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Identity Theft - Four 'Jihadi Romeo's under arrest
16/07/2012 07:03:07  HK

Kochi: Police arrested Four Muslim youth in connection with procuring fake SIM cards using identity documents and photographs given to them by one of the customer. Shuhaib, Shameer, Shaheer and Ismail

Police which probed on a complaint registered by a housewife regarding obscene  SMS she received from a number, resulted in this arrest. When Police probed it came out that those obscene SMS were send from a SIM registered under another House Wife!. When investigated further Police tracked these four Muslim youths who misused the identity documents given by a lady to get SIM cards.

Identity theft has increased by many folds over the years. Those behind terrorist activities and Quotation gangs often use SIM cards issued under someone else’s name for their subversive activities.  Those who target ‘Kafir’ women for Love Jihad also uses these techniques to trap naïve girls.

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17/07/2012 02:55:40
Another identity misuse case for terrorism ?
Yet another serious incident of identity theft reported by Mathrubhumi. In this case a muslim, now suspected to be linked to terrorist organizations helped ignorant dalit youths to open bank accounts in their names. Later he took away their passbooks and ATM cards. Later police found out cash transactions amounting to Lakhs of rupees. The suspect is in police custody and investigations underway.
16/07/2012 09:29:34
So what?
So what? Their people are in power and they can save them. They control the entire state machinery and to remain in power other 'sikhandi' parties will tolerate anything.



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