"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
Marxist Killer Politics - KP Radhakrishnan, RSS Vibhag Karyavah Kozhikode (Video)
10/07/2012 23:30:32  

K P Radhakrishnan, Vibhag Karyavah, kozhikode over Marxist attacks in Kozhikode and Vadakara. He condemns the murder of BMS worker Manoj and T.P Chandrasekaran Onjiyam. He exposes the marxist party and it's current leadership's stalinist attitudes.

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08/10/2012 09:40:29
red menace
cnommunists are more vicious than muslims if r.s.s try to voo them it is a sorry affair for our matyrs they are laying a bait for us similar way as they done in pre-1990
sunny narvekar
21/07/2012 11:46:51
English sub tital
i dint understand Malayalam please put some English sub tital on the video
V.Ravindran, Bangalore.
11/07/2012 10:07:11
Speech of K.P.Radhakrishnan
Marxist party the CPI(m) is exposed by the murder of TP Chandrasekharan. People like KP Radhakrishnan should take a Kerala Yathra from Cannanore to Thiruvanandapuram and expose the CPM in each district or even small towns in Kerala and at the same time it is to be ensured that the CPM workers are convinced and convert them to RSS. Make them true hindus. Train them to become true Hindus. Vande Matharam!!!!
Unni Nair
11/07/2012 10:09:01
Most depressing.

Who should be blamed for perpetrating the Dance of Death by Marxist? Who else?
The Enlightened Keralite.

No wonder Swami Vivekananda called Kerala a Branthalayam.
Ravi Nair
11/07/2012 08:40:44
Sri K.P. Radhakrisnan, RSS Kryavah, Kozhikode has given us a clear, correct, and comprehensive account of MarxistMurder maykelm in North Malabar. All the recent murder victims of the Marxists criminals are Hindus. Marxists want to annihilate its opponents belive and practiing murder, and over throw of the existing social orderer,

No one has to guess about the criminal beliefs, the aims or the purpose of Marxism. And no one has to be fooled by false claims of the bogus ideals of the Murderous Marxists.

Fundamentally Marxists everywhere belive and practice mass murder, over throw of the existing society and they openly declare their goals can be attained only by kiiling its opponents. Marxist goons in Kerala want to make Hindus tremble at the Marxist killing.

THe destiny of people from Kerala (mostly Hindus) are now in the hands of few Marxist gundas.
We have recently witnessed as sriK.P. radhakrishnan explained in his speech, laarge sacle murder of innocent people. Mostly Marxists murderers slaughter RSS workers and its opponents (Former Marxists)
Hindus wake up and stand against alien murderous ideology of Musrxism. Marxist history in Kerala is replete with treachery. Hinsus hsould come back to Hindu fold abondning this tetcherous Marxus=it aline ideology of kiiling and conflict.
Again, all Hindus have to read Marxist History and look for him self. Ptoect your culture, heritage, spiritual history and come back to your roots.
11/07/2012 04:54:17
Well said
A must watch speech. Sri Radhakrishnan could expose the ugliest face of Marxist goons. Communist party is a grave threat and liability to humanity.



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