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Times of India publishes clarification, after RSS claimed the TOI report as False
11/07/2012 12:32:27  

Bangalore July 11: The Times of India, Bangalore today carried a clarification of RSS for a report carried by TOI on Tuesday, to which RSS claimed as baseless and false.

In its yesterday’s edition it carried a news  (in Page 4, Dated July 10, 2012),entitled “RSS advised BJP leadership on election-cast formula” , which stated that RSS from its national headquarters Dr Hedgewar Bhavan of Nagpur, had given the caste formula to BJP to win elections, which made BJP national leadership firm up its decision to replace Chief Minister Sadananda Gowda.

But RSS strongly reacted and said the report is false and baseless. RSS Pranth Sankaryavah N Tippeswamy wrote a letter to The Editor of TOI, seeking a clarification to be published immediately.

Responding to the letter, Nahid Atualla, Principal Political Editor of Times of India had agreed to publish the clarification by RSS, in its Wednesdays edition. Hence, today TOI has carried the clarification.

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12/07/2012 06:03:04
In Karnataka RSS can inspire people to boycott that paper. Why don't they do it.
11/07/2012 21:52:19
Another pseudo secular toilet tissue
TOI has been excellent, not a news paper,but as toilet tissue. One gets a lot of paper for Rs 3 and the paper lasts as toilet tissue for 3-4 days.The contents of this news paper in fact acquire intelligence after being used to wipe the back side.Trash writers and trashier editor!
11/07/2012 20:49:25
Not satisfactory
Well, I read what ToI have published as the last paragraph. There is only a paragraph quoting RSS that RSS has denied there was any such thing.

RSS could have demanded that its letter be published in full without editing or else it would haul ToI to court. With proper legal advise it could have done that.

ToI has not even indicated regret in the false report. There is no assurance that they will be more truthful in future either.

I hope the next time everyone will be wiser.



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