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Campus front terrorists stab ABVP activists
16/07/2012 07:52:07  HK

Chengannur: Campus Front, Students wing of Jihadi Terrorist organisation unleashed terror in Chengannur Christian College.

Campus front terrorists well equipped with arms and swords were threatening newcomers and passing obscene comments at girls.  

A third year physics student of the college Vishnu prasad, an ABVP member questioned this; to everyone’s surprise they stabbed him with swords.

Vishal Kumar, ABVP Nagar pramukh and Ambili another ABVP worker who came to help Vishnu prasad, were also attacked and stabbed by these terrorists in the college.

They are admitted with serious injuries at Kottayam Medical college. Among them condition of Vishal is said to be critical.Considering deep wounds in abdomen, Doctors have not yet gave any positive assurance.

In protest against this terrorist attack, ABVP called for state wide School Bandh tomorrow.



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18/07/2012 13:20:01
Please Calm Down Guys
Brothers, Please be calm . this is not the right time for RSS. Wait till BJP comes in power in center. Otherwise RSS people will be again declared as terorist.
17/07/2012 00:05:01
Life for Life
What are we waiting for.Give them reply in the same manner.What happened to RSS and ABVP.I was before with ABVP in Maharashra.There no body dare to touch ABVP because every body knows if any thing happened to one ABVP actvist around five people will face the same fate on the other side.

Wake up my RSS and ABVP friends.Just go and do the same to them.
16/07/2012 23:34:54
hey hindu brothers,
please wake up sangh parivar.now it is high time you are sleeping.
as a retaliation to vishal's murder i request all hindu brothers to boycott all muslims shops and hotels.make this as a promise for your entire family.for life time.this is the last thing we can do to vishal
16/07/2012 09:35:37
Is a Kashmir Pundit like situation is fast approaching for us?
16/07/2012 07:28:03
At the receiving end
Once again Sangh Parivar activists are at the receiving end. This has been the norm in Kerala since Marad massacres.

Sangh Parivar should clarify whether they have accepted silent acceptance as their ideal. It seems NDF/Popular Front has realised that they can attack Sangh Parivar activists without fear of injury.

How foolish was ABVP activists to clash with well armed terrorists.

Sangh Parivar activists have been unable to even take up the issue with police and get justice for victims. At this rate it would be difficult for them to get workers in future.



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