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No Political Front, Nair-Ezhava unity in one month, says Vellappally Natesan
15/07/2012 23:54:27  Courtesy:www.kaumudi.com

MUNNAR: The SNDP Yogam General Secretary Vellappally Natesan said on Sunday that the Yogam would reach a compromise with Nair Service Society (NSS), would co-operate with them and would materialize the Nair-Ezhava unity within one month. He said he would hold talks with NSS General Secretary G. Sukumaran Nair. He also said that the unity is not against Christians or Muslims.

The new found unity of the two influential units, which for long have been at divergent poles on caste-based reservation, is based on their contention that the genuine interests of the 'majority community' have been trampled on under the Congress-led UDF government in which Indian Union Muslim League and Christian-dominated Kerala Congress (M) are key partners and handle vital portfolios like Finance and Education.

The leadership meeting of SNDP at Munnar in Idukki in the last two days had authorised its general secretary Vellappally Natesan to take decision to cement the unity with NSS. The majority of union members demanded in the meeting that SNDP should form a political party. But the leadership concluded that the Yogam would not form party directly and that any member who is interested is free to form it.

SNDP is keen to expand the unity plank by enlisting the support of all non-political Hindu outfits representing communities from Dalits to Brahmins.

The director board of NSS, which met at its headquarters at Perunna in Kottayam on Saturday, reciprocated the SNDP move by entrusting its general secretary G Sukumaran Nair to go ahead with plans to create a joint platform of the two communities, who together constitute a majority of the Hindu fold.

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Biju Nair
21/07/2012 00:44:18
No good track record
I would suggest Hindu's to be cautions with this move and both Vellappally & Sukumaran Nair have no good track record. They have proved by their past acts that they can be brought. The idea to unite all non-political hindu outfits itself is a clear signal that their aim is to weaken Sangh & BJP.
S C Mitra
19/07/2012 15:50:39
Wellcome move
Best wishes for the unity move but please do not keep politics away.In a democrecy any such organs are teethless without political affiliation.
18/07/2012 04:56:08
Hindu Front!
Best wishes for the Hindu Front!
17/07/2012 23:32:54
Hindu Front
Start a Hindu front and BJP may part of this front. So candidates can contest elections under this front. BJP may on its own symbol and others can select their own symbol. This front should stand for the Hindu interest.
Venugopal Kaikulath
17/07/2012 09:17:26
Split of Hindu votes avoided.
The decision not to form a new political party is a wise one because it could have led to a split in Hindu votes. Now the BJP can campaign more confidently to garner the votes of a newly awakened Hindu constituency.
16/07/2012 09:47:15
Road Blocks
Dewaswom Board and reservation, these are the two issues which never allow these two groups to unify. Unless they resolve these issues or reach an understanding on future policies, irrespective of government intervention (UDF may try to create split) survival or even take off of this unity is doubtful. If it takes off they should arrange a combined rally in Trivandrum. The success of rally will certainly open the minority's government in Kerala.



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