior officers.Why they were so desperate to produce results.The equipment they used were not available in India.From where they got them.Who financed this operation and paid them lakhs of dollars to offer Bangaroo.It was very clear that some foreign countries and congress party was behind it. Be prepared to fight.
19/07/2012 03:44:32
Vile Congress party's "Dirty Tricks Department"
The Congress party's "Dirty Tricks Department" has touched a new low with this kind of unethical/adharmic thinking.It is bound to backfire on that party and its alien, anti-Hindu leadership.Already people are prepared to target the vile Con party in the coming elections.They should be taught a bitter lesson which they will never ever forgwet.BJP must be on its guard!



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