"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
A Talibanic Village under the nose of our Netas!
14/07/2012 05:25:44  HK

Fatwas has been issued in a Muslim dominated Village aimed at subjugating women. According to the Code of Conduct which came into force , The more you subjugate women the better it is. This village is not in Taliban controlled Afganistan or from Mullah controlled Pakistan or Muttava controlled Saudi Arabia but merely 80 KM from New Delhi, our capital.

Highlights of the Fatwa are

1)Love Marriages are not permitted
2) Girls are not allowed to use Mobile phones.
3) Women below 40 years are not allowed to go outside unescorted or allowed inside Markets.
4) Boys are not allowed to listen to Music on Headphones
5)Purdah or Veil is compulsory for all womenl
5)Those who conduct Registered Marriage in court are not allowed to return back into village

Police who arrested the Fatwa issuer one Muslim elder named Muhakkam was forced to release him as a huge mob of 400 Muslims attacked the Police, following the arrest.

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Luv Peace
18/07/2012 09:28:55
No more idiots in India
We should stand together to fight muslims coz they are the trouble maker to humans. if v dont haf the rite in their country why should we give them their rite. if they dont like ask them to leave the country. Coz hinduism is the original religion for india they came from arab. U like u stay peaceful if not out of country. Do like China go against put them in prison than talk later coz they dont haf law for non muslim than y should v haf for them?????
16/07/2012 00:17:54
why are the hindus so pathetic idiots?
the asinine hindus are so hopelessly divided that it needs a super human effort to unite these divided cretins.Why are hindus so divided? Does any one have an answer for this perpetual problem?Hindis were driven out of kashmir and no other hindu from any other part of the country did any thing to help the displaced hindus from Kashmir.Hindus from kerala are being driven out and all the idiotic hindus do is to chant the secularism mantra! What is the reason for this division among the hindus? I can post the answer but the moderators will delete it!
Raj Puducode+
15/07/2012 12:11:58
There is a limit to our tolerance
You say "Send them to Pakistan we don't want them anymore". That is why we created 2 Pakistan for all these bloody terrorist, trouble making Jihadis. They breed like pigs & want special treatment in Hindustan from the secular Congress craps, Mullah Mulayam & Begum Mamta etc etc & they get them. Now they are saying you Hindus either convert to the religion of terror or get out of OUR country. Hindu idiots deserve it. They support Jihadis & other foreign agents while putting down Hindus, RSS, VHP & BJP. That criminal crook Sharad Pawar wants the wealth of Hundis from Sri Padmanabha Temple to be distributed to Muslims & Christians !!! You touch that money & you will witness bloodshed & Jihadis will look like kintergarden kids in front of our fury.
14/07/2012 21:41:11
Here is the original link
Blast them off !

14/07/2012 10:53:02
Extradite them
Send them to pakistan we don't want them anymore.



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