"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
Vellapally revives Hindu Hope again , Moots Hindu League
14/07/2012 01:38:36  HK

Aluva: Reviving the hopes for marginalised Hindus in Kerala, SNDP leader Vellapally Nateshan yesterday mooted the idea of a political party for Hindus under the name – Hindu League.

The current move to unite Hindus under one political platform is to resist the undue advantage enjoyed by Minorities in Kerala under current scenario. Formation of Hindu league will go ahead after consulting with leaders of Hindu organizations.
Many raised eyebrows, when recently SNDP and NSS came forward to shed their enmity and differences to work together for a common Hindu cause.

“It will unite all castes and sections of the Hindu community, from Namboodiris to Adivasis, and act as a political platform of Hindus.”, Told Vellapally.

If there is Muslim League to cater the political needs of Muslims and Kerala Congress to stand behind Christians in ‘Secular Kerala’ , There is no need for any panic if a Hindu League is formed to empower Hindus. 

HK prays for the success of the efforts now put forward and hope leaders behind this should never get distracted by the external agents who will try to subvert this by any means.

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18/07/2012 10:09:51
It is clear
After reading many opinions on the net , it is very clear that most Hindu shave no idea what needs to be done. There is a panic and it started. People started thinking about it. Good. But majority of Hindus are not ready to fall under blindly on anything. That is probably because of the nature of HIndu mindset which were free always. But In order to come under a group or an umbrella you need to follow a leadership. Stop criticizing and finding fault with it, try to follow as much possible. Lots of people criticize RSS or BJP, but they are the only ones starting from day one giving leadership for Hindus and trying to unite them. Follow them rather than simply criticising them.
15/07/2012 07:43:42
hindu party
there is no need for a hindu political party, it would be harmful for hindus interests like bjp. but there is a need to form a hindu vote bank.it is true that it is nearly impossible to persuade all hindus or majority of hindus to vote on the lines of hindutva or for the same candidate.but it is possible to form a vote bank of hindu minded people which comprises about 15 to 20% of total votes and in my view it is not a difficult task.all over india rss is most strong in kerala and also most dedicated.infact this votebank exists but because of bjp and because of shortsightedness of hindu leaders and hindu minded voters who votes without strategy,this votebank fails to make impact or force political parties other than bjp to take care of hindu feelings.bjp has nearly 6% votes in kerala, moreover more than these ,there are voters who didn't vote for bjp only because they don't want to waste their votes.in kerala it is very difficult for a hindu party win any elections.so it would be wise to not waste precious hindu votes on bjp or any hindu party. it is in in interest of hindutva to scrap bjp in Kerala.hindu organisations should strive to make a strong and intact hindu vote bank and use it intelligently during elections.
politics in india only means votes,most politicians in india are pro minorities only because of their votes, this i can say because of my experience in UP,my home state.most anti-hindutva politicians dont believe in any ideology, they can be anti minority if they came to know that
by being anti minority they have a better chance for win.most political parties in india are anti-hindutva and hindutva and hindu organisations and leaders are untouchable for them and they didn't care for any hindu issues only because they know that the hindutva voters would vote for bjp anyway. if there is no bjp or any other hindu party,the same political parties could do anything for hindutva votes.remember bjp has about 25% votes all over india.
chandran udumbasseri
15/07/2012 01:24:51
The Unity
I am skeptic when Shri.Vellapalli Natesan spoke on Hindu unity. He had proponed on the same subject a couple of years back. There was deadlock because Namboothiries did not want Ezhavas to be “thanthri” in temple and also Nairs supported the same view (Hi!! Upper-caste-lower-caste mentality). First drop all these views. Before independence move in our country we were all upper caste and lower caste people and not Hindus. It was the call of Shri M.K.Gandhi, our leader of freedom fighting, to “Hindus” for freedom fighting that we gave up to an extend our difference as Brhamins, Kshathriyas, Vaisyas and Shudras. Now, today, if you do not forget those differences of classes then you will be no where tomorrow. During our school days (1950 to 1970) we always wanted Muslim classmates also to get educated and improved and move forward with us. They were given “other backward community” status so that they get preferences in education, employment, politics, etc along with other Hindu communities. They were also given scholarships for education along with other Hindus (this is Hindu attitude to help downtrodden. Not from any other God). We never separated them from the main stream. But they -say their religious hooligans- tried to separate their community and through years of spoon-feeding became social enemies of Hindus. They are the snakes that bit the hands that nurtured them with milk; bitten those hands that gave them milk.
During the years1950-1970 in the city of Calicut most of spice-food grain and automobile business were handled mainly by Hindus and partly by Muslims without any fight or discrimination. But after 1980, when Gulf employment and business opportunities increased, money started pouring into the hands of Muslims of Calicut and they started to buy business and land. Hindus slowly gave up everything to Muslims who purchased shops and lands at higher prices. The greedy Hindus sold their land and business to Muslims may be to educate their children or for a
Venugopal Kaikulath
14/07/2012 14:12:18
Dear Ravindranath, You asked what is the difference between Hindu and Hindutva. There is no difference between Hindu and Hindutva. Hindutva is simply a spelling out of the essence of Hinduism, which is - unity in diversity and celebration of diversity in unity.

Those who are opposed to Hindus, Hinduism and Hindu unity are trying to convince the Hindus that they have no hope of unity and it is better to give up on their religion and accept the leadership of foreign isms. Hindus must realise that it is because they have been distracted from Hinduism that India, which was once the greatest power in the world, has over the centuries progressively become a weak nation. To regain the glory of India should be the goal of all Indians and for this they have to accept that the soul of India is the vision of Hindutva.
14/07/2012 09:20:46
Hindu unity

Hindu unity is the need of the hour.In this liquid stage do not doubt the motive behind it.All Hindus irrespective our caste should join behind it
14/07/2012 09:20:46
Hindu unity

Hindu unity is the need of the hour.In this liquid stage do not doubt the motive behind it.All Hindus irrespective our caste should join behind it
14/07/2012 08:10:22
Give them chance
We do not know the real intentions of Vellapally Natesan but atleast he had the courage to speak openly and give call for Hindu unity.I think we hindus should give Vellapally and Sukumaran Nair a chance.The other hindu organisations should also join them.What I feel is that Velapally's intention is for giving support to the BJP.But he do not want to disclose it till he is sure of support from other hindu organisations.

Now it is the duty of BJP leaders to maintain silence and let the hindu organisations do the duty.
14/07/2012 07:30:25
The word Hindu "League" is bullshit. It reminds of about some dead horse. The need of the hour is to form a strong Kerala party with Hindu ideolagies but secular in outfit. Dont compare with what Muslim league is earning seats. These seats are secured from Muslim dominated Malappuram district which wont be the case with Hindu party where you will loose Hindu vote to CPM and Congress. Therefore some secular cover is required to get cross vote from general public like it is done with Kerala Congress. The other vacant space is to initiate Hindu unity with Kerala pride. (like land of Parasurama etc, same as done by DMK/ADMK in Tamil Nadu). All the best
14/07/2012 07:04:34
14/07/2012 04:30:15
I just cannot digest the name.Though league simply means an organisation or assosiation,the word league has been giving me lot to hate the word itself.i wonder what is the outcome?Will vellappally play tactics or will he be fair to other hindu minorities.I am confused
raj nair
14/07/2012 03:01:16
Be careful with Vellappally's secret agenda. When the haindava votes are getting united as you see in Neyyattinkara, what Vellappally's does is trying to make a split on it by creating another poliitical forum, field a fourth candidate in the name of hindu league, so haindava votes get split, allowing LDF or UDF to win again. Be aware!!!!!!!
Unni V
13/07/2012 21:43:40
Take a cautious approach
BJP had utterly failed to gain support , as a Pro Hindu party ,from Hindus and Hindu votes kept splitting as NSS always stood with Khangress & SNDP with Marxist . Though majority of SNDP followers do not wish to support Marxists , it's the vested interest of Vellappally to support them as an obligation to what he got from them to nurture his toddy/abkari business . NSS is not that different too . Bjp is playing Power Politics and for this they are also trying to gain support from Non-hindu religions.

If Hindus ,as a religion wants to survive ,and play a role in Votebank politics , each and every Hindu should become a true Vedantic Hindu by heart & soul forgetting the caste/creed and nurturing this mindset among them and their coming generations . For this as a first step , each and every Hindu should take pledge to free themselves from alcoholism , which is the primary evil tha had gripped them.A good knowledge of Upanishads/Vedantas & Scriptures is essential and has to be strictly enforced among all hindu communities.The leaders of any Hindu caste/community should play a role in this,be a true Hindu by heart & mind , cultivate a good Hindu mindset among their followers .If this applies to each and every Hindu caste/community , Hindus could be saved and unity would become a reality .

Scriptural knowledge could also be acquired from internet.Leran them and become a messenger to spread it
The following links would help
Support Swami Chidananda Puri

Support and spread the effort of Sri Gopalakrishnan
Hindu ebooks & Spiritual; Discourses

Swami Sandeepanandagiri
Udith Chaitanya

Hindu league may be a good idea but we do not know whether a unanimous decision could be made when it comes to casting votes,during election time .

13/07/2012 23:05:19
Hindu and Hindutva
Someone here, please educate as to what is the difference between hindu and hindutva agendas...
13/07/2012 18:19:05
Hindu League
Natesan in the name hindu league want to grab power and resources, what is wrong if all hindu people unite under one umbrella including BJP, his call for avoiding BJP itself shows he is hipocrite, like another hipocrite NSS, Hindus in Kerala will never improve unless they shed ego and one upmanship. It is a shame that after so many years, still Hindus cant get a seat in assembly on their own agenda, therefore, this call hindu leage etc are all crap unless they join force with BJP and become more powerful.
Venugopal Kaikulath
13/07/2012 16:35:53
The vision of Hindutva essential for Hindu unity.
Dear mgd, You appear to have got your facts wrong. It was Shyama Prasad Mookerjee, the then President of Hindu Mahasabha, who founded the Jan Sangh. He requested Guruji for RSS help. So it was not as if RSS formed the Jan Sangh to compete with Hindu Mahasabha.

If today Vellapalli Natesan asks for RSS help, I am sure it would be provided. That would mean RSS influence in the new party and it would ensure cooperation with BJP to avoid split of Hindu votes. If Vellapalli does not ask for RSS help, it would be open to swayamsevaks to support or not support the new party wherever it is in competition with BJP. This would of course lead to split of Hindu votes. I hope those wishing to form the new party would realize that in the highly polarized political climate of Kerala, every vote counts and it would be foolish not to openly declare association with BJP and lose some votes to them in elections.

Moreover, no one should play the role of big-brother in the new party. Everyone should think of themselves as Hindus and work as equals, always selecting candidates capable of representing all the Hindus and not just a particular community.

To achieve Hindu unity, the vision of Hindutva is a must - the vision of unity in diversity and celebration of diversity in unity. Otherwise the new party would be a grouping of vested interested fighting for the loafs of office to further their casteist agenda. Such a grouping would be infiltrated by communists and congressmen who want to ensure that Hindu unity does not come about. Therefore it would be wise if the proposed party consults with the RSS, the most experienced Hindu organisation, on organisational aspects to ensure that a truly Hindu political party comes of age in Kerala.
13/07/2012 11:30:16
Hindu League
It is a good idea to form a Hindu League, but when BJP and other Hindu organizations are sought to be kept out, the purpose will not be served.The 'samadooram' policy of the NSS and the SNDP have landed the Hindus in the present crisis, where muslims and christians are taking all the benefits and using all our tax money only for their own welfare and luxury. Yet foolish and selfish hindu leaders fail to learn lessons!Being a hindu, hindu leaders must know what Hindutwa means.It is not like Islamic Jihad or Christian Crusade, which are violent ideologies.Hindutwa is peaceful,dhamic, non-discriminatory and universal.These leaders should understand Hindutwa and explain it to others.Pseudo-secular leaders are merely creating panic for votebanks.
13/07/2012 11:34:15
Good begining
Leaders of both these Hindu communities are known to blow hot and blow cold from time to time.Moreover with both having business interests more than community in their hearts I wonder if this unity will last very long.One of the leader has many illegal business activities and can be arm twisted by the ruling dispensation just like Mulayam or Mayawathi.As for BJP,till such time that they fail to tow the line of Narendra Modi at the national level, they will continue to be snubbed by really concerned Hindus.In UP it is reported that one of the panchayat called Bagphat is practicing Taliban diktats to control women and the response from BJP was as muted as that of the islamic parties like Khangress or SP.
13/07/2012 08:15:33
BJP is no longer a Hindu party
Mr. Sumesh has sung praises of BJP. However, BJP has been progressively moving away from Hindutva agenda and is now, regrettably, nothing but a 'B' team of the Congress. I understand that respected Golwalkar Guruji was behind the formation of Jan Sangh in 1952 when Hindu Mahasabha was already well-established. Hindu Mahasabha never recovered from this blow and, barring 1 or 2 states, Jan Sangh never took root and indirectly helped Congress to grow stronger.
My best wishes to the proposed Hindu League. It is the need of the hour.
MNS Nampoothiripad
13/07/2012 06:46:05
Pradhana Munnani
If there can be a Muslim League, definitely there should bea Hindu League. This is the need of the time. Congress certify Muslim League as secular. Let us see how they will view Hindu League. BJP and Hindu League should form the principal political force in Kerala. In the UDF and LDF there is at least one piece of muslim league or what was part of it. UDF has the muslim league, while the LDF has the INL(Indian National League). Dont call it third front. It is the Principal Front or Mukhya Munnani or Pradhana Munnani)
13/07/2012 06:26:29
Musim league will stand for muslims only and we cannot complain about it. But that party is powered by congress. Congress is using the hindu support it gets to make muslims grow in number, money and power. For this they are using their hindu support. They are deceiving hindus. Muslim league ministers are to be appreciated in their stand for their community. The culture less ministers and MLAs in congress are the real culprits. They are only to keep the semi Indian family in power. Our community leaders should make people understand this.
13/07/2012 05:48:48
HIndu League
I think, the situation has lead to such that, the majority have been in a sense forced to come up with some thing like this. There don't seem to be any other solution.
13/07/2012 04:24:29
Instead of uniting, please don't divide.

Its true that all Hindus including, Namboodiris to Advasis should be united under one roof. Its the need of the hour, for the safety and security of our loved ones.

We all should be cautious, while talking of a common subject and we can not ignore BJP, who was motivating and sacrificing all these years for Hindu unity. Existence of BJP is very much essential and BJP should be the part of it, in my personal opinion.

13/07/2012 03:58:15
This is sad

This is actually a sad news. So this Hindu league and BJP are going to stand separately and split Hindu votes ?

"The party we are talking of will have a Hindu agenda, but not a Hindutva agenda as that of the BJP,” Mr. Natesan said.

Enough of this kind of crap ! What does Natesan aim for now ?

13/07/2012 03:58:15
This is sad

This is actually a sad news. So this Hindu league and BJP are going to stand separately and split Hindu votes ?

"The party we are talking of will have a Hindu agenda, but not a Hindutva agenda as that of the BJP,” Mr. Natesan said.

Enough of this kind of crap ! What does Natesan aim for now ?

Sujith Nair
13/07/2012 02:55:38
Congratulations to Sri.Vellappalli for this timely move.The whole hindus will be behind you.There are no words to express the happiness of SNDP and NSS coming together and the credit goes to Sri.Vellappalli and Sri.Suku.Nair.Your names will be written in golden letters in History if you sincerely pursue this and successful in your efforts.



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