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Yet Another Deceitful Agenda: Teeming Up of Mosques Under Various Guises
14/07/2012 12:40:15  HK

Kalpetta: There are widespread reports of Muslim places of worship mushrooming in Kerala, in spite of prohibitory regulations regarding the construction of places of worship. According to stipulated rules framed in 1996, the Central Ministry has declared that prior sanction from district collector is essential when it comes to setting up places of worship. However, the regulatory policy has been forsaken most conveniently by the members of the Muslim community. They are now resorting to a construction spree of mosques in every nook and corner of Kerala districts, the worst hit being Malappuram district, the place being a Muslim bastion.

However, places with lesser population of the Muslim community do not lag behind in any way. Take the instance of Wayanad District: the Meenangadi Panchayat has for itself 5 mosques. They have been built under different names. Permission is secured from the Panchayat under the guise of building residential quarters, resorts, home stays, hotels public restaurants etc. And what finally comes up is a mosque, where full-fledged worship takes place!!

Reports state very clearly when the construction work was at its zenith: during the 5 year tenure of the recent LDF government. Many panchayats have given sanction for the construction work, inspite of complete knowledge that what ultimately is going to come up is a mosque! Even though the proposal that is submitted is always a cover-up, it is quite easy to discern from the lay-out of the plan that the building is a mosque. But nothing stops the sanction and approval!

Mosques are teeming in Kerala under various belief groups like Sunni, Mujahid, JamaAte Islami AP, EK Sunnis etc. All this makes it quite evident that the elected members of the Panchayat and bigwigs of the minority community are in constant league when it comes to this spree in the construction of religious edifices. It is now being pointed out that these rampant constructions will inevitably lead to communal disharmony in future.

Report based on: http://www.janmabhumidaily.com/jnb/?p=64419

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Back to the Vedas
17/07/2012 19:01:42
Please support Agniveer website!
Please visit "agniveer" website and donate generously for the noble cause of bringing back misguided/lost brothers and sisters back to the vedic/dharmic fold.

Om namah shivay!

Raj Puducode+
15/07/2012 12:08:18
Islamic state of Kerala
The communist and Muslim fundamentalist nexus in India has been growing for some years and it has reached a major threatening force in Kerala and West Bengal. The communist party in Kerala and West Bengal works day and night in collusion with Jihadi terrorists for the ultimate destruction of Hindu society. The party has created a core group of terrorists to attack Hindu cultural institutions, spiritual leaders, destroy Hindu temples and tear apart the social fabric. The hard-core terrorist group is small, compact, and highly mobile that can strike quickly with great furry. The select group of fanatics are constantly whipped into a state of frenzied enthusiasm with anti-Hindu rhetoric and thought control. Each day for the fanatic group is a day for attack, and preparation and dress rehearsal for the day when they hope to come to power and wipe out Hindus from their own country. Every opportunity is used for infiltration, sabotage, murder, loot, intimidation penetration and subversion.

The communists also recruit pseudo secularists to serve in their front organizations. The value of fellow travelers and sympathizers lies in their status in society. They serve as behind the scene manipulators and misdirect innocent Hindus from their cultural ethos. They serve for communist front organizations such as Minority Rights Groups, Human Rights Watch, Civil Liberty Committees and Women’s league. By allowing them to be used as tools, fellow travelers and communist sympathizers have immeasurably advanced communist-jihadi anti Hindu agenda. They have a powerful influence in the “thought-molding” field. These fellow travelers can be seen as teachers, scriptwriters, news reporters, and news analysts. These fellow travelers exert considerable influence in Kerala and west Bengal in destroying Hindu society thereby injuring the nation. The success of their mission depends on capturing Hindu strongholds from within. To this end they employ a variety of techniques. They have long
Satish Chandra
15/07/2012 07:47:59
Hindus Are Biggest idiots
Hindus are biggest Idiots.Even after becoming refugees,losing everything - property, wealth, and even their womenfolk - they would say BJP is communal, and vote talk of secularism (read psuedo-secularism).Our politicians follow anti-Hindu policies because they know these idiots will never protest even if jehadi forces are encouraged to finish off hinduism from India. We all see and know Jehadis are on the prowl to lure away our girls - yet we dont teach our girls the evil designs of Love Jehadis - that they would bear children for destruction of Hinduism, if they marry a Love Jehadi.
14/07/2012 23:43:50
To say the least, another Kashmir is in the making. Let others, particularly Hindus be ready to become refugees in near or distant future.



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