"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
Yet another Timely warning to sleeping Hindus of Kerala from Dr Gopalakrishnanji
11/07/2012 23:55:52  

In Kerala, the minorities particularly, Muslim communities are given unusual government facilities, supports and benefits far far higher than what are given to Hindus. This is blunt partiality and religious favoritism for winning vote banks by the Muslim ministers from the ruling front. This is explained by Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan

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Aravindakshan Nair P S
12/07/2012 22:38:34
Let us realise the situation and react sensibily
The facts presented by Dr Gopalakrishnan make us realize the dangerous situation where we are! Let us take this message to our brothers and sisters, especially youngsters, to draw their attention towards the ground realities.Let us not be emotional,let there be an intellectual consolidation of our potential, to work for the right cause.
12/07/2012 21:36:47
why are hindus so divided and caste conscious?
To answer this question, it is ess ential to look at all aspects of caste equation.Some how or the other the moderators in their on wisdom ( or lack of it!) or censoring all my posts related to the caste system in Hindu land and are not tackling the basic problem of the caste system. This will only feed the inemies of the India and keep the population in complete ignorance.
MNS Nampoothiripad
12/07/2012 08:30:05
Sharad Yadav has demanded government to take over the wealth of hindu temples and use it for the poor in the country. This is the most dangerous sermon from the super secular hero of the Republic. But why this demand only from the hindus. Is he in favour of taking over the wealth of christian and muslim places of worship. The JDS leader is demanding now hearing the news of lakhs of crores of wealth. BJP must stop any alliance with this dangerous creed of super secularists. JDS is becomming the extension counter os congress in matters of minority appeasement.
12/07/2012 05:53:59
This appears to be a congress culture. A congress MLA Rumi Nath,from Assam married, with one child has recently married a muslim without divorcing her original husband and this news has appeared. Please remember it is congress which is keeping them in power so that they can also remain in power to loot Kerala and India.
12/07/2012 03:46:42
This is what all about...
12/07/2012 01:52:04
Next step after Love Jihad - antinational activities
See the latest case of Love Jihad. The christian lady who was arrested yesterday from Ernakulam in relation to the smuggling Sim cards in to jail is found to be a muslim convert. She fell in love with and married a narcotic smuggler named Naushad. She has two children from her previous husband who works in gulf.




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